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Bladen County Sheriff & District Attorney not releasing many details on dog mauling baby death

READ MORE: Bladen County Sheriff & District Attorney not releasing many details on dog mauling baby death

CLARKTON, NC (WWAY) -- Residents of Clarkton in Bladen County say they're shocked after hearing horrifying stories about a nine-day-old baby being mauled to death by the family dog.

Investigators say a nine-day-old infant was killed Tuesday afternoon at a home in Clarkton. At this time, the sheriff's office and district attorney will not say much, but investigators say five dogs were removed from the home and may have been involved in the baby's death.

Betty Pate lives across the street from where the child died. She says she saw the baby's mother's reaction.

"When she came out, or when she heard the baby crying, and came out the door, the dogs had the baby," Pate said.

She says the two dogs she saw the most were a pit bull and a rottweiler.

"You never saw them in the yard," Pate said. "You never saw them out running around, so they must have been dogs that stayed in the house with them."

We went by the Bladen County Animal Shelter where all five dogs from the home are being kept. We were told that we would not be able to get pictures of the animals because of the pending investigation.

We also attempted to speak with the family at the home, but we were told no comment, and then they began throwing rocks at us, so we left.

So far no charges have been filed in the case.

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Responsible Parents!!!!!!!!!111

I'm so sick and tired of people trying to blame the dog when it is the owners fault! I have a 100lb pit I have had for 7 years never been aggressive towards anyone. My son is 6 so that means the pitbull has been around for all of my sons' life and on another note you should never leave a any dog left alone with an infant much less 5 of them and where does it say the dogs where pits anyway I must of misread these comments are ignorant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Listen Honestly All Dog's Are Different . Juss Because Yhuu'r Doq Hasn't Harmed Your Child Does Not Mean That A Different Doq Can Harm A Baby . So Yes This Is The Doq's Fault And If You Would Have Seen The Paqe Before Had They Said Two Of The Doq's Was A PitBul & A Rottwiler . So Please Dont Make Neqative Comment's About The Parent's Cause They Didn't Mean For This Too Happen . It Was A Freak Accident That Shouldn't Have Happened .

No Felicia, it wasn't a

No Felicia, it wasn't a "freak accident". All dogs can bite and inflict injury and even death regardless of breed. Babies and children should never be left alone with ANY dog...especially 5 dogs!!! What the hell are people thinking?? Of course the parents didn't mean for this to happen, but they were irresponsible nonetheless. They failed their 5 dogs, and more importantly, their baby.

A 9 day old died and you rant about a breed of dog?

I quote from the article "She says the two dogs she saw the most were a pit bull and a rottweiler". I think it is fair for people to comment that it was a pit since the neighbor said this. I know that does not mean it was a pit but I think that is where they are getting it from. She also mentions the "dogs" having the baby. So a pit and a rottweiler would be a fair assumption.

Just because your pit is nice does not mean that the one they had was nice.

Just as everyone is quick to accuse a pit, pit owners are a bit too quick to defend the entire breed based upon owning one that is a nice dog.

In the end you are very correct that it is the parents fault no matter what kind of dog.

Maybe the story was edited after your post.

Regardless I feel bad for the parents even though the blame sounds as though it falls on their shoulders. They are humans and lost a 9 day old infant.


There was not a pit bull or rottweiller at this house. I do know that, no pit bull attacked this baby. This neighbor just wanted her 2 minutes of fame, if she is a neighbor, I don't know her and I live near this family. If people don't know the facts, they need to mind their own business. Nobody mistreated these dogs or the baby. Lies everywhere and everyone with an opinion. Let those who have never made a mistake as a parent teach the rest of us how it is to be perfect.

It was a Pit

It says in the 2nd sentence of the above article that it was a Pit Bull and a Rottweiller.

Dogs maul baby

Sooo sad...soooo innocent. When are people going to learn that Pit bulls and other high tendency blood hungary dogs are NOT to be around infants/children much less adults in a home setting? Yes,these parents should be charged with something. God Bless this baby.

Where in article...

