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Occupiers set up camp at City Hall

READ MORE: Occupiers set up camp at City Hall

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- As Occupy Wall Street nears its second month of protests in New York City, members of Occupy Wilmington have pitched their tents downtown, right between City Hall and the Historic Courthouse.

Dozens of local occupiers marched from the Federal Courthouse on Water Street to their encampment next to City Hall Saturday afternoon.

Police eventually told them to leave because the group did not have a permit to camp out in the park.

"Encampment is a freedom of expression,” Occupy Wilmington Member Angela Johnson said. “I think anything the group can do to get movement and to get involved in the community is something I'm in support of. I see other things like community actions we're taking like volunteer work to be just as important as encampment. I think for us, this is a way of getting in front of the community and connecting and letting everybody know they are part of the 99 percent. They are not alone in this."

"It depends on how long it takes. You've got to wake up citizens,” Occupy Wilmington member Joe Santos said when asked how long the group planned to camp out. “You've got to wake up the politicians, both locally, on state level, and on the national level. So, as long as it takes."

“One of those things that our tax dollars pay for it,” said Maria Diaz, who had slept at the site Saturday night. “We should be able to use it and we're just trying to do it the right way.”

“They came up and politely asked to leave and we politely decided to comply,” said Denny Best, an Occupy Wilmington participant.

Right now the group has a permit to stay on the sidewalk in front of City Hall for a month, but they say they plan to stay there as long as it takes to see a change.

“A change in the world,” said Diaz. “Until someone sees that the 99 percent of us that are here that are getting stepped on by the top one percent, until something happens to help us.”

Besides opposing big corporations, the group is standing up for several issues including better benefits for veterans and active duty service members, and promoting clean industries and small businesses in Wilmington.

“My husband and I both own small businesses and the big corporations get major funding and major tax credits and the small business community is just left to flounder,” said Lynn Harris, a participant in Occupy Wilmington.

About five stayed over night and the group will take shifts every few hours at their site.

“We're kind of skirted under the rug a bit, we're a bit invisible,” said Diaz. “But, just because you turn your head doesn't mean we're not here because when you look back we'll still be here and we'll still be fighting for what's right.”

Several downtown businesses have been giving away food and discounts to the group in support of their movement.

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Possibly after the

Possibly after the protesting is over they could go back to school and learn how to spell, ....and then get a job!

Ah good to see the mindless

Ah good to see the mindless stereotypes still exist in the minds of the sheeple. You neglect the fact that the majority of these protesters nationwide are either a) College Graduates b) still enrolled in school and juggling multiple jobs to pay for it or C) Veterans of the armed forces? It's fine, hopefully you will wake up soon and actually come to a movement instead of condescending to it over the internet :)

The Return of The Non-StickSurface

Wow… Everyone is so emotional about this… It’s so exciting. So the Occupiers got a legal permit to loiter and rant about…. Stuff the rest of us are only vaguely aware of. That’s great and good and very American… Based on the information in the WWAY article their issues seem legitimate. However, this still begs the question… Will their efforts make much of a difference? The answer is… No… Did they target the right place? Once again, No… Are they 100% committed to their cause of overthrow of the status quo? Apparently not as long as it requires a drive to a place of actual political power.

So I ask… Who cares?

No matter how good their intentions or motivations nothing is gonna change except they will smell bad and eventually go home. Is that the end game? Stand there until someone feels sorry for you? That’s the part I don’t get about this whole Occupy thing… No plan, no organization, no endgame, nothing… Just a lot of standing around until something happens…

Their best plan is for some kind of Kent State thing… That would create the kind of social injustice of the big government stifling free speech that the Occupy people would love… Unfortunately that’s pretty unlikely since there is only handful of them. The best they could hope for is an attack by a local garden club… Or a book club. That would be pretty cool.

Also… trevolution… It’s good to see your still posting… But your argument sucks… Stating that your statistical argument is somehow more valid just because you heard it from other like-minded people is hardly a vehicle to an accurate statistical cohort. You then attack a valid question by deciding that all other statistics come from Fox news. That’s as silly as expecting spontaneous social and governmental change by camping out and waiting. Lucky for you folks I can settle this… Being a 99% person is just a title and hardly reflects any valid numbers on any planet. It’s just a marketing gimmick designed to maintain some form of social relevance. The end.

Trev-truer words cannot have

Trev-truer words cannot have been spoken. We have jobs, why does everyone think that we're beggars? We're regular everyday people, just like yourselves. If you're against our movement, come talk to us. We are peaceful and open to all arguments. Ignorance is rampant, because of the mindless hive propaganda has created. It is time for the 99% to realize what we have power to do.

