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Arrest made in May murder outside club


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- More than four months after a man was shot to death outside a Wilmington club, police have made an arrest for the crime. Garry Orlando Hines, 18, is charged with the first degree murder of Cornelius Tremayne Blanks, 20, of Burgaw.

Blanks was shot during an early-morning fight May 8 outside Club 609 on Market Street. He died later at the hospital. Another man, Robert Lee McGruder, III, 20, of Leland, was stabbed, but survived.

Wilmington Police investigators obtained a warrant for Hines's arrest Friday. The US Marshals Violent Fugitive Task Force arrested him around 1 a.m. Saturday at the Carolinian Inn, which is just blocks from where the shooting happened back in the spring.

Police say the investigation of the incident at Club 609 remains open. Anyone with additional information is asked to call the Wilmington Police Department at (910) 343-3600. Information may be submitted anonymously through Text-A-Tip. Enter Tip708 and the information, and send to 274637 (CRIMES).

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I've never seen a Howard Stern reference worked into a story here.

My guess

The "B" stands for bonehead. Or maybe he is just a boob.

Yes it is a B

It stands for "I beeees in deep *&^%!!"

You mean don't know? Don't

You mean don't know? Don't feel bad, neither does he.


"Dis Beez a bad situation i done got into"

RIP Pete ...

I went to high school with the Blanks' brothers and Lord forgive me if I'm wrong for saying this but I am glad that they have a suspect in Pete's murder. I remember getting the phone call later on the morning about what happened. I had three deaths in my family at the time ... Two older relatives (died from natural causes) and a younger relative (murdered in the driveway by his neighbors) and I remember being deeply saddened by the news. I was actually supposed to go the party that night at Club 609 but luckily I didn't go.

I honestly didnt think that they would ever get a suspect for the murder. I've heard people talk saying that the Hines' brothers did it but I mean come on its Wilmington ... No one talks! When Alquan went missing ... one word popped into my head ... "Karma" ... I thought if that guy really did have something to do with Pete's murder then maybe this is his Karma. I don't know if I'm wrong for thinking that. But so many times in wilmington families lose loved one's to violence and it hurts. I will never understand why people feel that they have the right to take someone elses life. I feel that the only time its justified is if its self defense. In this new day, everyone is trigger happy and in order to regain pride or maintain status taking a life is necessary. I honestly think the world is coming to end. There's way too much violence and craziness taking place.

RIP Pete. If this Hines guy was involved then maybe the Blanks' family will gain some closure. If he had nothing to do with it, then maybe the murderer will turn up in the near future. Prayers go out to both families.

First of all yall all sayn

First of all yall all sayn sumthang neg.but yall dnt kno sh**t,so best thang to do iz shut tha f*** up... yea we got love for lil garry but we not sayn wat he do is right but yall not gne sit up here an down talk my cuzn not knowing if he did it or not!!! An dats all folks.. my heart an prayers goes out to my cuzns tha Hines family...

First of all....

I think I could translate French faster than translating this post:

First of all yall all sayn sumthang neg.but yall dnt kno sh**t,so best thang to do iz shut tha f*** up... yea we got love for lil garry but we not sayn wat he do is right but yall not gne sit up here an down talk my cuzn not knowing if he did it or not!!! An dats all folks.. my heart an prayers goes out to my cuzns tha Hines family...

But here goes my translation:

The posters on this story that are condemning my cousin for the murder of another human being do not know the facts of the case. Please keep your negative opinions of my gangster cousin to yourselves. He is my cousin, and even though our family does not condone this criminal behavior, we are giving him the benefit of the doubt. No one else should express their opinions of my cousin and his gangster, heartless, murderous, criminal behavior unless it is in his favor.

My prayers go out to your family as well.

And for those with reading comprehension deficit, or RCD, please note that my translation was cynical, so don't start jumping on me because you can't decipher irony in a sentance.


Your language is offensive, your spelling is atrocious, and anyone reading your post would think you're brain damaged.

Nothing that you write using this kind of language (and ebonics) will ever be considered an opinon worth hearing, because it's coming from someone who doesn't have a handle on reality or anything not connected to the projects and gang activity (violence).

In order for the average person to understand and relate to your post, you need to show some kind of education and the ability to get your thoughts and opinions across to other people without looking like a total imbecile. I see no sign of education OR intelligence in your post.

"The life of an uneducated man is as useless as the tail of a dog, which neither covers its rear end nor protects it from the bites of insects." - - Chanakya


First of all - learn how to spell. Don't know if you are ignorant to trying to sound it, but it worked. Clean up your language - people who use those words have nothing fitting to say.

Don't defend him - he is a gangbanger. That means he has no sense of right or wrong, has no regard for human life, and runs with hoods and thugs. Yea he went wrong and now he is locked up for murder. He made stupid choices and someone paid for it with his life.

Gang members are like rats - they need to be found in the holes they live in and eradicated. The law should be doing it, but it seems like the gangmembers are going to clean house themselves. The sad thing is that innocent people will get hurt or die in the process and that my friend, makes them murderers.

Now that we read that these 2 are related, it kind of explains things. Eye for an eye, I guess! I just feel sorry for the parents of not only the one killed, but the parents of these two thugs.

it kills me to sit hear and

it kills me to sit hear and read some of post up here... Its crazy how fast someone is too judge somebody else , yall sit back nd talk bout all this gang ish nd how heartless so nd so is but if u dnt know what it feels like growing up in that enviorment then dnt say nothing at all everygangbanger is not heartless or a menace not everybody was born into a family wit a big front yard or driveway nd a happy family, all im saying is can we have enough respect for bth families by keeping any negative comments to ourselves

I'm black and I can't

I'm black and I can't comprehend what you just wrote. English please!!