Doe sit say its a pit??? Its a shame how those dogs always get the brunt of being "bad dogs". I feel for this family I really do, but
in cases like this its always trash that it happens to it black, white, or any other. Drugs were likely involved not to hear a child scream. Don't blame the animals.. blame the parents in charge. These dogs do not know right from wrong if not taught.
I have met MANY pit bulls that are the nicest dogs EVER and you know why the owners were.

Should the animals be destroyed? If they can't be rehabilitated.. yes.

But its NOT the animals fault..its the parents. Its like blaming a car for running over a person and not the one driving.

Don't Assume They're Bad Parents...

"When she came out, or when she heard the baby crying, and came out the door, the dogs had the baby," Pate said.

She says the two dogs she saw the most were a pit bull and a rottweiler.

Based off of that, she probably came out as soon as she heard the baby. Drugs? That's an extreme jump to conclusions. Sure, it was a bad decision to have the dogs where they can get to the kid, but you know these aren't the only people to have done that. The others just didn't have something this unfortunate happen to them.

Nothing personal about the family is said, to assume they're trash is just flat-out wrong. The dogs probably didn't have a history of aggression. Pitbulls and rottweilers are simply more prone to behave extremely aggressively if somehow provoked, they don't have to be aggressive normally. Even my toy poodles act aggressively if they feel threatened (whether they are or not is a different story), but they would normally never harm anyone.

Who knows, maybe the baby was somewhere she thought was safe--in a crib, on an elevated surface, etc. Maybe other people in the house were supposed to be watching the baby while the mother was busy and couldn't herself, but didn't.

Either way, if you really think about it, I'm sure her mistake wasn't all that bad, and I'm sure everyone involved--especially the mother--is devastated. I think pressing charges is the wrong thing to do. Yes, this is an incredibly tragic event, and yes, a bad decision was made. But I'm sure no one would have ever dreamed that the dogs would do this, and if they had any clue they would have done differently. As I said, they probably thought the baby was safe and/or the dogs couldn't get to the child.

So are you ASSUMING that

So are you ASSUMING that they are these type of dogs, or are you part of the investigation? Please understand that in the wrong hands, ANY dog can be viscous. Pitbulls r great!

They Have No Place In a Home

Very sad. These types of dogs have no place in a home with a baby. The dogs where probably jealous of the new baby, that the family was giving attention too. I am all for limited government, but I could see myself supporting a no Pit Bull/ Rottweiler law in homes with young children. This happens to much to innocent children.

Apparently no one was paying

Apparently no one was paying any attention to the baby or the dogs. Get rid of the dogs and then get rid of those in the home that were invovled in such negligence. They should all be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and I hope that the SBI will make sure that happens.


It is a tragedy that the family pets killed an infant. However, I agree with many that it is negligence of the parents to blame.
"These types of dogs have no place in a home with a baby." Really that could go for any pet. People must remember animals are wild in nature. Dogs hunt, cats hunt, fish hunt! If you have a pet it is your responsibility to train it. It could always revert back to being uncontrolled. It's nature.
The infant was obviously left unattended in a location that was accessible to the dogs, what breed is not important. Any animal that has teeth will bite. It is how they survive and how they have survived for thousands of years.
Rehabilitation unfortunately will probably not be an option for the dogs. That is a sad. It is sad the infant died. It is a tragedy that the parents obviously stupid. When will there ever be a law prohibiting stupid people from procreating? We must protect human integrity!
P.S. I have an infant and a pit bull. Yes, my dog is aggressive, yes he has bitten someone. He is a good dog and he knows his rights in our home.

Looks like we will be

Looks like we will be reading about your infant next. "He is a good dog and he knows his rights in our home". Did you not read your own comment? "People must remember animals are wild in nature. Dogs hunt. It could always revert back to being uncontrolled. It's nature. So.... You still choose to put your infant in harms way.

