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New Hanover High student-athlete arrested for Creekwood murder


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A New Hanover High School student-athlete has been charged with murder.

Wilmington Police arrested Tevin Sh'qur Quintell Hankins, 17, for first-degree murder after a shooting in the Creekwood community earlier this week.

Hankins was a junior at New Hanover High School and a starting defensive back on the Wildcat football team.

"I'm at a loss for words & absolutely devastated," New Hanover football coach Kevin Motsinger said in a text message to WWAY's John Rendleman.

A police spokeswoman confirms Hankins was charged in connection to the shooting in Creekwood Wednesday night that killed Jonathan Jones, Jr., 19, of Jacksonville. Police say Joseph Edwards Hanible, 24, of Wilmington was also injured in the shooting.

Police say a group of five or six men chased Jones and Hanible into a duplex and opened fire before driving off in two cars.

Police say the investigation into what happened continues.

Hankins, who made his first court appearance on the murder charge this morning, also has pending drug, trespassing and resisting an officer charges among others.

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Clearly states

"Black men, black women all commiting crimes, and playing the race card because they will not take resposibility for anything they do". You clearly state ALL!


I said that they were booked into the county jail because that is where they are, IN JAIL for commiting crimes. Yes they blame everyone else except themselves. You hear it on the news, you see it in the papers. You also see it on sites like this Blacks saying free Blacks because they are innocent even if they were caught in the act of commiting a crime. You are doing the same thing, you are a Black woman defending Blacks who commit crimes. How many of them are a part of your family? How many of them are locked up right now. I bet you can not or will not answer that.

I don't have any family

I don't have any family members in jail. I am a Software Engineer. I'm black. Mr Walters, I don't understand what the color of the defendant's skin has to do with anything. Contrary to what you believe, there are many white people in jail for the same type of crap. I'm not calling you a racist; I don't even know you. There are Black Gangbangers, white gangbangers, latino, NA, etc etc. What we all really need to be talking about is the deginerate society that we are becoming. It's happening all over to all ethnic groups, areas, etc etc. The folks talking about "he wouldn't do that" are obviously kids, and probably friends of this worm. You aren't helping at all. If anything, you are reinforcing the belief that many young black males have that "whitey is out to get them". Now, I know that this is 98% inaccurate, but they probably don't. That is all.


on Princess Place Dr. when Creekwood was built (between 29th and 30th street) in the big brick house and owned the big 2 story white house that was there next to it and had to move. We had blacks from there coming into the yard in broad daylight stealing everything they could get their hands on and a couple that just came in the door while my mother and myself were there, but left fast when the 12 gauge shout gun came out.The building of Creekwood caused our family to move from there where my family and my grandparents had lived from 1921,we owned 1/2 the whole block at that time. My father was scared to leave my mother at home with these thugs roaming around. Creekwood should be bulldozed and all of the lowlifes run out of there. Yeah I saw the devastation they have caused to a great neighborhood first hand. NO SYMPATHY


Sorry to say im black and live in a white neighborhood, and cant trust nobody. I have to lock up and watch my back, because of the white gangs. I GUEST NO ONE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT THAT?? Anyway, these young men needs to be proven guilty first, before everybody start judging!

LOL@the concept of a white gang

Really, just lunge at them and they'll run screaming. Heck, if you're a black man, just give them a dirty look and they'll take off. I'll promise you that Ethan, Taylor and Aaron might look thuggish in their Lil' White Gangsta apparel but they're still a bunch of mama's boys.


I don't trust any gang (white,black,cold,hot, little or big), and when it comes to my family i don't take it lightly at ALL! IT's still a problem!!!!

Don't tell me you moved into Landfall!!!!

...and got attacked by the Whitey gangs!!! Those gangs are tough there. They even force pickup truck owners to hide their trucks in there garage and rarely enforce the back door slamming that goes on after the hubbys go to work!

You brought it out in the open and now we have to address it. We tried to tell you not to move in there with the Soda Crackahs and the Whitebreads....

Proving those two NIMRODS guilty of murder should be an easy task! Too many eye witnesses. My bet is they work a plea for 2nd degree murder and never go to trial.

Oh no!

"Creekwood should be bulldozed and all of the lowlifes run out of there."

I disagree with this one statement. Please let them all continue to stay there, and don't scatter them throughout the city. At least they're all in one place, mostly hurting each other instead of running loose in OUR neighborhoods.

I remember....

I remember that house, and I also remember when you could leave your doors unlocked in that neighborhood. Now you have to nail everything down because that bunch gangbanger wanna-bes and hoodrat hoochies think they are above the law. Maybe they should look at the eugenics project again so these animals can't reproduce.


For anybody, to call a human and animal is trash! I can say that, but it doesnt make me any better calling anyone trash. Watch you SAY about human life!


Aye Mann Free My Homie/Brother/Teammate Pot Yo...... He dont deserve this at all mann. My Boy got a bigg future ahead of him man. everybody writting these negative comments on here dont even no my boy pot or da situation. FFFRREEEEE MMMYYYY BBBOOYYYY PPPOOOOTTTT


Why is your friend's nickname "Pot"? Is that because he smokes it a lot, or because he sells it? Just curious...

His nickname is "Pot" because

His nickname is "Pot" because of a movie called "Dude, where's my car?" He watched the movie, and thought it was funny that the dude said "Smokey MattPot" Tevin is a silly boy, and wanted to start being called that. People started calling him that, and eventually it was shortened to "Pot." And that was like in the fifth grade, so NO that name didn't come from him smoking or selling, and if you're "just curious" why did he have to be either smoking it or selling it? Stop it with the stereotyping.

