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Occupy protestor arrested in Wilmington


WILMINGTON NC (WWAY) -- Occupy Wilmington protestors have been getting a lot of attention, but not always the type they wanted. The group protesting Wall Street greed as well as local issues was one member less after an arrest Sunday night.

Wilmington Police ordered protestors off the City Hall lawn, but they say 16-year-old Shelby Lentz refused to leave and was arrested.

"They threatened to arrest anyone who did not leave, and I was the one who was vocal with my opinion and asked everyone, 'Are we going to walk away?'" Lentz said. "That's when they were not happy with me any longer, and I continued to ask them questions in a respectful manner, and they still wanted to escalate the situation to an arrest."

Protestors were out in small numbers and have moved to the top of the city hall steps where they hoped to avoid police attention, but late Monday night Wilmington Police arrived on the scene. No word at this time of any additional arrests.

Shelby wants his voice to be heard and it will be in court January 11.

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A plant???

And you know this from personal experience...... NOT..... We have members from ALL ages. Are you the one hanging around with us that is spying on us and telling lies about us to the police??? or are you one of the saps that works in city hall and getting frustrated because the police can't (or won't) remove us permanently???

98% of us are not in favor of wasteful, ineffectual tactics

"Spying on us and telling lies about us", "the saps in city hall", "the police can't .. remove us permanently", etc.. blah, blah blah. The words we hear make you seem like you"re either all anarchists or nuts. I highly doubt they we (the 98%), will be lining up behind you. You seem to think this is a war between us and them and you seem to keep adding more enemies to the "them" category.
Although I agree with many of the issues bandied about at these "events" 98% of us are finding your tactics to be of very little value. If you're passionate about something do something CONSTRUCTIVE to change it instead of simply camping out on public property and expecting 98% of us to pay for the clean-up. Hey, we already have 1% of the population taking our money. We really don't need another 1% spending our tax dollars on police overtime, cleanup, etc. on tactics that go nowhere. Again ...DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE !!! 98% of us will get behind you if you do.