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Marines in urinating video from Lejeune; USMC commandant responds


JACKSONVILLE, NC (WWAY) -- An official has told the Associated Press that the Marine Corps has identified at least two of the four Marines in an internet video that purports to depict them urinating on Taliban corpses in Afghanistan.

The Marine official told the AP that the four were members of the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, which returned to their home base at Camp Lejeune last fall after a tour in Afghanistan. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because a criminal investigation is under way.

In a statement, Gen. James F. Amos, commandant of the Marine Corps said he has reviewed the video.

"I want to be clear and unambiguous, the behavior depicted in the video is wholly inconsistent with the high standards of conduct and warrior ethos that we have demonstrated throughout our history," Gen. Amos said. "Accordingly, late yesterday I requested that the Naval Criminal Investigative Service pull together a team of their very best agents and immediately assign them responsibility to thoroughly investigate every aspect of the filmed event. Additionally, I am assigning a Marine General Officer and senior attorney, both with extensive combat experience, to head up an internal Preliminary Inquiry into the matter. Once the investigation and Preliminary Inquiry are complete and the facts have been determined, then the Marine Corps will take the appropriate next steps. Rest assured that the institution of the Marine Corps will not rest until the allegations and the events surrounding them have been resolved. We remain fully committed to upholding the Geneva Convention, the Laws of War, and our own core values."

The official who spoke to the AP said that at least some of the four Marines are no longer in that battalion. He provided no other details.

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I am so upset I wasn't there to join them.
Heres to our fallenand murdered brothers that were killed by the towel heads over in the suck.
You're stupid for video taping it but at the same time don't listed about the outrage cause the majority of Americans widh they could have right there beside you with it whipped out letting the taliban and mirderers of Americans get their shower!

Pantano endorsement???

I wonder if Pantano will praise and defend these rogue Marines for this unspeakable act of urination on dead bodies? He obviously thinks his actions of shooting unarmed men 60 times (even if it is from the front) is perfectly fine as well as hanging a sign over their dead bodies. When will some people learn that we are fighting as much for a superior moral position in the world as a tactical military position. These unlawful actions by Pantano and his other buddies from Lejune are not winning us any friends in the world. By the way, I am a pro-military republican.

Congratulations 777! Great

Congratulations 777! Great commentary. I see that you have attracted the ire of "461" though. You have really enraged him. I guess that we taxpayers will have to pay for a new set of dentures that he spewed out. Be more careful gramps.


In your ramblings, did you stop to consider that Pantano is not involved in this at all? Pantano was not found guilty of the charge you make. You are very biased.

Pantano was never charged

You OCD loons can ***LIE*** all you want to about it, but he was never charged with one single crime. Get some professional help and medication.

BTW, perhaps we should forget about some vague, nebulous "moral position" and try winning a war for the first time since 1945.

It's getting absolutely embarrassing.

A pro-military republican?

HORSEHOOIE! Call yourself what you want, but you're post describes you as hanging on a subterranean latrine ladder at least 2 rungs BELOW being a Jane Fonda supporter!

War is HELL !!!!!

oh and everything they do over there is OK with you.

Lets get real war is HELL and given a chance they would have killed the Marines..

I just wish the Marines didn't put it on utube.

I didn't know we were looking for friends in war...

God Bless the Marines and Pantano...

Once again

Once more, I call on Pantano to have the guts to hold a press conference about this incident and endorse the actions of these unlawful Marines. When I was in Iraq (3 deployments-Army), we knew and obeyed the rules of engagement because we were winning minds as well as real estate. General Petraeus in all of his books never suggested pissing on your enemies or shooting them 60 times as part of the counterinsurgency fight..I assure you!
I urge everyone to look up Pantano's shooting was in April 2004. Look at the alarming spike in American deaths in the months following April 2004. When we make the enemy mad through senseless acts, fellow Soldiers pay with their lives.
By the way, we all know Pantano was going to be charged with conduct unbecoming an officer as well as other violations thus ending his Marine career, so he resigned in disgrace. This was all under President Bush's administration, folks. This was not some liberal witchhunt.
Let's join together to praise great members of the service and prosecute members not meeting the standards and/or rules of engagement.

