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Berger released from jail after being arrested for failure to appear

READ MORE: Berger in jail after failing to appear; judge orders mental evaluation

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Brian Berger was back behind bars Friday. The New Hanover County Commissioner was arrested this morning after he failed to appear in court.

Berger is no stranger to running behind schedule, but today there was a serious price to pay for his tardiness.

For more than half an hour sheriff's deputies walked around Berger's home Friday morning after he did not show up to court. After finally making contact with him, officers arrested Berger for failure to appear.

The deputies said Berger thanked them for their professionalism, but they did not discuss why he had not made it to court.

Downtown, court waited on Berger. He was scheduled to appear at 9:30 a.m. for a violation of a domestic violence protective order filed by his ex-girlfriend Heather Blaylock, who was in the courtroom.

Fellow County Commissioner Jonathan Barfield was subpoenaed to testify. He waited more than an hour before the judge let him and other witnesses go. Barfield said he had a busy day, which was wasted waiting for Berger.

"We're wasting taxpayers' dollars," Barfield said. "For those of community action who are just sitting here for the last hour and a half, those folks could have been at work as well doing their jobs. So I just see it as a total lack of respect and disregard for other people's time."

Almost two hours after the hearing was scheduled to begin, Berger finally arrived at the court house in hand cuffs. Judge Shelly Holt quickly issued a $25,000 secured bond pending a forensic evaluation for competency. The evaluation must be done within seven days. The judge may then revisit the bond depending on the results.

The sheriff's office says Berger's case was handled according to protocol.

"Mr. Berger has had issues in court the past couple of months, and we've tried to address those equally the way we do with anybody else," Sheriff's Office spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer said.

We tried to talk to Commissioner Berger's attorney Thom Goolsby after the bond hearing, but he declined to comment.

Berger posted bond Friday night and was released from the New Hanover County Detention Facility. He is due back in court Tuesday morning.

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But he still could have ridden the bus. Maybe he felt it was beneath him....hahaha hahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha!!!!

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

I predict four possible outcomes:

He won't resign, but that felony option seemed like an honorable way for him to leave the position (good for us).

He self-referred into a psychiatric facility (good for him). The court might at least show some leniency, here.

He is on the lam (bad for him).

His earlier cries for help ended with in a permanent solution for a temporary problem (ugly for all).

I hope he gets re elected!

My hope is he gets re elected! I want him to keep showing how dumb the voters are here! Hows that convention center doing you guys? You bunch of IDIOTS! Let's force folks in the city! You Morons re elected them. Local law enforcement dealing with scandals on a weekly basis as well. Keep standing behind these folks too! Berger is just not as well connected as others in the political arena here. I think it would be funny to see him elected again. You folks are dumb enough to do it. you've done worse before!

you have the city and county

you have the city and county commisioners mixed up. he is county , not city. now who looks like the dummy?

Name Calling

Can't you correct someone without resorting to name calling? Your last sentence wasn't necessary.

Is this the way you are when you're on duty, Deputy? If so, New Hanover County citizens deserve better.

Don't know where

Nobody knows if he/she really is a deputy and if so, for what county? He/she might not even be in this state.

deputy 25 where's your helicopter?

I sure hope the sheriff is watching to see if his Deputies are going online calling tax paying citizens dummies! If you want to get into a debate about local corruption we could go there.. Did Mr. Berger support a 760K helicopter and a local thug to pilot it??? The answer is no! It was Causey who ordered it without county approval and created a Lt salary to fly it at 65K a year.. Then got a wink and a nod from the commissioners... Not Mr Berger at the time.. We the taxpayers took a 400K bath on that sale of ego, corrupt politics.. If you need more Dep25 keep on with the comments.. I bet you will stop now!! so who is the dummy now?

I think he bunched them all together

Dep25 I think g money just bunched them all together as one. That's how i read it. If you have worked for a local department for at least 5 years here. You will see alot of the local elected crazies around and how they act. I sure hope you got to experience the NHSD years of 97 thru 2010! Boy what a SHOW! Hey WPD don't laugh you guys have plenty to hang your head about too... Maybe things will turn around soon? probably not!!!!! Just sit back and enjoy the show....

Do we need to set up a collection

to buy this guy an alarm clock or 2?

No Way!

He can buy it with the taxpayer dollars that he's getting from his Washington, DC unemployment check.

Usually it's the other way around

Usually, it's the client that's scurrying around trying to find their attorney.

Attorneys bounce from courtroom to courtroom at the last minute because they're juggling too many clients.

It's funny that lawyers don't want to waste their time, but clients spend all day waiting for a process that takes 10-15 mins.

If the courts worked honestly, the lawyers would get penalized for not being present when a case is called, but since they enjoy a special relationship (officer of the court), they're allowed to juggle the courts time and client's time and patience.

All of them are a joke

I think that most of the local elected officials are a running joke. Mr. Berger is just front and center and has the spotlite!There have been decades of questionable actions in this area. I have been in New Hanover County for 77yrs, And there have been some that are just as crazy and bizzare as Berger. But they got away with it! The local politics here is oozing corruption and has for at least 20plus years. You folks voted this clown in now DEAL WITH IT! We need a complete overhaul of 90% of the people we have placed in power locally. If you think we don't, then you are just as Crazy as Berger!

Very well stated!

And thank you for your highlighting of problems besides Berger. Some of these tunnel-visioned posters have put their bullseye on Berger and forgotten what the other 4 commish's have done to us. Sometimes I think that is their strategy as it seems to make one heck of a smoke screen for them.

All But One

I agree with you on every point except one:

"...and there have been some that are just as crazy and bizzare as Berger."

I have lived here over 60 years myself, but I don't recall any other elected official who has carved up his arms with a razor blade, sent over 120 suicidal texts to his ex-girlfriend, pulled his ex-girlfriend's car mirror off her car, been issued a restraining order, been arrested numerous times, and been kicked off numerous boards and urged by his fellow commissioners to resign.

I mean, seriously, how can you get any crazier or more bizzare than Berger? Corrupt officials, yes, but the crazy and bizzare awared HAS to go to Berger.

lawyer or no lawyer......if

lawyer or no lawyer......if it was any other New Hanover County TAX PAYING Citizen we would of gotten a FAILURE TO APPEAR and a BENCH WARRANT would have been issued for our ARREST! And if his OWN attorney doesn't know where he is.......then issue a FTA!! ..... do NOT consider sending someone from the county to check on him.....send someone from the county to ARREST his crazy butt!!


Looks like someone called in favor.