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ONLY ON 3: Man has water shut off by CFPUA, could face arrest

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Man has water shut off by CFPUA, could face arrest

After Daniel Whitfield lost his job, his family began to run low on food and let the water bill go for a couple months. He owed more than $ 800 to the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority when his water was cut off.

"I caught up half way,” Whitfield said. “They came and put the meter back in, and then when we decided we couldn't catch up on this amount the Cape Fear guys kept coming out here taking the meter, putting it back in, back and forth, back and forth, so I said just turn that account into collections, and we'll open up another account."

Whitfield says his water was shut on and off at least ten times, and each time someone from the
CFPUA came out he was charged $ 50.

When he began receiving unemployment benefits, he tried to clear his debt. "I tried to pay the bill, and they wouldn't take the money,” Whitfield explained. “The manager in the billing department said he will not take payment from me. I said, 'this is the time I’ve been waiting on. I've got my unemployment, and I’m ready to pay you. We need water in this house’."

Whitfield says CFPUA also said it would not take the money because he was being investigated for allegedly tampering with the water meter by turning the water back on himself. Whitfield says he had the water legally through a different account in his girlfriend's name.

Regardless he faces a possible arrest for something he believes is just a giant misunderstanding. Right now his only worry is not having water.

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I have the same problem with

I have the same problem with them. They are quick to turn it off and chage $50 for the reconnection. They could really care less about your situation. Hang in there man.

water to live


Take a look at the water bill. Do you see what appears to be your name but typed in all CAPITAL letters?
They have created a "legal" name from our real name. A legal name is an Account title or business title/name.
They charge the business title/name, not you directly. This makes you liable to pay the business charges to a company that doesn't exist.

By charging an individual as if they were a business but is not, well....

Also, if an employee "appears" to be a business on paper, this would explain the 'income' tax charge.
An Employee does not have income. Income is value received.
An employee must work to *create* value.
The employee's paycheck *does not* pre exist their labor.

That's just ridicules they

That's just ridicules they would'nt work with him. With $50.00 visits to turn the water back on they should'nt have a deficient. I'm sure he's not the only 1. It's just sad they want work with people.

It is crazy to charge 50

It is crazy to charge 50 dollars to reconnect public water! People need water, and someone that has been disconnected, you know is low on funds. Poor people are always hit the hardest by these stupid fees!


When your account is turned over to a collection agency, the collection agency "buys" the debt from the company. So, he doesn't owe CFPUA any money, he owes it to the collection agency. CFPUA can't take a payment if there isn't any money owed. Opening another account at the same house under a different name could constitute fraud, but a better credit check would have seen the truth.


Exactly! It's nice to see some facts here, instead of immature rantings.


Immature would be ranting....that is the only true comment I see here with this comment....

CFPUA has there OWN collection department....Whoa!!! Amazing thing that is....who would have figured a corporation would have their very own collection department on payroll!!!! BRILLIANT


Uh, CFPUA has a "collections" department, but it's only collections in the fact that they accept payments on water bills. If you get behind on your water bill, they turn your account over to a nationwide collections company, and then it goes against your credit.

You really should know the facts before you rant.

It's a DAMN shame that the

It's a DAMN shame that the CFPUA does this to people. The CFPUA is filled with JERKS that could care less about other people. I would like to see all of these people lose their jobs and feel the pain that the public has to deal with day by day.