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Hundreds camping out in Raleigh for tickets to Obama visit


RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Hundreds of people camped out overnight Tuesday for a chance to be some of the first people in line to get tickets to see President Barack Obama.

The President will be in the Triangle Wednesday to talk about American Jobs Act he presented to Congress last week.

He will be speaking at Reynolds Coliseum about "the need for Congress to pass it now and put more people back to work and more money in the pockets of working Americans, while not adding a dime to the deficit," according to a news release.

The event is free and open to the public.

On Monday night, hundreds began lining up at Carter-Finley Stadium and the NC State Brickyard since tickets are being distributed on a first-come, first-served basis Tuesday morning.

Due to limited event space, the White House said it will only be able to fulfill a limited number of requests for tickets. State students are limited to one ticket per person. Tickets are not for sale or re-sale.


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Grow up!! (My apologies if you are a youngster)

The point being (sigh) are we all now our brothers' keepers? (sigh)PS (could apply to any or all HUMAN being(s)- grow up, our country has been, is in, and will continue to be in crisis regardless of who is in office--bring it to a higher level, e.g. be a part of the solution--not the problem--move forward!!!!

more garbage

More liberal poop. No, we are not our brothers' keepers. It is your responsibility as an adult to fend & care for yourself. Please don't have any children, we can't afford to raise them.

I am grown

I take care of myself and my family. My wife and I both work to pay for our expenses and raise our son. We don't look to others to pay our way. It isn't my responsibility to help you pay for your children, housing or any of the other "free" goodies democrats like to repay their voters with. If it is my responsibility to "keep you", I expect you to come mow my yard and clear my gutters.

Take it down another couple of notches.

Very amusing. Did we touch a nerve? Take it down another couple of notches. By the way, who said I am a democrat or that your financial assistance is needed. Awesome response. More pleaseeeeeeee!!!

Yes, you did touch a nerve

It bothers me to no end the amount of tax money that is wasted on the lazy and useless baby breeding people in the country. Their only responsibility in the world is to make sure on election day they vote for the one that promises to give them the most "free" stuff. It isn't free, the government doesn't provide 1 service that isn't paid for by tax money.
How was that?

Grown? You sure?


Are you through with your tantrum now? Because your silly childish rants are getting really old.

Too bad

It is too bad if facts scare or disappoint you.

Not too bad

Facts don't scare or disappoint me...when I hear them. Unfortunately, I haven't heard any from you yet. Just insane rantings and ravings by an overgrown blowhard whose opinions are of more value to himself than to anyone else.

Try to read

Then try reading all the words I first posted. I'll even put them in bullet points for you.
1) Obama's uncle was arrested for drunk driving.
2) Obama's uncle in in the country illegally.

Which one don't you understand?

Will tune in for more tomorrow

Leaving for WORK now, will check out your latest inane tirade tomorrow. Must be wonderful to wake up every day and spend your time in such a constructive way. Toodles


Uh...YOU are on here too.

Those of you who think you know everything are annoying those of us who do.


I agree. Next thing you know, he'll be bringing up the birth certificate issue again....

different items

It appears to me that his birth certificate and what guesty brought up are two different items. What does Obama's illegal drunk driving uncle have squat to do with a birth certificate? You don't make sense.

Does this help?

I was referring to the fact that there are still some people out there who keep bringing up Obama's birth certificate, insinuating he's not American born and therefore shouldn't be President. They keep throwing that propoganda out there to try to sway voters. It's a propoganda thing.

But you are the one that brought it up

Nobody said anything about any birth certificate until YOU brought it up. What guesty posted is a fact, not propaganda, not a lie or half truth.

You're so right!

You're so right! I brought the birth certificate up to point out that some people will use ANYTHING to "herd" voters in another direction (similar to herding cattle) to convince them to vote for their own candidate.

What you see as a fact, I see as a lie and propoganda. We're both entitled to our own opinions.

A lie?

So you now claim it is a lie that Obama's uncle was arrested for DUI and is here illegally? I will agree with you about herding voters in a direction. Like the mention of all the "free" stuff that the people that actually work and pay taxes are left to foot the bill.

Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck....

So president chuckles having relatives illegally in this country doesn't seem to disturb you? That doesn't seem odd to you? And driving around drunk must be good in your book. Please go find your helper, your shouldn't be commenting in public without guidance.

I like it

It doesn't bother me one bit that he has family here illegally. In fact, I'm here illegally.


Hey, you're the same guy who stole my name! I used to be GuestLee and had to change it to Guest Lee (with a space) because you started using it. Thanks a lot for ruining my reputation! Now that I see you are an illegal, I'll definitely have to change my name's too close to yours.


Most illegals I have come across in my opnion steal all they can, so why not your name. Well welfare ,free medical for their illegal wives, girlfriends, kids etc.included.

Breaks my heart

That is so sad, you were not smart enough to register the name. How sad for you. Ruining your reputation? You have to have one before it can be ruined.

Grow up

We think very few people sensible, except those who are of our opinion.

That being said, don't let your mind wander, it's far too small to be let out on its own.

Might just be you

You are the one on here acting like a mental midget. Maybe if you worked instead of voting for a living you would have a better understand of life.

Or you

I do work, and I've worked for over 45 years. Only a complete a$$hole would make unjustified comments like yours without knowing anything about the person you're making them to.

Checking the mail isn't work

Looking in the mailbox for your check isn't working, it is sponging.

Exactly what I told you Guest Lee

Go find your helper and let them know you are on-line again. Seek mental help quickly.

Obama's Uncle

The uncle been here since 1992,your trying to make it sound like Obama got him here while he was President. Obama also didn't make him drive drunk. The only thing odd is your post.

Never said that

I never said Obuma got his uncle here, I asked if it didn't disturb him that the president of the US has relatives here illegally? That bothers me greatly. Nor did I blame Obuma for his uncle driving drunk.