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FIRST ON 3 & THE BIG TALKER FM: Jayne appealing termination


LELAND, NC (WWAY) -- Leland Town Manager David Hollis told Chad Adams on The Big Talker FM this morning that former Police Chief Tim Jayne has appealed his termination.

Hollis fired Jayne last week.

Hollis says Jayne will be able to sit down with him and give his side of the story. He says the town council will not get a vote in the matter.

Jayne has been at the center of controversy since we first broke the story in September that one of his female officers had been shot in the crotch with simunition during a training exercise. Since airing that story, more accusations of corruption and wrong-doing have surfaced, which no one with the town or the police department has refuted.

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Sounds like something that would happen in Leland...Just what is needed a bunch of cops with PTSD running around..

Don't be

Don't be so hard on yourself Sarge. There is still time to make the necessary changes and do the right thing.... Say's who? Say's Kblue!

one last trick

he is just trying one last ditch effort....don't worry citizens...a new chief...with a "pair" should be hired and will get rid of that crowd that Jayne let get out of control!!!!!


Good for Jayne. This whole story has been ridiculous. Since when has using a company vehicle to take your kids to school been corruption? Is the local media really missing RC Soles and his drama so much that they have to manufacture this nonsense? Did Jayne fire the paintball? Did Jayne flub the police work? No. The officers he inherited and kept employed did. His only mistake was not firing the yahoo's faster.

Jayne can never go back and he shouldn't. But he does deserve to not be treated shabbily and the region does not need to hear the numbingly stupid ramblings of his detractors. Brunswick county has a lot to be proud of but their treatment of Jayne and his family is reprehensible.

Yeah Right?????????????????

Hey Jeff C.,
Apparently you have no idea what you are talking about. Jain was the one that ordered Sherry's shooting. Since he inherited these yahoos and did nothing about them I guess that is His problem. What did he do about Blasingame pointing his weapon at Koons and Holman? Well he, since he liked the "big guy" suspended him for thirty days. Whoopee!!
Now the "big guy" is running one of the squads. Yes it was against town policy to use his town owned vehicle to take his kids to school since it is out of the jurisdiction and yes to Myrtle Beach to go to a batchelor party in Myrtle Beach. Your tax money paid for all that gasoline. When Jain was made to pay the money back he admitted to breaking the law plain and simple. So you are supporting a criminal right? Tim Jain did nothing about the harassment and the abuse of power within HIS department. Heck he was part of the problem not part of the solution. He did not and still doesn't have a moral bone in HIS body. I don't know who you think you know but you sure don't know the real Jain!


The fitting thing would be to allow him due process under the personel policy, please do not blame the following,

1. Ossie Sanders
2. Michell Cox
3. Sherry Lewis
4. Bost
5. Foss
7. The disgruntle employee
8. Scott Pickney
9. Your fellow employees
10. Your Momma
11. Your Daddy
12. All the people with criminal records

That will leave you with very little to discuss I suspect, you can how ever lay some blame on the Magnanimous and exerleranta of a manager THEEEEEEEE GREEEEEEET MR.(B) you should have implemented some of those (performance measures), (This is only the opinion of the poster, and does not reflect the views of those with small brains and large heads).

Appeal?? If this was 1800's

Appeal?? If this was 1800's he'd get the tar and feathers and ran straight out of town. Get outta here ewith that appeal non sense ol Timer!

he should save his moeny not his job

Jayne should be more concerned with the growing number of personal law suites for harrasment and defamation of character coming his way. Yea, dumb ass people are coming after you personally, you lied to ruin young, mature, and women officers in your department. You really are clueless.

never kick a bees nest once you know its a bees nest. Have you no pride or shame?

Karl Smith

Now that Jayne is gone, Karl Smith, is left in charge. This is a man who has said many times,"Im doing this as a hobby. Karl Smith has know from day one what Jayne and his boys where up too. Make no mistake about it, the Officers in Leland have not seen the s**t storm that coming while Karl Smith and William "Bill" Kozak are gunning things. Its to be like being in high school, you have to be with the in crowd, Im not talking to that person because they dont kiss my ass like Irvin and his battle scars?. Look its this simple, Kozak just leave the department so guys can get back to work and not have to live under your shadow. It maybe BS all the things people say about you but, really just man up and leave and take Karl Smith with you, the problem would go away. Just be a man take your stuff and leave. If you cared a little bit for the other officers that has had to live throught this crap and have to live everyday with the crap that started with you, please man just leave, let them be free from the shadow of mistrust. I leader will remove himself when the leader finds himself the problem. It may be just bull crap that people have made up about Kozak, One thing i do know is that John Holman is a lair and human crap. LETS MAN UP.


where do you come up with that, last honest man on that force for the old days. of course you would never say that to his face. little boys never approach men. time to go home little boy mommy is making your gerbers, strained carrots.

eat up and grow up. then hang with men of cahracter.

How about one of your

How about one of your journalist do more research about the firing of the 3 WB police officers. It's a shame that the corruption is so thick that sex charges are being swept under the rug.

