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Occupy Wilmington protests corporate control downtown

READ MORE: Occupy Wilmington protests corporate control downtown

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Occupy Wilmington made its presence known in Downtown Wilmington Saturday afternoon with a protest at the Bank of America building on Third Street. Over 200 people gathered to show their support for the global movement. Participants waved signs, chanted, and answered questions from people in the community.

Members of Occupy Wilmington say they chose to protest Saturday because it marks the tenth anniversary of the United States involvement in Afghanistan. They say other Occupy groups across the country also protested Saturday, although the actual anniversary of the beginning of the war was October 7.

They say it does not make a difference that the bank was closed. Members agree they are not protesting the people who work at local branches but the symbol of corporate involvement in our community.

“It doesn’t really matter if the bank is opened or closed,” said Occupy Wilmington member Sean Murphy. “We are 24/7 against the corporate control over our country. We’re not fighting against the branch employees. We’re fighting against the financial system itself.”

Murphy says he thinks the protest was a huge success and the group is planning on protesting more in the future. He says he knows that many people are confused about the group’s purpose and that events like the protest help spread the word. Murphy says he just wants people to be aware of what is going on in the community and take a stand if they disagree with choices that are being made by a select number of people.

“I think we’re not mad at corporations, or a lot of people aren’t mad at Capitalism,” Murphy said. “We’re mostly mad that we don’t have representation in politics and that these huge banks have destroyed our economy.”

Murphy says the group holds general assembly meetings daily at Greenfield Lake Park to brainstorm and organize. He says anyone who is interested in learning more is welcome to attend. The group also has a Facebook page that keeps the group informed on upcoming events and ideas.

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You're kidding right?

You damn sure don't represent me. I am the 1% that works for a living. I am the 1% that believes that if I racked up a bill, I pay for said bill. I don't need the government to bail me out. If you don't like the way a company is doing buisness, then take your buisness else where. Keep your hands out of my pocket. If you want to redistribute the wealth start with your hope and change. I am keeping mine. 99% my a@@!!!!!


PLEASE don't represent me! You are a very small percentage of whom you claim to represent. THAT should tell you something!

I am willing to bet that you drive. Car and have a mortgage, as well as, use a credit card. HYPOCRITE!!! GO AWAY FLEA!!

AGAIN STOP saying you represent ME!



The computers you blog from, and the smart phones you tweet with were all created and sold by the very same Fortune 500 companies you claim to hate. Your point about hating the uber-wealthy corporation is lost when it finishes with a small “Sent from my iPhone” sign off.

The streets that you march down, the bridges that you occupy, and the public parks that you have now destroyed are all paid for in part by the 1% you protest.

You argue against corporations as though they were machines, forgetting that it is nothing more than a group of individuals acting collectively. There are about 100 million Americans, part of the 99%, that work for corporations, and I doubt that you argue for the removal of each of their individual rights. Do you want to be able to sue Exxon-Mobil or Bank of America? What about Phillip Morris Tobacco for giving your cancer? Or even McDonald’s for making coffee too hot? Their existence as corporations allows you to do this.

We bailed out the banks because that is what we had to do. The last time major financial institutions were allowed to fail was called the Great Depression, and it took sweeping government intervention and a world war to get the country back on its feet.

Did you know that 60% of the 99% did not vote in 2010? What does that say about the supporters of occupations? You can demand a list of grievances, but when it comes time to vote for or against an issue, you can’t use your power as a citizen?


This is not about

Nobody is saying we need to do away with corporations or capitalism. This is about corporations behaving irresponsibly. This is about the financial sector behaving irresponsibly. This is about the fact that the government (local, state and federal) is working in concert with the corporate and financial world, in their best interests, by passing ordinances, laws and legislation that will insure that they will not be held accountable for irresponsible behavior. It's naive to think that our "voice" at the ballot box is heard at this point. That's what these protests are really about.




(caps lock)

Yes we are all local and

Yes we are all local and just tired of being sold out.

