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ONLY ON 3: Sheriff responds after Leland rejects offer to help

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Sheriff responds after Leland rejects offer to help

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- It seems like Leland does not want any more help from outsiders in solving its problems.

Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram offered his internal affairs investigator, free of charge, to look into a slew of allegations within Leland's Police Department. The charges included sex at the station house, an officer pulling his gun on a colleague and an alcohol-fueled fight involving the police chief. However, at last night's town meeting, council members voted against the plan.

Today Sheriff Ingram spoke out.

"When the citizens have concerns or questions or allegations are made that could compromise public trust, it is my duty and responsibility to use every resource available to me," Ingram said.

Councilwoman Martha Currie presented the idea Thursday night and got support from Councilman Herbert Barnes, but Mayor Walter Futch, Mayor Pro Tem Brenda Bozeman and Councilwoman Pat Batleman voted against it.

"I feel like it's the only way we are going to get to the truth," said Currie. "If the SBI can investigate, they investigate the criminal part, then get this internal affairs man to come in and let him investigate anything else that may have occurred."

Sources tell us some leaders privately suggested that the only reason Ingram offered his help was to get publicity.

"I think being in office for three years now, my record speaks for itself regarding the media," Ingram said. "I've never been accused of someone who loves to jump in front of a camera."

Bozeman, who refused to talk on camera, told us she wants to see what the SBI investigation uncovers first, then take any other steps if necessary.

In the meantime Ingram says he hopes someone finds the truth, whatever it may be.

"I know that eventually the facts will come out, and at that time the town officials and citizens in Leland can make good decisions as to what needs to be done and move forward," he said.

Sheriff Ingram stressed that if in the future Leland would like more help with the investigation, he says the Sheriff's Office will be glad to help.

Two weeks ago Police Chief Tim Jayne sent a letter to the SBI asking for assistance investigating criminal allegations within his department. We asked a SBI spokeswoman today if that investigation started. She has not answered our request.

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Here are two sickening examples of cops molesting kids.

The first is Robert Melia from Moorestown, NJ. Melia was arrested in 2008 for sexually assaulting three minor girls on multiple occasions. He even got his former girlfriend involved. But, it even gets a little weirder. As if this wasn’t disgusting enough Melia was also charged with four counts of animal cruelty after having sex with a cow. This guy sounds like a real winner.

Then there’s Daniel William Heirs from South Carolina. This fine example of an officer switched jobs until he found one as a community resource officer, which allowed him to work with kids. Heirs seemed to be pretty sneaky about it too, as he won the trust of the mother before molesting her child. It really makes me sick reading about this, but it’s even more shocking that he was never arrested. Instead, he was offered to surrender and he has never been brought to justice. In fact he’s still wanted by the U.S. Marshall Service. Oh, I forgot to mention that he also shot his wife in the head.

You're just simple and sad

You use two examples, from NJ and SC, to form an opinion of an estimated quarter million officers in the US. Lame.

Very simple minded thought process. Sounds like you're just reaching in order to justify your attitude.

There's bad eggs in every facet of society. From the President on down, teachers, doctors, clergy, Scout leaders, military, you name it. Two examples to form an opinion on just one group? FAIL.

With your thought process you'd have to hate everyone, but with this attitude, you probably do.

You dig up two national examples?

And try to blame THAT on your incessant bashing of your local law enforcement and legal authorities? There are HUNDREDS of cases of your example that include preachers, school teachers and doctors that are the culprits of the very same behavior and on a MUCH greater scale than police officers. Child sexual abuse is a horrid event, no matter who is the culprit, but to hate all law enforcement and claim your distrust based on your minute example is not only innaccurate, it is misleading and destructive!

If YOU cannot trust your local authorites, it most likely has to do with YOUR lifestyle, YOUR criminal record. Not because of YOUR sexual experience.


read this, get educated. You might even find it a learning experience.


I have said it before and say it again you are a badge wh**e plain and simple. There are HUNDREDS of cases of police corruption on the net, search and you will find them. Preachers,school teachers and doctors are not entrusted to uphold the law. Law enforcement is SUPPOSED to be a cut above but that does not seem to be the case with that said I leave you to watch cops with your bottle of hand lotion, have fun....

Are you really that ignorant?

