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FIRST ON 3: 5-year-old put on wrong school bus, dropped off at Walmart

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: 5-year-old put on wrong school bus, dropped off at Walmart

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A Brunswick County family is upset after a five-year-old girl was put on the wrong school bus and dropped off at the Walmart in Leland. Relatives say it happened at Town Creek Elementary Monday. A school district spokeswoman confirms the incident happened.

The school district released the following statement this afternoon:

"On the afternoon of September 12 a kindergarten student at Town Creek Elementary School boarded the wrong school bus and later got off the bus at a stop near her parent's place of employment. Fortunately, the student was reunited safely with her parent. Brunswick County Schools deeply regrets this unfortunate incident and accepts responsibility to ensure incidents of this nature do not occur in the future.

"Schools actively take precautionary measures designed to prevent situations such as this from occurring. As a result of yesterday's incident, elementary schools throughout the system reviewed their practices to ensure clear labeling either by sticker, head or wristband all young students to ensure bus drivers verify students are on the correct bus. Specifically Town Creek Elementary School designed and implemented colored headbands for all young students corresponding to the driver's colored headband.

"There remains an ongoing investigation into personnel actions resulting in yesterday's incident."

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She isn't 16...she's only 5...

...innocent, sweet and nearly helpless...Mamma's should really pay special attention to those! Nuff said, last comment.

My 5 year old attends

My 5 year old attends kindergarten and I leave him in the hands of someone else all day. I am not talking about the bus. I am talking about his teacher.

The people that put her on the wrong bus are people that are supposed to be trusted with our children correct?

If your line of reasoning is sound then everyone should be Doctors and Lawyers right?

First off she wasnt let off at Walmart

So please fix your story. Once again WWAY tries to sensationalize a story with an inaccurate headline. The Child was let off at Hunterstone Apts Not Walmart period. Nice to see tabloid journalism continue at WWAY first Berger now posting inaccuracies for the sake of ratings.

The bigger issue

Is that the stance of the county was that its not a law, only NC protects pre-k students and requires they have an adult so you can drop them off anyway without one. In fact the bus drivers were told to do that by a director, I dare say there are bigger issues here than Town Creek and a simple bus driver.

This is NOT the First time

This seems to be a regular occurrence with BC schools, I myself some years ago, had to "find" My "lost" children after the School system, (Boliva Elem.) put My 2 Daughters on the Wrong bus..
It's not entirly the drivers fault, it's the folks whom "guide" the kids to the correct bus.

I am the child's Mother

As the child's Mother I would like to start by saying I have no intentiins on file any type of lawsuit against the school. I just wanted to make people aware of what happened to me and my daughter and by getting the media involved I am hoping to get immediate changes from the school systems in regards to the matter to insure it never happens to anyone else. Yesterday was my worst nightmare when my daughter didnt get off at her stop and was "lost" for approximately 30 mins before i got the call as to where she was. She was dropped off at the apartments behind the leland walmart with no adult there to pick her up and as the driver left she went across the road out of the complex and someone found her behind walmart wandering around and took her inside to customer service where they then called me. Theres more to it then what is printed here. So dont judge because you have no idea what my daughter or myself went through yesterday. She was terrified to get off the bus this afternoon and all the bus driver did was yell at her until she started crying screaming at her to get off the bus.

No explanation

Brittany, you don't owe any of these people on here any type of explanation. Your child of five years old was let off of a bus without someone there to get them, point blank!! It was wrong and irresponsible to say the least and if was done it has been done before and that's what need's to be corrected.


That is completely unacceptable. Are you serious? The bus driver screamed at her to get off the bus and made her cry? The bus driver should be fired immediately! NO QUESTION! The proper thing to do would be to take her back to the school where they could call the parent for pickup. I'm am so angry to hear that you're not upset about that. I would call the board on education and scream and stomp until they fired that A@#hole!


Personally, I think you should sue their pants off. Forget about what other people may think and just do it. You have a case. This is totally irresponsible, and changes won't be made unless you fight for them. You are your child's only advocate. Fight for her rights, and insist that the bus driver who dropped her off be fired. That's not the kind of person who should be around any children. I'm glad your daughter is OK, and I wish you well.

If You Trust

If you trust bus drivers and the school system to do "your" job of delivering your children to and from school, you must be adament in training your precious children to speak loud and clear. It is my belief that public education is too easy to obtain. It is becoming a baby-sitting service. Inform, teach and then rely upon your child(ren) to explain the problem (if their is one). If you expect Government workers with the total care of your child, you are fooling yourself and should re-analyze priorities as they pertain to you and your family.

My responsiblity as a parent

My responsiblity as a parent is not to provide transportation to and from school. My responsibility is to make sure she has transportation to and from school. I take her to school every morningthe but because I and the rest of my family work fulltime i do not have the luxury have being able to have a car waiting for her in the afternoon. So she rides the bus to her daycare to whom I pay to take care of my child. So if you must know my child was put on the wrong bus by a 5th grader she did not board it by herself and she saw walmart and knew i worked there she was scared and it was raining and she tried the best she could to get to me!