True rape victims have injuries,bruising,cuts

No these sex charges here at this link to a case tried this week in New Hanover County is the type of sex charges the prosecutors office has spent months of the courts, law enforcement and jury citizen hours to prove the sex offender registry is no longer a source of legitimate rape perpetrators.
15 year old girls are not children by any means. They dress up in their Forever 21 outfits like the Dallas Cowboy cheerleader girls, pile in a car with one of their 16 year old friends and sneak out after their parents are asleep.They go to downtown clubs and pick up 20'something year old military guys all the time! Then the next few days, they bragg to each other about how they extort the military guys to give them stuff in exchange for not reporting them to the base for having sex with 15 year old girls! These are not children! Rape? Where's the cuts bruises and black eyes?

were they fired or just

were they fired or just suspended pending an internal investigation?????

Apeal, Really?????????????

Hey Jain,
Yes, you do have the right according to town policy to appeal the termination. But, how smart is it to appeal it to the man that dished it out? Do you honestly think Hollis is going to change his decision right in front of the whole town? Hollis being the new town manager since December 16th? You are a four star moron! There again "this is all going to blow over", right????????????? Thought you were going to retire on the coast? Go ahead you can. You are old enough to age out on the state's retirement system and you have enough time. Use all that sick time you had. Oh I forgot when you get fired you don't have anymore sick time, vacation time or comp time. Oh well you should have been smarter and done the right thing to begin with!

Don't you get it

He is only appealing to force the town into a settlement because he knows he can't file an EEOC case or Dept of Labor Case. It's really all about trying to create a paper trail to show the courts he followed the procedure. He has probably found some yoko attorney who is willing to take his money and is telling him he can win and since the town knows they have done so many others wrong-they just might buckle and give him something just to make him go away. I think he deserves something- but how much? Let's see, he reigned terror, broke the law, humiliated others with lie detector tests, never stood up as a leader and ruined the careers of other officers.............Sherry only got about $20,000.00 after all she went I'd say settle with him for all he's worth..........that would come to a grand total of $.01.

What he doesn't know is that he could just out right sue if he really had a case because if the town has violated any part of their personnel policy then they have rendered the policy void and he doesn't really have to appeal it. But he doesn't have any claim and since NC is a right to work state The Town can get rid of him anytime they feel like it and that is what they did. He just needs to take his licking and move on, just like he expected all those others he got rid of to do.The difference is that the others had legitimate legal standing.

J, it's carma baby! What goes around comes around and it's finally your turn.

LIKE X 1,000,000! Very very

LIKE X 1,000,000!
Very very very well said and so true!!!!!!!!!!


[[[[[[[LIKE]]]]]]]]]<-----------Like button! I clicked it 594,098 times!!!Say's who? Say's the like button clicking Kblue!

OH WAIT!!!!! Mr. Balboa? Brian Burger is in need of a room mate to help split his bills. Being you are so much aLIKE you can be room mates! Darn thinking about it you both have a lot in common!
1) No one likes you
2) You both are fighting for a job in a town full of people that hate you
3) You have both broke the law
4) No one likes you and
5) No one likes you Say's who? Say's the always thinking Kblue!

Amen K-Blue. Even though I

Amen K-Blue. Even though I pretended to be against you before, I was really with you all along.


You meet the criteria of 1, 4, and least. Maybe it could be a threesome???


Nuff said....

"Since airing that story,

"Since airing that story, more accusations of corruption and wrong-doing have surfaced, which no one with the town or the police department has refuted."

And therein lies the problem with WWAY's method of reporting, it has bothered me for months.

WWAY makes an allegation, generally without any supporting evidence other than "various sources" and then chides and badgers the target of the allegation to defend themself.

It is not right or ethical.

Being a news outlet they

Being a news outlet they have the right to protect their sources. Just because they don't tell you who their sources are, that doesn't mean their sources are not legitimate. If these people are eyewitnesses or have any other firsthand knowledge of what is going in, then the station does have supporting evidence. Just because you don't want to believe something, that doesn't mean it isn't true.

If these accusations were not true, then the people would would be adamantly proclaiming their innocence.

I don't see that the station was wrong or unethical in bringing this corruption to light.

ego mentality. let us hear

ego mentality. let us hear him explain all that is wrong and how it is not his fault, again!!!

ego mentality not

It's not ego, you know it has got to be one of the loyal staff members who thinks they have kissed butt enough that their job is secure. Guess what, get packed your job is probably next.


I love my home in Leland. All of my life I lived in Wilmington or New Hanover County and never thought I would move there. But we found the perfect home, love all the ammenities, the small town feeling...when we cross the bridge to come home, it's like an escape.

This whole mess with LPD has made us a laughing stock. Despite how much I love my home, I rarely tell anyone where I live. It's a big joke on the other side of the river, but to us, it is total embarassment.

And I see by this article that instead of Jayne showing he has at least a little dignity for himself, the department, and the town, he has chosen to appeal the decision and drag this thing out further and bring us all down into the mire of his self-serving, ego driven, mess.

What an idiot...


Why do you feel like a laughing stock? You are taking this personal. I live in Leland too and could care a less about what people say. I am not the idiots that shot that officer in the groin area, I am not the officer that had a wreck then moved the cars, and I am not the former chief who by all accounts will probably be getting charges soon. Is Leland perfect, no, but it is no worse than the city or the county. People across the bridge do not want to talk bacause all I have to bring up is forced annexation and Brian Berger. Enough said!!