I own rottweilers and have

I own rottweilers and have worked with many animals over the years.... Dogs like kids behave how they are raised, not to say sometimes people don't breed aggressive dogs looking for that behavior, but ultimately if you raise your animals around kids with an understanding of the breed you do not have these problems. This is an issue of supervision, why was a 9-day old baby left where a pack of dogs were able to get to her and maul her? Were these fighting dogs?
Working with animals I have had far more agressive small animals, however their size means that the damage is minimal and therefore less sensationalized. Rottweilers and pitbulls as breeds are not the problem, and to say it is, is like saying if one white person kills then all white people are murders! My heart goes out to the family and responders working on this case as there is no easy answers to the many questions people have.

Cats occasionally suffocate babies

Are you ready to ban cats, too? How about that couple in Florida who had their pet python escape his "bag" and suffocate their two year-old. Ready to ban snakes? Don't forget ferrets - there are cases of babies having their lips severely bitten by ferrets.

Electrical outlets? Cribs? Porches? Hot water faucets?

You can't substitute government regulation for common sense and intelligence. Prohibition has never worked, anyway.

The answer is to hold the parents responsible and legally liable.

Baby Mauling

I agree. I see that the parents have NO regard for baby, or dogs. PERIOD. As an owner of 2 Rottweiler Females and 4 children, WE NEVER allowed our pets to be alone with our babies. Although extremely protective of our babies, the Rotties just didn't get a chance to ever test us...Common sense would tell us: Human vs. Animal just may end up in disaster. Especially when the human is a helpless 6 pound infant without a chance of defending her little self...God Bless her. I'm sure this family will never forgive themselves for this...But God WILL, if they ask forgiveness, and therefore, so should we....

I actualy wouldn't place a

I actualy wouldn't place a ban. It was an emotional response, as I have young children. You make a good point commonsense_citizen. But I hold firm to my beleif that animals are a risk in a home with a baby. Parents need to be more careful! As far as cats are concerned, they pose a great risk to an unborn fetus also.

How many of these Examples are Regulated?

All but cats.

Just goes to show that people get their panties in a twist about regulations and they literally live surrounded by safety regulated things, and they don't even notice.

Florida bans pythons
Many places ban ferrets
electrical outlets are highly regulated both manufacture and installation
Cribs MUST meet safety regulations and MUST be recalled immediately if just a couple babies die due to design flaws.
Porches - ever hear of building regulations?
hot water faucets and heaters - regulated regulated regulated.

Seems we can live with government regulated things just fine and not even notice.

Stop raving like a lunatic

No building code keeps an infant from falling down the stairs of a porch and breaking his or her neck.

No hot water faucet regulation (???) prevents a parent from having a hot water heater that is set too high and scalds an infant.

The National Electrical Code does not require outlet covers to prevent toddlers from sticking paper clips into a hot line.

You're simply spouting nonsense.

Maybe Florida Should Ban Pythons

OH WAIT - They already did. And ferrets? Already banned from sale in many places. Cribs? Recall the dangerous ones immediately. Porches? Ever hear of building codes to keep people from "owning" a dangerous porch? Electrical outlets, yeah, well the "breeder" of electrical outlets has to meet "breed" safety standards and the "trainer" (installer) is required to be licensed. Guess what, hot water heaters are also regulated for safety in production and installation.

So, do I want pit bulls to be regulated like pythons in Florida, ferrets in California, Hawaii, DC, NYC and all military based, or breeders and owners regulated like crib makers, electrical outlet makers and electricians, porch builders, hot water heaters? Heck yeah!

One more point, Einstein

A couple was recently convicted for allowing that python to kill that two year-old.

See how well prohibition works?

@ Commonsensenotc Quote: See

@ Commonsensenotc

Quote: See how well prohibition works?

Ask the British about Guns! Crime has seen increases!

Back to Animals, Pythons where banned in Florida because they became an invasive species in the wild after Hurricane Andrew tore down a breeding facility and they escaped, not because they are dangerous pets ( which they can be). They are reeking havoc on the eco-system, and they are trying to get rid of them, and thus they don't want more shipped in.

Great observation!

That's the smartest thing I've read. I could not agree more.

Dog Maul

Where were the parents?

Dog Attack

This shouldn't happen. Someone needs to be charged with murder. And the dogs should be destroyed.

How sad!

This is so heart breaking!