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FIRST ON 3: Documents show what led to possible Berger home foreclosure

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: Documents show what led to possible Berger home foreclosure

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The problems keep piling up for New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger.

Just last week he was caught driving without a license. Now he could lose his home.

Documents filed last week show steps are being taken to foreclose on Berger's home. We also have paperwork that proves his ex-girlfriend, who is also listed on the deed, has been trying to sell or rent the home, but Berger has been less than cooperative.

Berger and Karyn Crichton bought the home on Commons Way back in 2005 for $215,000. Shortly after they refinanced it in 2009, their relationship ended.

According to court documents, Crichton moved out of the home because of psychological, verbal and physical abuse. At the time, Crichton agreed to pay part of the mortgage. The home was also put up for sale, but it never sold.

In court documents, Crichton claims Berger refused to list the property at a fair market price. Their realtor e-mailed them in September 2009 and January 2010 saying they needed to lower the price to $245,000. Four months later the realtor notified them that she would be removing the lockbox on the home, because of lack of communication. Crichton claims Berger never returned the realtor's e-mails or calls.

Crichton also tried to find berger a roommate. An affidavit Crichton filed in court included these e-mails from seven prospective renters interested in moving into the home. Crichton claims when she went to stage the property toilets were dirty, there was standing water in the kitchen and the floors and carpets were dirty.

Crichton went six months without paying her share of the mortgage in 2010. In August of that year, she paid Berger $2,100 for what she owed. Now, it appears, no one is paying the mortgage.

An "appointment of substitute trustee" was filed with the Register of Deeds office Wednesday. That is one of the initial steps taken in the foreclosure process.

We spoke with Crichton earlier today. She did not want to comment.

Commissioner Berger has not return our calls.

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What is DSC and what does it have to do with this story or me?


Is that you!

A Red shirt or Brian, it's hard to tell!

You guys at WWAY won't be

You guys at WWAY won't be satisfied til this guy blows his brains out, will you?


I am willing to wager Bergers life has always been this dysfunctional and full of drama. I don't think this behavior is something that you just start doing at random one day in your 30's. HE is the one that decided to run for PUBLIC office therefore putting his personal and/or legal woes in the PUBLIC eye. None of us would know a thing about his drama if he wasn't in an elected office. HIS choice. If he loses it and "blows his brains out" its not the local news carriers fault.



The Berger File:

No, just in both knees.

This man has personal issues

This man has personal issues and problems that he needs to resolve. He is not in any position to be able to serve the residents of New Hanover County. We need a method to recall him. How can we implement such a method?

Please pick up

Hello, New Hanover County, It's Reality Calling.

This guy can't manage his own affairs yet he gets to tell us what's good for us! And don't feed me that cr*p his personal life is not relevant, it goes to his ability to show common reasoning and decision making.

You are not serving us as you say, but serving your own ego!

I'm sure his best friend Ben McCoy will let him move in

Right Ben?
I will bet you will get him a job hawking those pricey mobility chairs to old folks too?
What are friends for? Right Ben?

BTW sorry to hear your radio show is cancelled, all 6 of your listeners must be very disappointed.

I thought that was the funniest show on the radio until I

realized it was not intended to be a comedy. "Um, um, um, yeah, um, um, see you, um, um on the other, um, side." Reminded me of when the SGA President at my school did his announcements and we grinned all the way through them and not because we were fascinated by the content.

RSimmons, really? McCoy

RSimmons, really? McCoy sells mobility chairs to old folks? The ones that are free to the customer if Medicare refuses to pay??

I for one would have expected a Tea Party conservative leader to be in a trade or business much less dependent on government price supports.

The Berger File:

Good point RSimmons, Ben McCoy hawks these scooters on the gov's dime. Medicaid. Berger Boy has again stiffed another person, another ex. Big Mouth Ben McCoy and his Big Mouth are done. Maybe He can give One More big speech in Berger the BUTT BOY's Defense. Pontificate a little Ben, Do a Jesse Jackson. Please use all of the big words you can. What a dip!!

Can this guy manage ANY aspect of his life?

He is beyond dysfunctional. He is NON-functional. How do we begin the process to obtain legislative approval for a recall election? We can't put up with three more years of his infantile, irresponsible behavior.

3rd st bridge

I think he can get a spot under the 3rd street bridge.

This may be his next big move

Occupying a tent with all of those Occupy Protesters.


This is great! Surfcitytom, Guesty, and Common all in a row with their asinine comments. Who needs the Mayan Calendar? This is proof enough the world will end this year.

Don't forget to add yourself in

Don't forget you and your simpleton comment.

berger foreclosure

Is it not still against the Wilmington Law to co-habituate with a member of the opposite sex unless you are married?

Yes, it is against the law

It is consider Cohabitation. If you do some research a Pender county employee was fired from the Sheriff's department for this a few years ago. Its an old law, rarely inforced but please don't expect Brian Berger to be familiar with any law. He breaks enough of them to prove that.


Occupy won't have him.

Why does the media continue

Why does the media continue to consider this man's personal problems NEWS? I know he is a public figure, but "Give it a rest". He obviously has issues and beating him up on the news every week is not news to us as a community or productive in helping him get the help he needs.

PSullivan - great question

PSullivan - great question that has a very simple answer. If Mr. Berger has such a dysfunction personal life, how can we trust him as a public servant to help run New Hanover County and oversee spending tens of millions of dollars appropriately.

By the way, I have noticed over the past 13 months he REFUSES to get the help he needs, or even acknowledge he needs help.


Scott Pickey
WWAY News Director

You tell'em Scotty

You tell'em Scotty