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FEMA funds spent in our area since Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence survivors in North Carolina have received more than $1.2 billion in federal funding, according to FEMA. 

North Carolina farms concerned about impending return to cold weather

Farmers in North Carolina are worried about the current spell of warm and wet weather and an impending return to winter-like temperatures next week.

Winter weather to impact western portions of North Carolina

North Carolina is the target again for more winter weather as forecasters call for a variety of precipitation from the mountains eastward.

Atlanta braced for wintry weather, gets spritzed by rain

Atlanta got a mere spritzing of rain Tuesday, hours after a winter weather forecast prompted authorities to close government offices, shutter schools and cancel flights in anticipation of icy streets.

Corner of South Carolina had 123 inches of rain last year

The northwestern corner of South Carolina appears to be a record for rainfall in the state.

Truth or Myth: Cold weather increases risk of getting sick

We all heard it growing up, put on a jacket or you'll catch a cold! But is it really true, or just a myth?

US Coast Guard helicopter crews save residents, pets in NC

Coast Guard response operations are underway in support of the state of North Carolina.

The Latest: Hurricane watch in effect for US Gulf Coast

A hurricane watch has been issued for portions of the central U.S. Gulf Coast as Tropical Storm Gordon approaches.

Will the NC mountains have a vibrant fall foliage season this year?

Hotels and retailers are gearing up for the fall foliage season in the North Carolina mountains, but the brilliance of the show from the changing leaves is still to be determined.

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