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WWAY NewsChannel 3 named Best Newscast in Carolinas


CONCORD, NC (WWAY) -- WWAY NewsChannel 3 won eight awards at the Radio Television Digital News Association of the Carolinas annual convention Saturday at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, including Best Newscast in the Carolinas. WWAY won top honors in six categories. The two silver awards came in categories in which the station won top awards.

"I'm really proud of our team," WWAY News Director Scott Pickey said. "They work very hard each and every day to bring our viewers the best newscast possible. It's very humbling for our peers to honor us with this award."

In addition to Best Newscast, WWAY also won Best Special Report for its coverage of a deadly line of thunderstorms and tornadoes that swept across the state on April 16.

Sportcaster John Rendleman was one of the day's biggest winners. His story about a girl with cerebral palsy who is a member of her high school track team won Best Sports Reporting. He also won Best Sports Special for the "Coach's Corner," which airs Sundays at 6 p.m. on WWAY. The silver award in the Sports Special category went to John, Trot Nixon, Jesse Jones and the rest of the WWAY sports team for the "5th Quarter," our weekly, Friday night high school football highlight show.

Weekend anchor and reporter Ramon Herrera adds Best Investigative reporter to his resume. Ramon won the top prize for his coverage last summer of the investigation into a state trooper in New Hanover County accused by a Raleigh attorney and his wife of misconduct. Ramon's reporting helped uncover both sides of the story, which eventually led to the trooper being cleared of the allegations.

WWAY swept the Best Documentary category. "Pirates of the Carolinas: Storm at Sea," produced and hosted by WWAY StormTrack 3 Chief Meteorologist Jerry Jackson, won first place. Our annual hurricane season special explored the intertwined history of pirates and hurricanes along the North Carolina coast. The silver award in the documentary category went to WWAY's coverage of the USS Gravely Commissioning, produced and hosted by Kevin Wuzzardo.

WWAY won more best in category awards than any other single station in RTDNAC's Division II, which includes stations in the Carolinas' smaller markets including Wilmington, Greenville/New Bern, Florence/Myrtle Beach and Charleston.

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I make mistakes too

Looking at my posting Tom I make mistakes too. We are all human, you should try it sometime.

I think you forgot Greg who

I think you forgot Greg who was in there between Steve and Chris.

Congrats WWAY! I watch your

Congrats WWAY! I watch your newscast mainly because you guys don't pull punches when it comes to tearing down the other stations. Some may call it dirty reporting, I call it entertaining! Good stuff!


WWAY is sure a whole lot better than WECT. At least, WWAY is not afraid to report the news accurately no matter who the person is. WECT picks to ignore some news items if certain people are involved. WECT is a biased station...while WWAY is not. I don't like news that is censored....WWAY gives you the plain it or not.

Keep up the good work, WWAY.

If WWAY is the best in the

If WWAY is the best in the Carolinas, then the Carolinas are worse off than I ever imagined.

WWAY has been named the best

WWAY has been named the best in this particular TV market. Obviously they are not in the same class as a WBT or WRAL. This is a small market in Wilmington.

No one is holding a gun to

No one is holding a gun to your head to make you watch WWAY.

I don't watch TV. At all.

I don't watch TV. At all.

You're half way there

Now all you have to do is not read WWAY. At all. Problem solved.

Then how do you know

Then how do you know anything about WWAY to have any kind of opinion whatsoever?

Go away troll.

Read the last paragraph Brian...

"WWAY won more best in category awards than any other single station in RTDNAC's Division II, which includes stations in the Carolinas' smaller markets including Wilmington, Greenville/New Bern, Florence/Myrtle Beach and Charleston."

>Smaller markets...Division II.

A year ago i hated WWAY.

A year ago i hated WWAY. With a passion. But after their exposure of the corruption and actions of the Leland Police Department, I will watch WWAY and ONLY WWAY from now on. That is a promise.

Thank you WWAY.

opps. . .

They forgot the award for "Class Act". .


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I laughed.... pretty hard.

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Take that LPD!


No, thank you LPD

They should thank the LPD for giving all that crap to report

WWAY - Wow!

I watch this news, but really?????
The best?
In all of Carolina??
They make me giggle most of the time.