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Robbery suspect shot by clerk makes court appearance, has lengthy record


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The robbery suspect shot by a store clerk last week made his first court appearance this afternoon. Joseph Ryan Anderson was in a wheelchair and could not put his left hand on the Bible during his video appearance from jail because of his injuries.

Wilmington Police arrested Anderson yesterday after he got out of the hospital. He is charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm by a felon after police say he tried to rob the Wrightsville Country Store Thursday.

Surveillance video from the store shows Anderson pulling a gun on Mark Headstrong Thursday morning. Headstrong pulled a gun of his own and shot Anderson twice. Wilmington Police said they would wait to charge Anderson until he got out of the hospital. He was booked in to the New Hanover County Jail yesterday.

According to court and Department of Corrections records, Anderson has a lengthy criminal record. His convictions include breaking and entering, larceny, robbery with a dangerous weapon, receiving a stolen vehicle, assault on a public official and escape from a state prison. In all the records show he has spent nearly 13 years in prison.

Anderson is in jail under $100,000 bond. He is due back in court December 8.

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I cannot control what others

I cannot control what others do. His actions do not define me as a person. Everyone needs frineds. Even those who do bad things. Having a postivie friend could help make a positive change in their life some day.

No, you can't control others

But you can control who you have as a friend. You are known by the company you keep and it seems you keep criminals as friends. Keep on defending him because we will keep on trashing him like the trash he is.

Next Time

Congrats to the store keeper.

The only problem is he will spend 3-4 years in prison, come out and rob again.

Then, he will shoot the unlucky person working the night shift at some 7-11 or Kangaroo right off the bat.

He won't hesitate next time.

Someone needs to put this dog away permanently.

If he were robbing people in gated communities, where the rich live, it wouldn't be long before robbing a convenience store carried a life sentence.

Get it done!



Less Then A Year

Go ahead and blame the crime problem on the police.

This robbing leech, thug, along with thousands of others, will be back on the street, getting dissablility, in less then a year.
Within the next 5 years, he will be arrested at least 3 more times, for felonies. It's past time, for the state to step up to the plate, and put these robbing animals away.

Still on the streets....

This criminal history:

His convictions include breaking and entering, larceny, robbery with a dangerous weapon, receiving a stolen vehicle, assault on a public official and escape from a state prison. In all the records show he has spent nearly 13 years in prison.

And yet he is still on the streets attempting to commit another violant crime. The only difference this time was the clerk met violance with violance in defending himself. Why is this guy out on the streets. How many people have to get robbed, raped, assaulted, molested, hit by repeated drunk drivers, etc. etc. before the judicial system does their jobs. I am talking about the judges with light sentences, the district attorney's with their ridiculous plea deals, the probation officers not violating the ones that need to be violated, etc. Enough is enough!!!

target practice

Mr. Headstrong could have saved tax payers a lot of money with a little more target practice! This guy is career criminal. No use to world, and a total thug.

execute him

He has been given too many chances and he has proven he lacks the common sense to live among civil people. Either lock him away for life or my preference, execute him and be done with this piece of trash.

Have you ever made a bad

Have you ever made a bad decision ???? Guess you are perfect. His wrong decisions do not warrent death.

Plenty of them

I've made plenty of bad decisions that have effected me but I have never pulled a gun to rob somebody. Or been locked up for 12 years. Never have I claimed to be perfect, just not a criminal. Big difference there.

Execute Him???!!!!, Really,

Execute Him???!!!!, Really, are you serious. The man is a common thief not a murderer or molester. But you want him executed. Get serious. People like you are ridicilus. We don't know why he turned to criminal activity, and even so he needs help not to be put to death. Poor people everywhere take drastics chances on trying to come up and I don't aqgree with all of them, but I won't knock anyone's hustle. People got to eat. The economy are making times hard for everyone, and some dumb asses will take to the streets to get by. I just feel sorry for him for thinking that's what he needed to do to survive.

There is no help for him

This man needs help? Give me a break. There is no help for him. He has refused it all and continues to hurt people. Screw him, we need HELP for his VICTIMS!

I am right there with you

I am right there with you Ms. Newsome. I DO NOT feel Joey should be killed ! I know this man, and all you FOOLS who are running your mouth bout him saying he will kill someone the next time, are WRONG ! The gun was for show... And you all want to keep refurring to his PAST record.... he was 16 when he first got into all this trouble !!! You act like he was a grown man when he started doing this. He has made bad decisions.... haven't we all ??? Some more so than others... but NEVER does his actions warrent a death sentence ! I do not agree with what he has done, but I also do not agree with you all saying death is the best solution. You all keep saying kill him.... but remember, one day YOU may have children or grandchildren who ALSO could make bad choices... how would you feel about people voicing their opioion about them being killed ?! Guess it would be different then, huh ? I'm guessing those of you who are cring out DEATH are either atheist or non-christians !!! Casue GOD is full of mercy and love and compassion. No sin or wrong doing is too grate that it cannot be forgiven.

