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2nd grade teacher arrested on drug charges


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A Pender County teacher is facing some serious charges after being arrested over the weekend for drug crimes.

According to court documents Wilmington Police arrested Lori Kirkpatrick, 43, Saturday. She is charged with drug trafficking the prescription narcotic Dilaudid and maintaining vehicle, dwelling or place for a controlled substance.

Wilmington Police say they also arrested Anthony Baxter Lisk, 44, for trafficking Dilaudid.

Kirkpatrick is listed as a second grade teacher on South Topsail Elementary's website. No word yet from the school district about her arrest or employment status.

Kirkpatrick is in jail under $300,000 bond. Lisk's bond is $500,000.

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God wants us to judge (discern) people so that we won't be an easy target for those who wish us harm. He said not to judge UNTIL you take the splinter out of your own eye; he didn't say not to judge at all. He would not have us ignorant of the danger around us. There are wolves everywhere.

Yeah but...

She sure did have a major laps of judgement dating that piece of work... makes one wonder with judgement like that, she may not be teacher material after all.


You must have never had her as a teacher...


That's the problem they need to drug test all employees of board education and do back round checks.....

you dont have to be on drugs

you dont have to be on drugs to sell them

They do drug tests, Tammy.

They do drug tests, Tammy. She may or may not have been using. Initial employment test and random or suspicion related tests. The ignorance of the public amazes me when these stories pop up. Wait, nevermind. The general public's stupidity never ceases to amaze.

it amazes me to when these

it amazes me to when these stories pop up but shes charged and its a shame when your child said did she really do drugs explain that..

Stupidity... really?

I think you owe Tammy an apology. Before you start using words like stupidity, perhpas you should google teachers drug testing in NC. Just a suggestion.

Ginger, I am a teacher in

Ginger, I am a teacher in New Hanover county. I'm well aware of drug testing policy and I'll take my experience rather than random info pulled from Google. Thanks for the suggestion. I stand by my original statement and use of the word stupidity.

And as a parent with a child in North Carolina Public School

I don't understand why teachers and other staff are not subject to the same random drug tests that others are as a condition of employment? I think that most people mistakenly believe that teachers are subject to random testing and would be shocked(and concerned) to learn that they are not.

Need to DO it again

The school system NEEDS to do drug tests besides the one when you were hired. I know some teachers and admin that would be fired!!

lol how often drug test

lol how often drug test stupid is on her part she the problem

You are right about the drug

You are right about the drug testing. All employees get drug tested and a background check. I think the parents should also be drug tested.

I am amazed....

I am amazed that most who posted here even graduated from high school. Do they not require English as a mandatory subject anymore?

you dont have to know

you dont have to know english when you hear DRUG

She picked a wrong crowd,

She picked a wrong crowd, but based on the grammar of most of the parents who posted here, their children are still better off with Ms K. Hopefully it will break down to a small charge or get dropped. We are pulling for her.

yea. try duplin county

I just finished being tried for TRAFFICKING HEROIN?OPIUM...... I bought some pain pills.... I pled guilty, did my 5 months. was released from DCJ (Duplin County Jail) on Nov 6th.... on Nov 22 they showed up at my door and charged me with sell/manufacture/deliver THE SAME PILLS...... Pender, Duplin, and the rest of these hick cpounties do what they wont... I AM GUILTY.. Have no fear, but dont condemn her when you dont know the whole story...ok... Cause these lil hick A$% county sheriff's officers do what they wont and BLAKE WALLACE lets them.... anybody know what DOUBLE JEOPARDY is...... HINT****** It has NOTHING to do with Alex Trebak