Yes, it's against the Geneva Protocols

I'd suggest an Article 15 (NJP) and two weeks restriction for each of them! Urinating on the people who facilitated Al Qaeda's attack that killed three-thousand innocent civilians on September Eleventh cannot be tolerated.

(It's too bad that MREs don't contain lots of refried beans and greasey burritos.)


I completely agree. But then maybe suspend the restiction.


You talk like you are retired military, an officer even. You know this is not acceptable behavior yet you continue to act as if it OK.
Did you counsel your troops to act this way? Are you Ilario Pantano's dad? If you are then it would explain why he is the way he is.
If you think this won't come up and bite us in the a-- then you are crazier than I thought. Which is, by the way, saying a lot.
So were you a professional, or some wet behind the ears hothead who never thinks of the consequences and makes things worse?

Hey, I recommended NJP

That's my official position. Give me the charge sheets - I'll write them up.

Meanwhile, let's not pretend this was some horrible war crime. The guy was already dead, but politically correct, rear echelon pansies will force us to sell those four grunts down the river after they went to war for this nation.

They took a leak on a dead body....OH THE HORROR!

My personal feeling is that their display is a fitting editorial commentary on ten years of ignoring the Principles of War, of sending men into harm's way with no intention of actually achieving a victory, and simply refusing to destroy the enemy and his will to fight. They're only doing what George Bush and Barack Obama have done to them for ten years.

But heck, if people get this upset about a little pee, I can only imagine the outrage if we started wiping them out by the thousands, as we should have done non-stop until the Taliban was a bad memory.

Check my remarks in the

Check my remarks in the thread on the deceased store robber.... this guy common is an imposter. He is a disgrace to any real man or woman who has served our country. A true "professional" would remain silent.

We already did...

We checked your remarks on the deceased store robber, and it confirms that you are a blooming idiot.

Ohhhhh Rah, Grand old

Ohhhhh Rah, Grand old Geezer. You are another nothing living out your fantasies shot from another man's gun. Are you a war hero too or are you just another loser thinking you are doing something of worth, being paid by your fellow taxpayers?

If I remained quiet...'d have nothing to cry about. Your life would lose all meaning.

I'll second Commons statements! In addition to them...

...I would like to recommend that the harshest penalties are applied to two people (that may possibly be one and the same): The idiot that recorded the video and the idiot that exploited it!


Maybe they were in Pantano's old platoon and learned it from him.

You could be right...

..but one fact is clear. Cowardly sympathizers like you and the rest of the Pantano bashers sure as hell weren't! You would be too busy scraping the stinking sludge from your tightie-whities...and only then AFTER you quit convulsing with fear!


Anyone that defends POS Pantano is as big a sleazeball as POS Pantano.
If you think this is right you should beat your mother's and father's a-- for raising you with no better moral code than you have.

Hey Gramps, you really have

Hey Gramps, you really have to turn off the television. Your R. Lee Ermey imitations are becoming genuinely pathetic.

Perhaps so, my cowardly grasshoppah...

...but they come with more valor and fact than your Jane Fonda imitations!


You might be right and that would be why the Marines are alive today. They had a good teacher...


They had a long line of good teachers; Lt. Calley, Cpt. Medina, and also POS Pantano.

1165, let's not let the

1165, let's not let the secret out that Pantano is Mike McIntyre's greatest campaign resource. It is amusing that whenever one of the local chickenhawks gets pinned they dig into their imagination and ask whether WE have been "on patrol" or "walked a post"....

Desecrating corpses does not represent the moral ascendancy that many of us Americans believe in and have fought for.

Get your facts straight Guest

Calley & Medina were Army; not Marines.

Calley's troops took action against civilians who were in a village which had inflicted live round firing on the troops.

Calley was charged and sentenced. Medina went on to a succesful career in business.

Have you ever walked a post or gone on patrol?


I didn't say they were Marines, I just said they must be good teachers. Can you comprehend past the 5th grade level?
Your other answer: Yes, more than a few times.

I don't get it???

I think they should be commended

Dear Guest 1234

I feel the same way you do.... way to go Marines !!!!!