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Forecasters warn of dangerous heat across the state

Forecasters are warning of dangerous heat in North Carolina this week.

PHOTOS: Viewers share spectacular shelf cloud photos

A line of strong to severe storms rolled through the area Thursday bringing heavy rain, gusty winds, loud thunder and frequent lightning.

Puerto Rican Day Parade to shine light on hurricane struggle

There will be floats, musicians and brightly colored costumes when the Puerto Rican Day Parade makes its way along Fifth Avenue this Sunday, as there always are.

NC blueberry crop suffering due to adverse weather conditions

Blueberry farmers in our area are suffering this year thanks, unfortunately, to prolonged freezing this winter and heavy rains this spring.

American Airlines diverts flight after hail damage

Hail damage forced a Phoenix-bound American Airlines flight to divert to El Paso, Texas, Sunday night.

2 killed in NC house collapse caused by landslide

Two people were killed Wednesday afternoon in Watauga County after a landslide destroyed the home they were in, officials said.

Flooded residents in Maryland wonder about rebuilding

After yet another devastating flash flood ripped apart their historic Maryland mill town, hundreds of residents and business owners are again asking themselves: Should I stay or should I go?

Heavy rain leads to flooding of local roads

After days of wet weather, with extremely heavy downpours Saturday, some area roads became flooded.

Photographer captures ‘purple rain’ at Mt. Pisgah on Blue Ridge Parkway

Most people have heard 'Purple Rain,' the landmark Prince album that's regarded as one of the greatest records of all time. Maybe they've seen the movie of the same name.

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