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Pres. Obama re-election supporters open office in Wilmington


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Political season is in full swing. As President Barack Obama gets into to full re-election campaign mode, some local supporters opened their campaign doors in Wilmington.

Organizing for America North Carolina hosted a grand opening at its office on Wrightsville Avenue tonight. The event welcomed volunteers and highlighted the president's plans if he is indeed re-elected. Political science major at UNCW, Carter Jewell, volunteers her time for a campaign she believes in.

"It's important to me because I’m a student. I’ve seen what the president for young people as well as for Americans, “ Jewell said. “He’s done a lot for people my age. It’s really important for me to come out and be thankful for all that he has done.”

With today's grand opening, Organizing for America North Carolina now has five offices across the state.

Event leaders say the volunteers are what really drive the organization.

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Thankful for all he's done

Thankful for all he's done for you? Lets see, $6 TRILLION dollars more spent since 2009, imposing a health care law that is unconstitutional, engaging in class warfare, hurting small business, stopping the Keystone Pipeline project, 8.5% unemployment, more people on food stamps than ever, taking a vacation every week, no previous experience to even work anywhere NEAR the White House, soaring gas prices, astronomical food prices due to those high gas prices, the list goes on and on and on.

And before you say it, yes, I do realize that in 2008 this all started. The problem is, he's done nothing that makes sense to fix it. The bailout failed, the banks want even more! His budget cuts don't go deep enough. It's economical principles: make more than you spend. It's not that hard to grasp!

The pipeline is the only

The pipeline is the only thing he has blundered on. National health care is something every American would like if they had the inclination to read the bill rather than believe what the Repubs tell them. The only ones that have a real reason to dislike the healthcare bill are the CEOs who don't get as much money as they did, because 80% of all premiums collected must be spent in benefits to policy holders. As for the rest of our problems, most were inherited due to typical poor Republican leadership. Obama gets my vote.

Not every American wants

Not every American wants National healthcare. I am no Ceo, and i could definately do without. You'll agree when you see what it will cost you.

You're sorely mis-informed...

First, that pipeline was for nothing other than to get oil closer to the coast to ship out, not to refine. Nothing has been accomplished to ween America off of foreign oil and be more self-sustaining. As for the big healthcare "plan". Myself as well as millions of other Americans had healthcare plan changes this year that equate to over $5000.00 cut in pay. Higher deductibles, less coverage and more out of pocket expenses (for those of us that actually work). The charges for medical care and drugs are being migrated to the pockets of working Americans so the CEO's, Hospital systems aand pharmaceutical manufacturers get fat. Nothing has been done to thwart the influx of illegal aliens in this country that continue to rape and pillage our health care, tax and welfare system. Government employees have increased double in most agencies and the salaries they make have grown exponentially.

This isn't really about democrats or republican. It's about America going to the dogs and taking virtually everything the working family makes to pay for the lazy, the criminal and the inept. Obama has been of assistance to all of this. He's out!

If the pipeline was to get

If the pipeline was to get it closer to the coast to ship out, why would it be run all the way to Texas instead of a port in the north west?

I agree

I agree with guest_informed - what has he done? Just simply multipled the debt we owe and he and his wife have logged in more mileage than any other president and first lady. This mostly at taxpaper expense. Have any of you seen the article on how he has changed Air Force One? You might want to check it out.


Wow, I didn't realize he had accomplished all that with a republican House. That is really amazing. I suppose they hold no culpability in this either.
He's done more positive things than Bush did in eight years.
Get ready for more.

Everyone says he's done all

Everyone says he's done all these positive things, yet nobody actually says what. If you consider Obamacare positive, then I guess having the government forcing you to buy something for the first time is good. People should be able to have a choice, that's what America is all about.

If campaigning weekly instead of doing his job, and vacationing just as often is considered good, then that's a first. I'm guessing the failed bailout was great too, seeing as the banks wanted even more.

Next year, we are only expected to have a 1.1% GDP growth. We have to have at least a 3.0% growth to stay where we currently are at. We still have an unemployment rate well over 8.5%, that's roughly 30,000,000 Americans out of work.

We cannot afford 4 more years of this nonsense from a president who is nowhere near qualified to even say the word president. And before you play the race card, it has nothing to do with his race.

Family losses.

Are we forgetting the actual individuals who have suffered greatly during this administration. We lost our home and our jobs.We no longer have insurance. My parents lost their wealth. You see....they put most of their money in real estate. It worked for them all of their lives. They are in their 80's. We were very stable financially. Loosing our home devastated us. we had perfect credit all of our lives. Now we have nothing and looking for jobs in our 50's Obama's administration has not made it any better for us. Foreclosures are up over the last few years and unemployment is still down. He said he would fix it or had great ideas. Not happening and We are already ruined. No money to help us with our mortgage or business. There is no doubt with his ridiculous spending has made matters worse!

Guest 235.........Sounds

Guest 235.........Sounds like a safe bet that you are on public assistance from your remark about health care. It is not fair for those who have insurance to have to pay for those who choose not to. Maybe if they started turning anybody away that needed medical help if they did not have coverage, you would sing a different tune.

Person in a bubble

- Government "forced" you to have to pay car insurance, pay taxes for social services like fire, police protection, etc. So health care reform was not the first time.
- Bailouts, which were pioneered and in the works before he took office saved our rears in the global economy, as well as a large portion of the auto industry, and kept the dollar at a solid value. Yes, our credit rating dropped, but find out why and you'll learn why that was not this administrations fault.
- Together, he and congress have increased spending on the military each of the past 3 years and our foreign relationships have been mended with much of the world.
- Growth and unemployment is not an exact science, but unemployment dropped to the lowest rate in 3 years as of today to 8.3%. Take into context the 2% (disabled, etc.) that are unable to work, and that figure is actually lower.
- The GDP is factored by multiple causes and since the economy (here and abroad) was going south before he took office, you can't waive a magic wand and expect it to jump up when there is no GLOBAL demand because the global economy dictates what good and services are needed.

Turn off Fox News and read something like the independent fact checking groups, or the non-influenced polling groups data.

Yes, but....

...he has a nice singing voice, and to his average supporter, that's really cool!

When all is said & done we will sing together for eternity

Guess what - In the final analysis we will all be singing, sobbing, laughing, hating, or whatever in either heaven or hell. God bless you
and have an awesome day!


What's really,really cool is Romney knowing all of "America The Beautiful". He got my vote.

and don't forget

the First Lady does push ups well; at least from what I saw on the national news this morning.


do you think you are such an authority on every news article, WWAY post? Take your free gov. furnished cell phone and use it and quit commenting on everything on here.Jerko


"Fine" examples of singing and exercising.... How entertaining of them. I wonder if they could provide us citizens with an example of being a good leader/president and first lady that didn't spend like crazy? Yea... I thought not.