It just occurred to me that

It just occurred to me that this young man, Tevin Hankins shares a last name with Markus Hankins, a young man who was killed in Brunswick county last year.

Wonder if they are related?

Of course they are related

Dey b couzins!

Really? Are we all convicting this boy before he is proven guilt

The news article says that a group of 5 or 6 men chased this boy into a duplex and open fired. It didn't say if this person who was arressted even had a gun. I hate it for anyone who is involved with the justice system this day and time because if a group acted that caused something to happen then the group should be responsible..and whos to say it is not a case of mistaken idneity..that crap happens all the those of you who are bravoing the police and already willing to give punishment to this boy, remember he is innocent until proven guilty....plan and simple..



I know I have not walked in

I know I have not walked in this young man's shoes and I do not think anyone else has either. It was reported that these young men were robbed by the 2 men that were shot. I am definitely not saying and eye for an eye but I cannot begin to understand what it is like to be raised in a community where you see crime all the time. I do know that Tevin is a good student and a great football player and obviously he made a terrible choice. He turned himself in. I also think that the only person that can judge these young men is God.

I wasn't there and I don't

I wasn't there and I don't know the story and I don't know who did what, but God is not the only one who can judge these young men. Our judicial system can judge them.


If 3 or more men chase a couple of other men into a home and shoot them it has to do with drugs, money, drugs, money, drugs money or drugs. And this being in Creekwood that just confirms it had to do with drugs, money,drugs, money, drugs,money, drugs and money. and, if all you folks who live in Creekwood don't want this type of activity, help the police and speak up rather than criticize and clam up when info is needed. Can't have it both ways.

Sorry, but this is

Sorry, but this is Wilmington, NC - there are VERY few times when there is a mistaken identity. Is there racial profiling? OF COURSE, but in THIS case, i HIGHLY doubt that it was a mistaken identity. Lastly, the article does not say anything about him having a gun, but it didn't say that he DIDNT have a gun either....they can only report what has happened...
SO to all of the people getting upset talking about how the media is out to get people- if you notice, they didn't slam him, they only reported what they have and if he has a past that is relevant to the current charges then they are obligated to point that out too....this fellow just made a poor decision with him and his "friends"...someone has to pay for the crime that was committed on Wednesday. If there was something that happened that led to this tragic event then maybe they should have had a good ol fist fight or take it to the police. Now, he is facing an extended vacation. It's just sad that he is so young and his older brother is leaving him to take all of the charges ALONE!!

Let them all kill each

Let them all kill each other, less trash for the rest of us to worry about. Seventeen, straight A's, college? Doesn't matter. He still was stupid enough to get involved in this- he deserves what he gets.


Why are all these young ''kids'' getting into a life of crime? Homelife,peer pressure..schooling?? Our young need so much direction and incentive from all their surroundings..isnt there a Tech school in our high schools? Carpentry,nursing,etc.,anything to get their minds onto somekind of a career for their future.Parents especially need to guide their way in a positive they do not go into a lifestyle of crime. Come on parents,you CAN do it!!! Save your child!! So sad...

Follow the money

We are a greedy nation; money, bling, things matter. OK, so follow the money. We do not spend money educating our young children or in programs to keep people OUT of my opinion...because JAILS AND PRISONS ARE MONEY-MAKING VENTURES...take a look sometime at who will make money off of this young man (or anyone else's) arrest: stock holders who invest in jails and prisons. Prisons, for the most part, are NOT OWNED by you and me but ARE PRIVATE COMPANIES owned by the same people who already get tax breaks and .........So '"Crack down on crime" ( and I am not talking about this particular case, but if you want to solve a problem, look at who is making money from the results) sounds good to so many people. But it is often manipulation of the naive for the profit of the already wealthy. In other words, if I get you to put everyone in prison for smoking a bit of dope, I am making money off of your good intent. Ever heard of a real cure for cancer or high blood pressure? No, we treat it because treatment is the goose that lays the golden egg. Cure stops the money flow. makes money for the people at the end of the chain; not those committing it.

Last I looked, we were

Last I looked, we were spending trillions on education in this country.

The opportunities are there, if young people are willing to do the work and stay clean.

That includes staying away from people where you can go to prison for just being in the wrong place, at the wrong time.


Please name Me a Prison in North Carolina that is privately owned.

Guess again, Skippy!

"Prisons, for the most part, are NOT OWNED by you and me but ARE PRIVATE COMPANIES owned by the same people who already get tax breaks and ........."

Private prisons house less than five-percent of people imprisoned in the United States.

Schwab... First thing...

I'm callin' my broker on Monday. never thought of that;,)

I could be a Billionaire.

Political correctness in the media

First of all....cops are very, very smart...they know all the gangbangers in town whether the gangbangers know it or not. They just don't want to catch you yet. They've got something on this guy, or else he wouldn't have been arrested...

That being said...this going out to both blacks and whites...does anyone not see a problem with identifying suspects in the media as black or white where they only identify the suspects height, weight, and attire? How about telling the race so that cuts down on the percentage of people to look for?

How about the new "flash mob" craze spreading across the US as far as "unruly teens" invading stores and robbing them blind...or attacking groups of white people. They're not unruly teens..they're black people. It hasn't hit here in ILM, but it's on the way...The media needs to stop being so PC and report what is actually going on. Enough is enough regarding PC....It makes the media look like jackasses....your viewers are not as stupid as you think they are.