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Hundreds camping out in Raleigh for tickets to Obama visit


RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Hundreds of people camped out overnight Tuesday for a chance to be some of the first people in line to get tickets to see President Barack Obama.

The President will be in the Triangle Wednesday to talk about American Jobs Act he presented to Congress last week.

He will be speaking at Reynolds Coliseum about "the need for Congress to pass it now and put more people back to work and more money in the pockets of working Americans, while not adding a dime to the deficit," according to a news release.

The event is free and open to the public.

On Monday night, hundreds began lining up at Carter-Finley Stadium and the NC State Brickyard since tickets are being distributed on a first-come, first-served basis Tuesday morning.

Due to limited event space, the White House said it will only be able to fulfill a limited number of requests for tickets. State students are limited to one ticket per person. Tickets are not for sale or re-sale.


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Nothing like a failed effort

He's coming to promote his jobs bill. No doubt, he'll have Bev on the podium with him. Maybe Kay Hagen as well. Let's see if any Democatic Congressmen show up; they'll be up for re-election in 2012.

The recent Special Elections in Nevada and New York have clearly shown the tide has turned against the White House occupant.

And today's news noted a poll, conducted yesterday, found 51% of polled Americans oppose his jobs bill and feel it will be a failure.

And that's before it's debated in Congress.

I guess his advisors keep their heads buried in the sand.

Obama Visit

Its a ONE DAY event people! Chill out-you'll be fine. And is everyone really that upset that they might possibly have to walk a little farther today? Maybe this attitude has something to do with why America is the fattest nation in the world...

So why can't the societal leeches....

...the successful but guilt-ridden liberals, the career TANF/Medicaid scammers and the dyed-in-the-wool Communists who support this dolt walk a little further? Why is the burden always placed on those who don't NEED government to manage their lives?

Stop defending the worthless and those who would destroy America, because if you support Obama you fall into one of those two categories.

Now you can harp on the Republicans all you want to. I'm not a Republican, either.

Obama in Raleigh

Can't you cousin-marrying, knuckle-dragging, Ron Paul supporting tea baggers come up with something new. These same old posts about Obama are getting boring.

The Obama comments are only boring because...

...they are incessant, they are true and we've simply exhausted all new material.

So tell me. Are you still waiting for all of that free stuff to show up in YOUR mailbox or are you still too lazy to walk out and look?

Obama Comments

Are you one of the "tea baggers" that just want to let sick, uninsured people die, like your idol, Ron Paul? It's all about Me, Me, Me, isn't it? How about a little compassion, caring for your fellow man. That moment in the debates wasn't really a loaves and fishes moment, was it? So if it makes you feel good about yourself by aligning with that scum, then by all means, have at it.



Uh . . . how about some

Uh . . . how about some useful information like . . . which highways and roads are going to be screwed up due to Ob's propaganda visit? Bottom line . . . students won't be able to get to class and I won't be able to use the highways to get to work. They will be closed for "the Precious" and hard working people will have to spend more time trying to figure out how to get to their jobs. Info . . please . . . I couldn't care less about "his" appearance - I am counting the days until the American people come to their senses and say goodbye to this mess.

My daughter had to pay for

My daughter had to pay for her parking pass but NCSU is letting all of the Obama supporters park in her deck for free thus making it impossible for her to park to go to class that we also pay for

And you are surprised why?

It shouldn't be a shock to you that you paid for your daughter's space and then those coming in to see him are getting to park free. That is what he is about? Taking from those who have and giving to those who don't or who don't want to make an effort to have because they are getting it from people like you!!

I wouldn't want to be a student up there tomorrow anyway. Between secret service and other security, those kids don't have a chance. The school should have shut down for the day and let the students have a day off. Many of them probably won't be able to get there anyway - no parking!!!!!!!

Personally, I would stand in line for ticket to see him if there was 10 tickets available and I was number 1 in line. I won't watch him on tv so why go see him?


I doubt that one day of walking a little extra further to class will kill her. But if you're so bummed out, ask the school for a one day credit toward your next parking pass, or ask for a one day matter how petty that makes you sound.

Why can't the suckers, scammers....

...simpletons and Socialists who support Comrade Obama and his plan to redesign America walk a little further? Her daughter PAID for her parking spot. These freeloading bums are taking what isn't theirs with the school's blessing.

So it's not a matter of being petty - it's standing up for what is right. You do not take something away from one American and give it to another! That's not what America is supposed to be about.


Gee....and I thought it was just showing good manners to your guests.

It doesn't matter who is in office (or even running for office), they would still do the same. Do you think Perry or Romney would walk a little further either? If you do, you're delusional. It's all about security and convenience when any public official (or wannabe) visits.

As I said, if the lady wants to, she can get a refund or credit to reimburse her for the inconvenience of that one day. Personally, I think it's making a mountain out of a molehill, but that's just my opinion. Just seems like a little "CommonSense" to me.

Security, yes

Making life easy for the societal leeches at the expense of those who pay their own way, no.

Tickets are on a first come, first served basis... all of the first time minority voters that are still looking for their free stuff, hope and change. Some people never learn, no matter how hard life slaps you in the face.

In the world of being a boat captain. We have captains that have 30 years experience, and we have captains that have one years experience, 30 times. They inevitably make the same mistakes over and over and over...

Looks like we still have a lot of voters in that same catgory.

President in Raleigh

In 2012 vote for Perry{ Bush 2} and see how far worse this country would be. You idiots amaze me.


You missed a Bush...

I would vote for Zippy the Skating Monkey....

....before I would vote for Obama.

Obviously you're not very well off and are a big fan of wealth envy, huh?

On behalf of

Zippy the skating monkey, I feel you have maligned him. Zippy has a certain level of intelligence and some hand/eye coordination.

I think you need look no further than for a porch monkey born in this country.

I am surprised at one point many may have missed.

This is likely a practice run for 2012. What better opportunity for ACORN to practice bussing loads of entitlement recipients. Today a speech; next time a rally; then to the Polls in November, 2012.

And if he can float his plan through to legalize all of the unregistered and illegal immigrants, he bolsters his political base.

Now there's a frightening thought.


How dare you malign Zippy that way, to compare him to Oduma was an uncalled for insult..YOU GO ZIPPY..


Raciest much?

Guest 67

how is my comment racist?

I have heard...

That Zippy can speak better than Obuma without using teleprompters.


STUPIDITY abounds in Raleigh....I wouldn't walk out to give him a glass of water on a 100 degree day! Unfortunately...these idiots that are still buying his lip service..CAN VOTE!

My driveway

Barry "O" could be standing in my driveway and I wouldn't walk out of the garage!

I would

And I would tell him since he wasn't invited he has no business on my property and he needs to leave.

Camping out

Must be all the democrat supporters that don't have jobs to go to.

Anybody see where his uncle was arrested for DUI and is in AMERICA illegally?

AND!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a life!

AND!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a life! Get a job, volunteer your time and energy in a constructive way. Find someting to do with your time. What a waste of brain cells. God help us!


What a total liberal response. Go help others.


I have both a life and a job. Did you get your Obuma ticket yet? I hear they will pass out free stuff if you can prove you voted for him multiple times.