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ONLY ON 3: Mom wants justice after son soils self in class

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Mom wants justice after son soils self in class

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A Brunswick County mom says a teacher mistreated her son in class. She thinks he will have to live with the consequences for the rest of his life.

The mother of the third grade student at Jesse Mae Monroe Elementary School in Brunswick County says she was appalled when she found out her son was not allowed to go to the bathroom and then had an accident in class.

"They did nothing to this teacher," Latoria Brown said. "Nothing. That's what I want: her removed; and I want justice for my son."

Brown says her eight-year-old son was not allowed to go to the restroom October 6, so he defecated in his pants in class. Brown says when she found out about the incident, she went to the school, but did not get much of a response.

"I never got a simple apology. No teacher. No principal. Nobody apologized for the situation. That's what really made me upset about the situation," Brown said. "All I wanted was a simple apology, but it didn't go that way, so I had to go further."

Brown says after she found out how her son was treated by the teacher, she said she couldn't just let it go. She thinks it may be racially motivated, and the Brunswick County Ministers Alliance agrees. The group says there was a similar situation between a black teacher and a white student back in 2008 that was handled immediately. Brown says she thinks because her son is black and his teacher is white that the process is moving at a slower pace.

"I don't wanna say that it's a black and white thing. I don't really wanna say that, but they've been going on and on trying to sweep it up underneath the rug," Brown said. "It wasn't like that the first time around, so why is it this way this time around?"

School district spokeswoman Jessica Swencki says that is not the case. Swencki says an investigation into the situation is underway. She says the board is having trouble, though, because brown will not allow her son to speak with investigators, which is keeping the school from moving forward with discipline.

Brown says she plans on sitting down with the school board and investigators with her son and her lawyer. She says she hopes to schedule a meeting with the board, so that they can move forward as soon as possible.

Brown's son was initially removed from the class after the incident, but was put back in earlier this week.

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Good job. Mom wants results

Good job. Mom wants results but won't help with the process.
"They did nothing to this teacher," Latoria Brown said. "Nothing. That's what I want: her removed; and I want justice for my son."
But then we are given this gem:
"....because brown will not allow her son to speak with investigators..."
Sounds like you really don't want justice, you just want to get your mug on the news. Well, poop.

Of course it is!!

Oh of course it is because your son is black. It could not be because the teacher was wrong to a student(white or black). You have to drop the race card. When will this stop? Get over yourself.

Pot Calling Kettle

Was the teacher wrong? Absolutely. But it sounds like the only person here being racist, is Ms. Brown herself...
Never once in my life have I blamed something on the color of skin. I have only blamed people for a person's mistake. The fact that she would even bring the race card up is racist in its own accord.


That is all they know. They are taught from a early age if you don't get what you want you pull the race card. MLK and Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton has taught them this so that is what they do. The sad part about it is they are the ones that always cry less stop being racist but black people are more racist than any white people i know.


if ever I heard it, and blacks wonder why the whites have no respect for them. I sure don't.
The slavery crap and the white man is holding me down has gotten old.
Get over it just because you can't cut it quit blaming someone else.