Enough with the 99%

You are not representing 99% of anything. So please, enough with that. Come up with some better representation. If you could represent 99% of Americans it wouldn't be America anymore. Lets stop trying to throw everyone in that "tent".


Please tell me where you get your statistics from?


I get my statistics from the various occupy movements I have attended, and from the numerous people I have talked to at each. Let me guess you get yours from the "fair and balanced" mass media mouthpiece for slavery incorporated? Try seeing things with your own eyes, not through a box in your living room!

RE: Statistics

Well, aren't we sensitive? So you believe what everyone tells you just because it didn't come from a "box in your livingroom"?
I simply wanted to know where you got this information.
And slavery? Really? fools are halarious!!!

Thank you for that gem of the day! :)

why dont you go and protest

why dont you go and protest against Michael Moore[ film maker] who owns a $2 million home and a park ave apt in New York. he is on your side! but i guess he is part of your 99% maybe, so he is off limits??? by the way, college degrees doesn't mean you have common sense. how about all the crimes that are being committed by your group. murder, rape, unsanitary conditions, urinating on HELP WANTED signs and refuse to take a job paying $8 an hr. defecating in the streets and on the sidewalks and on police cars. assaults. the T party was called terrorist and they did not have nothing like this. no where near it, but were labeled nazi's and terrorist by your beloved speaker at the time, Pelosi. why dont you go and occupy a job somewhere, u r not going to change anything but your reputation and criminal status. a bunch of followers and not leaders. losers


This has gotten old. Go back to your pathetic lives.

Robberry? ROBBERRY?

Well, how can we expect them to know anything about Economics when they can't spell words that any fourth-grade student has mastered? the woman (?) standing behind the idiot who can't spell, it doesn't look like you've missed a meal recently. Things can't be that bad....

Oh, but thank you very much for pushing America back toward the conservative side of the spectrum. The head and body lice outbreak in Portland, the rapes in New York City and Cleveland (along with Occupy Baltimore telling women NOT to report rapes), the overdoses in Portland, Vancouver and Toronto, attacking police in Atlanta, and the "drug sales tent" broken up in Boston have tipped the entire world off to your general quality, worth, AND your ability to survive in the kind of world you want all of us to live in!

In closing, let me assure you that you do NOT speak for the 99%; you are simply a passing parade of inconsequential twits who will accomplish nothing. Here's hoping that most of you follow the example of your loser comrade up in Vermont, who ended his protest the correct way.


Can you BE any more condescending?

You have my solemn promise....

...I'll certainly try!

Never, EVER under-estimate my disdain for parasitic societal leeches whose only motivation is existing on the labors of others.

they looke like homeless

they looke like homeless people with the cardboard signs

You cannot...

You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.
You cannot spend your way out of debt.
You cannot further brotherhood by inciting class hatred.
You cannot build character by taking away peoples' initiative and independence.
You cannot help people permanently by doing for them what they can and should do for themselves.

Taking a quote

When you take such a mighty quote from someone, you really should give them credit...

William John Henry Boetcker wrote these in a pamphlet called The Ten Cannots in 1916.

Just so no one thinks you crafted such strong and wonderful words...I have no problem with your thinking, and a very strong conservative myself, however, you have to give credit where credit is due!!!


While I understand your right to free speech and your right to protest,with the proper permitting, If You damage or litter any of the green areas around the courthouse, I will be the first to call for your arrest and what ever civil damages to restore any physical damage to these grounds There is a place for everything and the green area around the courthouse are Not the place.


Sounds like the perfect place to me.

Call the cops

you can call the cops on the courthouse all you want.....there's no protesters there. Were all at the town hall........Nice try though, good to see the misinformed haters are still spewing their verbal diarrhea against our cause.

Hey, Trevolution..... great

Hey, Trevolution..... great call! Maybe you could go a little lighter on those to whom you refer as "haters".

A lot of these folks are on the doorstep of geezerdom. They still gush at the invocation of the memory of the patron saint of forgetfulness, RR.

Remember, even these haters are useful. Without them there wouldn't be any audience members for professional rasslin' and television evangelists.

Plus, without the haters....

...there would be NO money to run the government, because you worthless bums produce about as much value to society as the average TANF recipient.

Don't worry...

The cops will find you because you keep raping and stabbing each other. Maybe they would get to you faster if you would stop wasting their time on your pointless method. Again, I respect some of your arguments but your group is misinformed and lacking the knowledge to create change.

