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ONLY ON 3: Hurricane Expert George Elliott's take on Irene Saturday Morning


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Irene looks to have landfall around 7:30 am Saturday just west of Cape Lookout, NC. The storm was a category one at the time, with maximum sustained winds of around 85 mph. The storm will continue to pull away from our area through the night, and be replaced by a hot and humid Sunday with a mix of sun and few clouds with light winds!

No other weather threats to worry about now. Be safe, take care, and see you every Thursday and Friday on our evening newscasts from 5:00 through 6:30 pm with my special features, "Explore With George."

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George Elliott and the hurricane

George thank you for being here, you are the person we need around to keep everyone posted on the storm.How big is the storm,if it does vear to the east what can we expected in Wilmington as far as wind and rain.thank you again for being here.Debbie

wilmington storm irene

I noticed there are alot of comments about this storm and some of them ar a bit sinacal. but my Grandmother always said it is better to be prepared fpr the worse and hope for the best! and through the years this statement has proven to be of good advise. The smart man built his house apon the rock ad the dumb one built his apon the sand and when the one big storm did come in the sand housewas wiped away and the one built on the rock was still standing! so, The thing is you can not out guess these storms and I would rather be prepared for the worst and be thankful for the fact I didn't get blown off the map!!
It is always best t be prepared!


WOW..nice to see you George,hope you are back for good.WE have miss you

get prepared

Statistics say we are due for a major storm. Get your stuff prepared today. Supplies will be gone on Thursday. Generators were flying off the racks this morning at lowes at 8am. They are well worth the piece of mind alone. A day or two without power is the pits. Also remember to fill your propane tanks for cooking on the grill.

So nice to have George back...

Thanks for being back at what you do so well George! It's so nice to have someone who actually knows what they are talking about to advise us when these monster storms are threatening. Welcome home. We missed you!


so glad you will be here for us this weekend i remember watching you during Fran we had generator going watching the tube will wwaytv3 be on any radio stations when the storm hits so with batteries an radio we can here what is going on

Hurricane Expert George

I say it again George....Welcome home !!! Its times like this that I am especially glad you came home.

George Elliot

I have missed George so much, so glad to have him back! George, I have trusted your interpretations of the models for so long and have missed your competence and knowledge. Thank you for coming back!

Welcome Back

Welcome home George! I am SO glad you are here to help during this time. I feel better about the info given out from you.

George's forecast

If you haven't been thru a hurricane here, take heed at what George says. I'm glad to see George back forcasting this. It's anyones guess where this storm might land, but being a local, I always take heed, and be prepared, so pay attention. These storms are nothing to laugh off. Get your prep kit together now, not Thurs after work or Friday.

George Elliot

Thank you, thank you for returning George to Wilmington. When it comes to Hurricanes, he is the only one I trust.


Good to know that WWAY as a SME (Subject Matter Expert) working the storm. Do your thing George!

Glad to see George is

Glad to see George is available. I know he will keep a cool head, and provide the necessary information without a lot of stereotypical hype.



They don't come any better

They don't come any better than Jerry Jackson. We always look forward to his forecast.


I may have my sequence wrong. After all I am an old man, but I believe it went like this:

Bertha took down all the dead trees.

Fran took down many of the live trees.

Floyd tried to drown us.

The most frustrating thing is the aftermath. Everybody and his brother crank up their noisey generators. Sleep is impossible. Thinking is impossible! AND! every time- somebody stupidly cranks up their generator in the house or garage and either kills themselves with carbon monoxide or burns their house down.

I'm an old man too, George,

I'm an old man too, George, but your recollections are accurate. XS7dWFactually and sequentially. Great to have you back. I can't tell you how many times my wife and I have said "Wish George was here." We enjoyed your entertaining presentation, but more so, regardless of what we wanted you to say (snow chances, hurricane tracks, etc), was your accuracy! If you wanted to know what was going to happen- listen to George. I hope all is well with your brother, your family and you. Welcome home.