I would love to go...

I would love to attend but I actually work for a living. I have bills to pay, bills that I brought upon myself and intend to pay myself.



The group also has a great

The group also has a great website;

Be sure to visit to keep up with this groups activities!


You have got to be kidding me! These folks are a joke and I wish they would go get jobs! I think it is funny and really cheap entertainment to see the losers protesting. Here is a quick word of advice. TAKE A SHOWER, SHAVE (THAT INCLUDES THE THINGS THEY CALL FEMALES) AND QUIT YELLING! We have all heard you and the louder you are the more ignorant you sound! One last thing, try and clear up your criminal history, and drug addictions. You are a joke to 99% of America. The America that really works for a living. Nobody would care if you guys would vanish! Freeloaders!

I make 135,000 a year before

I make 135,000 a year before taxes, have started two business, and have provided for myself since I was 16 years old. I've never been arrested and believe in the rule of law. I stand with these people and those around the country that want us and our grandchildren to have a fair chance. Capitalism has allowed me to flourish and is a great part of our country that I've never heard them speak against.

Do you support our politicians' votes being bought by huge companies that don't have your interests in mind? Remember a few years ago when these huge banks made bad bets and used our tax money to get bailed out?

These banks are foreclosing on our brave men and woman in the military while they're over there dying for our country! At the same time they're raising fees on us so they can buy votes in the government so they can pay less in taxes and cut jobs to move them overseas.

Nobody is asking for a handout. We're asking for the government to stop being bought out and for the banks to stop destroying our economy.

Why so angry? Why so quick

Why so angry? Why so quick to stick labels on a bunch of people you don't know? I'm one of the group. I'm employed, have worked all my life. I have no substance abuse, criminal record or cleanliness issues. And unlike you, I'm not afraid to put my name on my opinions. I'm in the group because we have reached a tipping point with corporations influencing our lawmakers more than the citizens do. With regard to this particular event: Bank of America looted the taxpayers about 7 different ways for multibillions each time, then when forced to cut its excessive debit card swipe fees and face a profit reduction of "up to $2 billion" per year, their first impulse is to pillage their basic account holders to make up the difference. They got money from us when they claimed to be in trouble, and they are taking money from us when we are in trouble. They are one of the US taxpayers' worst "investments."


Most of the people at the protest have jobs, and higher education. You're making a lot of assumptions about people you've never met, nor spoken to. You should work on that.

Gee, angry hate filled guy.

Gee, angry hate filled guy. I've was there and I've had a the same job for 16 years. I've actually never been without one since I was 14. as to "criminal history" huh? Do you know something we don't? Actually,I think you might need some kind of a drug to deal with your anger problem though. Try valium.

I don't know what they are

I don't know what they are all about, but at least some Americans are tired of taking what big business and big government dish out and are will in to let it be known besides whining and crying. I say more power to them.


illegals and do something about them, now that is a real cause to take up.

One way to annoy the Occupy Wilmington whiners. Work hard!

Don't listen to these whiners. It is the same liberal/socialist play book.

Work hard everyone, the American Dream is alive & well.

Some of You

Really work hard that's all it takes. I have worked since I was sixteen, sometimes two jobs. I put myself thru college bought a house been at the same job for over twenty years. My house is now worth less than when I bought it, I'm still paying my college loans, I've been making less money than 5 years ago. I don't want any welfare or handouts but going backwards financially isn't exactly my dream either. These banks played folly with our American dream of home ownership. Many of the corporations are shipping jobs overseas. The government has given all the bailouts to banks and tax cuts to the corporations. Those at the very bottom and top of the food chain are being helped but middle americans are becoming poorer. Its a mathematical fact! Our economy is consumer driven mostly by the 2/3 middle class who has taken the brunt of this economic fallout. I would think some of you guys could offer more than labeling and name calling to a group that at least is getting off their butts and taking a stand. They are not all hippies and liberals!