So I guess we can post stories about gay criminals or child molesters and assume all gays are like that? Is that okay with you cupcake? Or would you not like the blanket statement? Maybe it just doesn't apply to you, right hypocrite? You despise those who hate gays, but you hate LEO's with the same passion. Get bent moron.

Mark Francisco is a joke. He

Mark Francisco is a joke. He can't even take care of his own department! He adds to their curption! I wouldn't let him get involved in Leland either!!

*Waving* Hey Terry! *Waving*

*Waving* Hey Terry! *Waving*


Timmy? Billy? And "why are you a lieutenant" Delapea? Where is your wife now??? LMAO!!!! I'm guessing you have told her the truth? It tickles me to see how much these comments actually affect the department! A monkey or Mrs Delapea, could investigate this department and find arrestable issues! Nuff said! Cookout my house soon!!!

what a jerk

"kblue", you're a jerk. Anonymity has its place, but when you put peoples names in a forum like this without posting your own, it doesn't do anything for your argument. You're just scum.

Any post that puts peoples names without the poster putting his should be deleted. Period.

I am in no way associated with the above mentioned names, I just believe that this is a topic specific to the LPD and its issues, and unless you or the primary story can tie any friend, associate, or family members name into that mess, it shouldn't be here.

I'm Sure Big B Feels Left Out

Kblue, as an insider, I can't believe you are leaving that jack@$$ Blasingame out of your humorous and insightful posts. I certainly don't feel sorry for anyone who constantly brags about owning two houses, a brokedown boat, a brokedown four-wheeler, and, oh, whose wife drives an ugly Infinity. Rrreally jealous of that grocery gettin' Munster's lookin' vehicle. As for his mental health and veteran status, he also lost my respect with bragging about the size of his and his wife's disability checks. Where I come from, that is a private matter. Sounds like they can afford the loss if his job. And if DellaPia's wife is likened to a monkey, then Big B's wife is a horse, because...well, we just won't go there.

Also, those of you hollering libel and slander...there is no ground to sue if it is TRUE. I think some of these officers should be grateful that no more dirt has been exposed than what little has come to light already in these comments. Guess that's why you don't make enemies! Karma's a b! Says who? Says Guess Who!!!

The Timillicky Game??

Ahhhhhhhhhhh Blass! Other wise known as "Moon Face" The last time I seen craters like that? Neil Amrstrong was jumping off a space ship on them jokers! Sad but true! When your K-9 is better looking than you? Time to get you a bag. A big one! I didn't want to talk about him because he just does what everyone else does. Him and Slick Rick are followers. Besides he didn't shoot Sherry. And when the Timillicky trio is fired or arrested he won't have any friends. So he's gonna pack up his his retarded dog and go home! I never seen such a big guy with twigs for legs! Lookin like a buffalo walking on stilts!!! Bless his little baby heart. I don't do wives though sir. She had to wait for him when he was deployed and I thank her for that. Not an easy task. As for Sheriff Ingram? Best Sheriff Brunswick County has ever had. Like he said "How many times have you seen him in front of a camera?" I don't think he hates it. I just think he avoids it. Great guy give him a break. Say's who? Say's the ever so funny and Opinionated Kblue! P.S. They know who I am and are making things hard on me so I more than likely will slow my comments down until they are arrested.

Actually she didn't wait,

Actually she didn't wait, which is another reason he's a loose cannon. But I hear that was all revenge for what he'd done to her, so ..... Yes best I slow down too. Would love to see those two mosey on back up to Maryland. whatever happens they BOTH deserve. And anyone on the outside would think the comments are mean and childish, but I ask, who set that tone? Not me. Not Guess Who.

who back selling cars

Hey why do you get fired Edwards. I heard that at. Toyota of Wilington there having more fun

There is a line...

Guess Who's Back... really?! I am not a family member of any Leland officer but feel that it really is not right to blast these officers families. That really just goes to far. Whether there is corruption or not, talking about peoples wives and cars is just plain ridiculous. It has no merit to the situation and just makes you look like a child.

I agree

I agree...Say's who? Say's Kblue!

Just a Tip

Check the names of officers who are accused of committing crimes against the names of Bozeman's friends, er, paying home sales clients at Windsor Park. I believe you will find a conflict of interest.