You may be at town hall, BUT DO YOU REALIZE, there is no one in there to hear your message? The council members and the Mayor have jobs. Jobs that require them to be at work, which, by the way, isn't inside City Hall. Maybe you think they are in there but in reality they are in there quite infrequently, such as during TOWN COUNCIL MEETINGS. So, you can sit outside and protest but the only person hearing you is the janitor. Judging by your overall santiation record at "Occupy", I'm thinking he isn't too happy with you. Since, he will probably be the guy to have to clean up all your trash once you wake up and realize this is the wrong way to get your messsage across.

Run their butts off,

Run their butts off, congregate within the law. If you want the law changed, then go through the process, vote run for office, etc.


These protests are completely pointless, useless , and waste tax payer money because of the public services needed to facilitate them.
Thanks for pi&^ing away more of our money morons!

"These protests are

"These protests are completely pointless, useless , and waste tax payer money because of the public services needed to facilitate them."

So you are aware, we understand and value your views. We understand that you are not aware of what is truly going on at this time. We Occupy not to anger you, but merely to make you aware. We pay our taxes, we have college education, and we have jobs-much like yourself. We may have not missed many meals, but there are lots of people in this town as well as across the country that die every day from hunger. America was founded on Democracy, we have the right as much as you to voice an opinion. Please keep in mind that in Wilmington, our tax dollars are in service as well. For repairs for roads that do not need repair, since they were just repaired. Our tax dollars pay for ridiculously expensive signs that welcome you to Wilmington, instead of a pay increase for police, fire fighters or teachers. Small business is taxed to death in our town, yet giant movies get breaks. If you cannot appreciate that all of us in the 99% are real people, with real problems, perhaps you should bring that up. As for our signs, well, perhaps you should come and point out our errors in person. We welcome your assistance. Remember that the 99% includes people who have had to drop out in order to support their single mother families. They are those from small farm towns who do not have access to the internet. They are those whose first language may not be English.

I understand your anger towards our movement, because it means that we will no longer be complancent. It means that we will come together and fight for equality. I understand and respect your views, I welcome you to our encampment for a civil discussion. Ultimately, whether you like it or not we are the 99%, and we have a right to be heard.

I would certainly like you

I would certainly like you to inform me of what roads you speak of...that don't need to be repaired, since they were just repaired? Thanks

Dying from hunger?

Lots of people die everyday in this town from hunger?

Show me ONE....ONE documented case of ONE dying from starvation in this town.

I respect your opinions but I disagree with your method

I think this entire movement has merit in its arguments but it is failing to produce results because of the method in which it's message is being conveyed. The problem is some of your protests, such as the one promoting higher taxes has merit to many liberals and conservatives. However, nothing is going to change while camping outside City Hall.

First and foremost, the "Occupiers" would be much more productive in their argument by simply commiting to the cause. Camping, failing to go to work, asking for change and demanding you will stay is not helping your argument, it is hurting it.

You gave the example of police officers and firefighters needing a pay increase. I totally agree with you that this needs to happen, however, by your group squatting on the steps and camping in public is hindering this effort. The city is having to pay for more officers to watch over you and you are creating a civil disobedence. This cannot be ignored by the city and the police, so, they have to commit resources to dealing with you. This takes away from the departments overall budget, which, in a full circle, hurts the people you are trying to help.

Finally, as you state above that you have jobs, how do you have so much free time to camp outside and protest? I think some of you have jobs, such as being self-employed but the others that don't could serve this time much better by learning a new skill or further educating themselves. Or even just being out there looking for a job in general. You ARE NOT the 99%. For you to be the 99% you would have to be in the billions. You are the 1% of people who complains but doesn't really understand how the government works to be able to
change it. I respect your right to peacefully protest but its not really peaceful when people are being raped and murdered while camping in public. For you to speak on behalf of "99%" of Americans you would really need their permission. I am not in the 1%, and you certainly don't have my permission.


Honestly there is plenty of room for people at our encampment that want to debate our cause. I extend the invitation to anyone who disagrees with us to come down and PEACEFULLY debate with us in the form of assembly on our tenets. Most people fear what they don't understand, and judging by a lot of the hate-speech and stereotyping I have seen on this message bored I have a feeling many people don't understand the movement. Probably because they have never been there in person. The internet can mask many things, but the true value of our beliefs will stand naked in the streets.

thats pretty funny

LOL! I’m confused… First you insult everyone… Cus that really furthers your cause… then you ask everyone to come down and discuss your point… Perhaps you should have started with that and ended with calling everyone sheeple! HAHAHA