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Tuesday, December 1, 2020


Cars line up for miles for Tyler Perry Atlanta food giveaway

Thousands of people have jammed roads for miles in Atlanta to try to get boxes of food and gift cards donated by entertainer Tyler Perry.

Bruce Swedien, Grammy-winning engineer of ‘Thriller,’ dies

Bruce Swedien, a five-time Grammy-winning audio engineer who collaborated with Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones, has died. He was 86.

Florida man saves puppy from alligator

The dramatic encounter in an Estero neighborhood was caught on record thanks to a partnership between the Florida Wildlife Federation and the fSTOP Foundation.

Teen who met grandma from accidental text shares Thanksgiving plans

An Arizona grandmother and a teenager (now grown-up) have carried on a Thanksgiving tradition for years -- all because of a text that was sent to the wrong person.

New exhibit opens at Cameron Art Museum

its largest installation that can be enjoyed inside the museum from the reception hall and outside the museum from the window in the reception hall, so that anyone who doesn’t want to enter the museum because of the pandemic can see the lanterns from outside.

Egypt unveils ancient coffins, statues found in Saqqara

The discovered items date back to the Ptolemaic dynasty that ruled Egypt for some 300 years — from around 320 B.C. to about 30 B.C., and the Late Period (664-332 B.C.).

Rockefeller Center Christmas tree arrives; lighting Dec. 2

The tree will be decorated over the coming weeks. It was donated by Al Dick of Daddy Al’s General Store in Oneonta in central New York.

Michigan couple with 14 sons welcome their first daughter

The couple’s oldest child, 28-year-old Tyler Schwandt, says his parents thought they would never have a daughter after 14 sons.

‘American Idol’ contestant Nikki McKibbin dies at 42

Nikki McKibbin, a singer from Texas best known for her third place finish in the first season of American Idol, has died. She was 42.

Oh boy! Pregnant woman stands in 3-hour line to vote on her due date

While there was much grumbling about the lengthy three-hour wait, most of the soon-to-be voters cheerily held a sense of camaraderie.

After wolves rebound across US West, future up to voters

Wolves have repopulated the mountains and forests of the American West with remarkable speed since their reintroduction 25 years ago

Krispy Kreme to give away free glazed doughnut on Election Day

The popular doughnut shop is giving away a free glazed doughnut to each customer on Tuesday, Nov. 3 along with the iconic "I Voted" sticker as well.

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Republican Mark Walker jump-starts 2022 Senate battle in announcing North Carolina bid

North Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Walker announced his 2022 Senate bid on Tuesday, jump-starting a long primary for a rare open seat that will be crucial to the future control of the chamber.

Community rallies around church after living nativity topples days before opening night

Seaside Chapel in Carolina Beach wanted to bring a little extra Christmas spirit this holiday season.

Protecting your outdoor plants from the first freeze of the season

Many places across the Cape Fear are forecasted to fall below freezing tonight for the first time since March. 

Grandma flips table to defend business after customer hurls hand sanitizer jugs at staff

Stunning video out of San Francisco's Mission District shows a business owner and grandma defending her restaurant after a customer learns her to-go order will take longer than expected.