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ONLY ON 3: Leland's top cop recommended for termination

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Leland's top cop recommended for termination

LELAND, NC (WWAY) -- We've been telling you since last week about all the issues with the Leland Police Department and specifically Police Chief Tim Jayne. We've now learned there was a recommendation that Jayne be fired earlier this year.

According to a source close to the situation, Leland's then assistant town manager conducted an investigation earlier this year into corruption and policy violations by Jayne. After the investigation, a recommendation was made to Town Manager Bill Farris that Jayne be fired because of the findings.

The source says Farris met with Jayne, and after a heated exchange, Farris overturned the recommendation and let Jayne keep his job.

Tuesday, when we called Farris for comment on a story and told the receptionist who we were, she said the town manager was on vacation until Friday. When we called for comment on this story Wednesday and did not identify ourselves, the call was quickly transferred to Farris in his office.

We asked him about the source's allegations, and told him that this was his opportunity to tell us point blank if the story was false. He said he could neither confirm or deny the information.

We also reached out to Chief Jayne by phone and e-mail. In both messages, we were very clear with him about the details of our story and the need for him to speak up if the information was not true.

Jayne did return our e-mail. In his message he tried to discredit our source and said we need to "check in the facts." However, he did not say that the facts of our story were in any incorrect.

Again, we specifically asked both Farris and Jayne to tell us if the allegations were untrue. Neither would answer that question directly.

Leland Mayor Pro Tem Brenda Bozeman released a statement today about the many issues we've uncovered. In it she said, "Council is taking appropriate actions under the appropriate laws of the state for town ordinances."

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COME ON, MAN!! Does anybody out there belief that a)this Chief is corrupt and b) that the town does not want to do anything about it? This is becoming a joke!! More and more stuff, every day, comes out about this guy and we get this wimpy message from the future mayor that they are doing everything they can?? Hey, how about fire him, and the crooked cops that work for him?! Take a stand, Brenda - save this town before it become a bigger disgrace then it is now!! Maybe its time to throw the bums out!!

Do Not Just Remove Jayne

there are more that need to go with him to the unemployment office as well.You get rid of him and one of his butt kissers will just take over..clean house, start all over fresh. Run all of them through the mill and if they don't cut the mustard send them packing right along with him. A clean start is probably what is needed if not you put the others on notice 1 screwup and you are GONE. I know someone on here posted that alot of these guys are exmilitary and I appreciate their service BUT this isn't Afghanistan or Iraq so quit treating the citizens here like you are still there!! If you miss it so bad go back there where you can treat everyone like they are out to get you..reenlist.

Not all Leland cops R bad..

Not all Leland cops R bad.. There R lemons in all jobs...

Not all Leland cops R bad

I live in Leland and find that most, not all of Leland officers are there because they can not make it in bigger cities or anywhere else as far as that is concerned. They harass the citizens trying to make a name for themselves. North Carolina's Training and Standards and the Attorney General should pay particular attention for a long time.

It's getting deeper :D

It's getting deeper :D


Yes, it is getting deep and all the people behind the scenes wheeling and dealing will soon wake up to the fact that everyone knows what you have done. For instance, there have been a lot of comments about Sherry having to resign and I agree she was shafted. What she or her attorney didn't realize is that they had to get rid of her. They needed to pay the salary of the new female hire and this incidence was a perfect way. Now, you may ask why? The bottom line is the Town tries to get by on the cheap. Secondly, they only want limited female employees and the police needed to have a least one so they can save face. Since someone decided that they wanted Sherry out this was the perfect way.If I was the new woman that was just hired I would run for the hills. They will try to convince you that it was all Sherry and that things will be ok once things die down but it wont. You need to look deep.

Welcome to Leland

Welcome to Leland where you will be deceived by everyone in office. Don't expect the truth because you won't get it. You have questions for the Town Manager, he has a rubber stamp answer "I can neither confirm nor deny" Questions for Mayor or Council "We are out of touch", "the Town Manager will take care of that". Questions for the Chief of Police "I'll be right back" as he drives away in his car. Who created this mess? One by one they do it as a team. A CORRUPT< LYING< DECIETFULL TEAM. Will council ever grow a set and put an end to this disgrace ? Or do they themselves have something to hide like the inability to run a town such as Leland. The inability to take this town where it needs to be and secure its growth for all the taxpayers who pay their salaries. Every single one involved needs to go. They are criminals with badges who waste tax payer’s money on a regular basis, bullied and deprived working officers of equipment, uniforms and training. There are a hand full of officers who are young and impressionable. They look up to the leaders and at what is going on. They see very little hope for their careers and are stuck in a place with a disgraceful reputation and they can't get out. Please do something quickly. If you wait for the state or Feds to step in and do it that only proves one thing about your government body, it is incapable and refuses to deal with pressing issues so let someone else take care of it. Welcome future residents to the Town of Leland. Where you will be lied to and

To whoever, Chief Tim Jayne

To whoever, Chief Tim Jayne he was a nice person and ya'll had to fired him. Now how is going to serve my community. He was a nice person to me and family all the time. I think this is wrong for firing him....

You don't really know

Apparently you really don't know the real man or the lack thereof. You just know the public face or the political "Tim". Well just watch and see and you'll know the real person.
As far as "Brenda" doing anything hey Scott ask her when she first found out about Officer S. Lewis. She should tell you the truth and say it was within an hour of the incident. But of course since she is the only candidate for Mayor she will give you the politically correct answer and refer you to the Town's Attorney John Wessell III.

Hey Leland, when are you going to stop the bleeding? It is up to the people not the politicians to stop the flow.

Let's wait and see! More to come!

P.S. This person apparently can't read. Jayne has not been fired "YET". One can only hope and pray.