I disagree

If I am in my place of business and someone walks in and points a gun at me, my first thought will not be "oh, this is just for show". My first thought will be this thug is going to hurt to kill me and I need to do something. No I don't have a gun in my place of business but I can pretty well guarantee you that if you walk in here and want to take what is mine, I will put you down faster than you can blink. This guy did not make a wrong choice, and you throwing up about it could happen to our family just doesn't cut it. He made a deliberate decision to try to steal something and he paid a price for it. Fortunately for him, he only got shot and injured. He could have been killed. He is a train wreck waiting to happen - just look at his record. If he is not put in jail and rehabilitated, he will do it again and again. The next time he could hurt or kill someone or be killed himself. Don't defend him - get him some help before it is too late.

The gun was for "show" is

The gun was for "show" is what you say?? This has to be the most idiotic thing said in the history of this board. Sometime the greatest exercise of nobility is in knowing when to keep one's mouth shut. A1, you and Denise should consider that you have picked a wrong battle.

Instead of defending the dumb crook du jour in the person of Joseph Ryan Anderson; allow me to modestly suggest that you attempt to understand the anger and frustration being expressed by so many writers on this topic.

This anti-Anderson sentiment isn't that of a mob with pitchforks and torches. It is the sentiment of a group that has become tired of being victimized.

Anderson got his sorry ayrse nailed to the wall dead to rights. He was a dope, plain and simple and proved it with an on camera performance.

Anderson attempted to intimidate a shopkeeper and the shopkeeper said no.

I didn't come looking for a

I didn't come looking for a "battle" to win or lose. In sharing opinions, are there really winners and losers ? Never learned that in public speaking class. I was simply stating that he didn't need to be killed as a postee had said ! Maybe you may need to learn to keep your mouth shut ?! Just as you have opinions, as do I. I never agreed with what he had done. I was just against the idea of those who were stating that he should have been killed. Simple as that. Is that a little more clear for you to understand now ? Or do I need to break it down a little more ?!

You and Denise are the fools here

You are the fool attempting to defend this criminal friend of yours. He has been locked up for almost 13 years. Being a criminal is his way of life and we are tired of it. Good attempt at the deflection by bringing up the "what if it was your family" line. Most thug defenders bring up that one as well as don't judge, he was a good guy and all that other crap that his criminal record disproves. Deal with it.

I wasn't defending the

I wasn't defending the actions of this man. He deserves every day that he is to spend in prison. I only was saying that he wouldn't have deserved to have been killed. Simple. What part of that are you getting that I am a fool ?

Yes he deserves to be dead

He threatened the life of the clerk. Doesn't matter that he didn't fire, he pointed a weapon at another person. That shows he doesn't value the life of others and we shouldn't value his life. I stand by what I have posted, he should be executed to save the normal people that don't see crime as a way of life.


Double post.

The only thing better...

...than this fool showing up to court in a wheelchair is if the wheelchair had to become a permanent fixture in his life after a bullet pierced his spine! Ah, sweet justice could have really been served!

Hopefully, the next time he

Hopefully, the next time he sets out to rob someone it will be you: then see how you feel, clueless.

Stupid Meter

Mam, you have just pegged the stupid meter!!

Is "ridicilus" the virus

Is "ridicilus" the virus that produces ridiculous comments? How can you describe the commission of armed robbery as a "hustle"?

Really - Execute him

D Newsome, are you blind, or just not reading the article. This guy didn't just turn to criminal activity, he IS a criminal, with a LONG past of violent crime. He's not trying to survive, he's an animal preying on good citizens who are really trying to get by. He'll kill, its a matter of time. This isn't an economy issue, its a soul issue - he doesn't have one. You're a fool.

The saving grace in this situation is that the clerk was faster to live than this guy was to kill.

You are crazy

You are crazy. Hustle? He is a CARRER criminal. He made these decisions and he is endangering society. He needs to be put away.

Overseas Policy

Personally, I agree with their policy overseas. They cut off the hands of the thief so he won't be tempted to steal again.


When he gets out of jail in about less than a year. You and your family can welcome him into your home. That way you will not feel sorry for him anymore. Thank you for stepping up to the plate. Please write him and give him your correct address to ensure he will have another 3 hots and a cot when he gets out. Thank you Denise!

Yes, really

He has proven he lacks the ability to live in a civil society and it is sobbing weak minded individuals making excuses for criminal behavior that have allowed him and other like him to walk free. I don't care why he chose to commit crimes. I don't care what kind of childhood he had, what kind of family life he grew up in. All that matters is he is a criminal, just committed yet another crime with a gun. Feel sorry for him if you want and if it makes you feel better. Hell, let him move in with you.

Get Real

There are more than a few ways to survive,legally and respectably - rather than point a gun at someone and demand their money.Let him get 3 meals a day in prison for the rest of his life.