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Extra! Extra! Casting call wants them all


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- While One Tree Hill is exiting stage right, Iron Man 3 is preparing to set up shop in Wilmington.

A production of superhero size needs a lot of extras, and Premier Casting is fattening up its database of extras to be ready for upcoming films.

Gerald Thomas is one of the hundreds that showed his face this weekend. He works full time as a dental tech but says he enjoys doing extra work on the weekends. He’s especially excited about the chance to work on a Marvel movie.

"It's definitely an all day event,” extra hopeful Thomas said. “Be prepared to wake up early and kind of go home late; pretty fun on set. You get a chance to meet a lot of good people and network. I'm enjoying myself."

Like Thomas, many of the folks who applied over the weekend are comic book and Iron Man fans. Iron Man 3 is set to start production soon, and the release date is scheduled for May of 2013.

If you're interested in being an extra, the open casting call is going on at the Community Arts Center in Downtown Wilmington Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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Iron Man 3

I wolud like to be an extra in Iron Man 3.
Are you doing another casting call?
Dec 23 -Jan is fine.

Will there be another casting call?

any contact information for Premier Casting?

Contact infor for Premier Casting

You can check out our website at and our facebook page at
You can visit us at our office at 4605-4 Franklin Ave in Wilmington and get on file with us for all future projects, we look forward to working with you!

No company has been hired to

No company has been hired to cast extras for Iron Man. Does this article seem a bit misleading, or is it just me? All these people signing up thinking it's a shoein to become an extra for Ironman when nothing is set in stone. I hope you will clear that up.

Be Careful

It's a scam. They are charging a "filing fee" for this opportunity. TV 3 should have reported that up front.

Scam? How so?

Did you not know that Fincannon and Associates has been charging $2 for YEARS?? We aren't making ANY money from the $2 charge! We have to pay employees, building fees and buy photo paper and ink to print out the pictures etc, so please explain to me how it's a scam?? If you're not willing to pay a measly $2 to make hundreds if not thousands if you get a lot of work, then please hold on to your $2 but don't call it a scam because you don't understand business!

iron man 3 extras casting

I think you need to check your sources before you get sued!!!

Iron man 3 has not decided who is doing the extras casting yet. There are several canidates up for the bid since fincannon is quitting you might want to check your sources before you look dumb and make the wrong quotes on a story!!

Yes priemier casting had a call this weekend, and yes they are trying to get the bid for iron man 3!!



I suggest you print a retraction right away before you get sued!!!

You have no idea what your talking about!!!

Priemier casting is not doing the iron man 3 casting yet!!!

We don't set up in Wilmington til january 2012 and won't film until May 2012!!!

Hmm maybe your listening to the guy who thinks hes got the contract for extras!!!

How about verifing that with the actual production company!!!

People need to read and stop jumping to conclusions.

"A production of superhero size needs a lot of extras, and Premier Casting is fattening up its database of extras to be ready for upcoming films."
NOWHERE does this article say that premier Casting has been hired to do Iron Man 3! It only states that we are fattening up our database to be ready for upcoming films!
It's in no way shape or form a scam, Fincannon and Associates has been charging a $2 fee for YEARS!
I unlike YOU use my REAL NAME and am not posing as a production company as you are. Stating "We don't set up til Jan" is a bold statement for someone to hide behind a "Guest" name with no contact information, YOU are the one misleading here!
Sounds more like sour grapes to me.
We are thankful for all that showed up and look forward to seeing you onset of the new TNT movie filming here in Wilmington along with every other project we do in 2012 and beyond!

I agree Leo it appears to me

I agree Leo it appears to me that the article needs to be read through more instead of just "picking" the parts that seem to fit certain agendas.I think that there is a lot of great casting agencies in our area and we must be grateful for all movie work that the Wilmington area brings.I believe the $2.00 filing fee is very fair to have the chance to enjoy meeting a very diverse group of people in the movie biz!!!

Wonderful! WHERE

Wonderful! WHERE is the community center?