How dare you? If this was

How dare you? If this was your child would you feel the same way? If a parent is not able to take and pick their child up at school because they are...I don't know...WORKING...then it is acceptabe for the school to not ensure that same child's safety? I agree that public schools are not responsible to raise children. However, when our children are placed in their care then it is absolutely, without question, their responsibility to make sure that those same children are on the correct bus and delivered safely. There is no reason at all that a kindergarten child should not be personally put on the correct bus. EVER. I have lived in NC for 2 years and am still horrified at the public school system here. If this had happened on the west coast the teacher, bus driver and principal would have been immediately disciplined. There is absolutely no excuse...EVER...for this and for anyone to blame the parent because YOU want to feel self righteous is disgusting. Get off your high horse!

The driver needs more than to lose his/her job!

This is absolutely uncalled for and as a mother I would take this to the highest level I felt necessary. The bus driver should have been on immediate probation for not being responsible for the children on his/her bus. After 3 weeks of school, are they not in sync with their bus-riders? And I know for a fact that 5th graders walk the students to the bus--how safe is that? Same for the car-rider line. Anyone can pick those students up. There IS adult staff outside but many times they are talking and multi-tasking rather than paying attention. Same thing with dropping the children off at school in the morning. Adults have NOT been out there each morning and with an open-door policy with no security, anyone can take that child. It seems like a lot of eyes need to be open. When it comes to my child's safety, I would hold every single person responsible that I felt necessary. This could have EASILY cost the child her life and we put our trust in the school for these occasions to happen? Mistakes are mistakes but that word should NEVER be used when it comes to a child's safety better yet life. The least thing Helen Davis could do as principal would have been to send a notice home to all Town Creek Elementary students/parents informing them of the decision and the new policy that is in place to protect their safety. I would not worry with any bashing and do what you feel is right. You could have saved another child's LIFE!

5yr old child

Thank God the stranger that found your child roaming around outside the back of Walmart was a Guardian ANGEL and not a child molester. This could of been a very tragic day, thank GOD it was not. I think they need to evaluate the new system they have of how they drop children off and make sure the children SAFE.


I am so glad your baby is OK. When I read this I was so angry. I have a almost 5 year old grand child, I would have freaked out !! We are suppose to feel that our children are safe once they leave us and go to school, this is just horrifying and unacceptable !! Thank goodness the person that found her was honest.

Love how the school included

Love how the school included she was "dropped off near the parent's place of employment" like that makes a difference in the situation, that's not where she was supposed to be!! She was dropped off at an apartment complex behind walmart, and left by the bus driver to wander around ALONE!!!! Thank God that someone found her before it was to late.

Being the Mother's Place of Employment was by Mere Coincidence!

I agree with you. The child got on the wrong bus but the fact that it was near the mother's place of employment was simply a coincidence.The GOOD Samaritan that found this innocent child wandering BEHIND Wal-Mart probably assumed the parent was inside or in a panic knew that was the closest place he/she could take the child to get help. What a blessing for her mother to actually work there--less panic--if that was possible for the child. This could have been a death sentence for the child and that is no understatement.

School bus incident

Das Weibstuck needs to get a life. Accidents happen. Das' attitude is why this country is going to hell in a handbasket.

Are you for real?

Are you for real? This is a five year old child. Where is your compassion. It is people like you who are to blame for the state our world is in! Good grief!!!

Wow, what a careless

Wow, what a careless attitude keep your negative comments to yourself. You are right accidents do happen, this was no accident it was NEGLECT!! It should never have happened, and hopefully you will never have to experience the horror of a missing child.


It was a CHILD. Kiss my ass.


With that attitude I seriously hope you do not have any children !!!

wrong impression

I think was Das is saying is that there isn't any excuse good enough for a child to be put in harms way. I don't think she is saying it is only a child.


Driver should be fired and charged with child endangerment NOW! WHAT THE HELL is wrong with that person???????? That 5 year old could have been kidnapped. I swear you better be glad that was not my Grand daughter. UNREAL !!!! Parents need to SUE the school system, this is unforgivable !


We need to sue everybody everytime a mistake is made. Or, we can learn a valuable lesson, and work to ensure it never happens again.

Schools should also be able to sue all the parents that send kids to school without breakfasts, and who are poor parents who should have never procreated. Them slow learners bring down test scores and it reflects poorly on the school.

Sue, everybody, sue.


Sue Happy

slow learners

"Them slow learners bring down test scores". Glad to know you raised the test scores in your classes, MORON. Repeat after me "the slow learners might contribute to the low test scores". "Are the functionally illiterate included in the sample?" "Are the educationally challenged students included in the average?" Get some more information, PLEASE, then comment.


Hardly ! The driver let the kid off the bus, that is not a mistake. That child should have been taken back to the school and the parents called immediately. I have never sued anyone but in this case suing might actually get their attention.

Learn a lesson? Yeah ok. Luckily the child is OK, what would you be saying if she wasnt?


I agree completely with Das. This is horrible and the Driver should be fired immediatley! I can't believe anyone would just leave a child like that (who in thier right mind would do that), anything could have happend to that little girl :(. As a parent I am outraged that this happened or can even happen, I hope those parents do seek justice in this!

What's wrong with that

What's wrong with that person is that they're a minimum wage / part time employee. You get what you pay for.

Min. Wage PT employee?

I would beg to differ. They don't make a fortune but I believe it was 40 bus drivers who lost their jobs this year in the budget cut. That means all of the bus drivers are driving Elementary, Middle and High school children to school and back. Do your research! Regardless, minimum wage or not, PT or not, does that make an excuse?