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FIRST ON 3: Mom says five-year-old son raped by classmate at school

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: Mom says five-year-old son raped by classmate at school

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A Tabor City mom says her five-year-old son was raped at school. But it's who she says attacked the boy that you just won't believe.

Sherri Loika says her son was sodomized in a restroom at Tabor City Elementary School by a five-year-old classmate. She found out the night it happened after his teacher called.

"She told me that the boys were taking a long time in the bathroom, so she went in to hurry them along, and that's when she noticed another boy's penis was on my son's leg," Loika said.

But that wasn't all. When Loika asked her son what happened, he says a different boy raped him.

A doctor examined her son, but Loika says there was no physical tearing or scrapes because of the boys' ages and their physical development. Wednesday, she says a psychologist confirmed her fear.

"Most kids, she said walk in there and give her short yes or no answers," Loika said. "He spelled out exactly what happened to him and drew pictures of it. She told me there's no doubt in her mind that this incident did occur with him."

Since the attack, Loika says her son lays in bed in every morning refusing to go to school.

"He used to get up every morning before the alarm clock would go off and get his clothes on, and he would be ready to go to school," she said. "Now, all he wants to do is lay there. He doesn't want to go there."

Loika claims the school threatened her son with truancy for staying home, even though the school would not remove him from the same class as his alleged attacker. Loika says Superintendent Alan Faulk called her today, finally agreeing to transfer her son to another school. Faulk did not want to comment because of sensitivity of the situation.

Loika showed us a letter from DSS and the investigation report from the Columbus County Sheriff's Office. Both said nothing could be done about the situation and the investigation has been closed. Under state law a child under six cannot be held criminally liable.

"Nobody is trying to investigate anything," Loika said. "They're trying to throw their hands up, throw it under the rug like it never even happened."

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This is ridiculous. Police closed this case because it isn't even logical. I live in Columbus County and Sherri, I sure hope you move to Loris SC and not into my community. We don't want any fools like you in our community.
First of all, learn the definition of rape. Next, tell us how he raped your son. Did he pentrate him? Please! You are a basketcase as well. Go hire RC to take your case.

reply to please

basket case you haven't seen basket case mess with grandma. you are so scared to even put your name down on your post i would not have a hair brain like you living in my community if you would do the research on rape and your fine schools you would find out its happening every day ,year and so on to someones child and they sweep it under a rug like cowards.tell their staff to shut their mouths or lose their jobs.i hope to god you don't have children because if one came home after something like this the poor child wouldn't have any home support. god help them.

the only basket case is you

the only basket case is you hun what if this were your child????and if you followed you would see that he did stick his penis in my sons butt. i dont have time for people like you, the only person im worried about is my son at this moment i just pray to god if you have children and you act like this that they are safe from the way you talk you need your home life investagated. it is logical and is happening everywhere the only reason you dont know is because these schools are covering it up!!!!!

Police closed the case

Police closed the case because a child under the age of six cannot be held criminally responsible for his actions. Reread the story. I hope to God that you never have anyone you love to go through this. This is an absolute nightmare. Victims of child molesters suffer a lifelong sentence.

If you don't understand what a victim of child molestation goes through, you have to look no further than your backyard and look at the lives of RC Soles' victims. They had problems to begin with and they were victimized and their lives are now in ruins.


I just got very upset about your comment. Just bc the police closed the case doesnt mean nothing happened. Theres alot that goes on in that horrible place you call home, and for the record, I do have a college education which is more than i can say about most of your residents in that county. Id say if this had happened to someone in your family, you would be crazy. You have no right to say what did and did not happen. I lived there just briefly, thank God, until I returned back to the real world. And you should be careful what you say did and did not happen, bc the good Lord is watching you too. Just bc someone doesnt have money or bc they dont own a farm around there, yeehaw!!! You and your town, including the police force around there, decide who commits crimes. Your town is infested with crack heads and losers. If it makes you feel like someone to put others down who dont have what you have, then you should stay in the sorry excuse for a town, they called Columbus CO. You dumb rednecks make me sick, why dont you and your precious town try teaching people what right and whats wrong. I think its funny, bc you are laughing at this lady and the issue, while I and everyone else in the real world are laughing at you, your an imbred idiot....

I am absolutly appalled by

I am absolutly appalled by every single thing you just said. First of all you are a hypocrite in a major way!! You slam Columbus County and everyone in it and then you're going to say, and I quote, "If it makes you feel like someone to put others down who don't have what you have..."! Give me a break! So I ask, Did it make you feel good to down Columbus County that apparently from your comment doesn't have as much as you do?? I have moved around the country and seen what it has to offer. Trust me when I say there are "Crack heads" and "red necks" and "losers" EVERYWHERE!!! Plus, there are plenty of worse places to live.
What exactly happened or did not, I do not know and doubt many others do either.
To your rude comment about the "imbred idiot", there are plenty of educated idiots.

Perverts are raising Perverts and sending them to school.

There are perverted parents who are raising perverted children and sending them to school thinking that perversion is normal.

I will always believe the child who made the claims. Where would they get something like this from????

Who is examining the little kid that did this??

All of the children need help! This is sick and disgusting.

If the local authorities do not investigate this matter and take some actions against the little perv and his family, take it to the National News. I bet that they will do something when their country-bumpkin faces are flashed all over the news!


I will keep you and your son

I will keep you and your son in my prayers. From someone who has witnessed the long term effects of child molestation, please keep your son in therapy. It's his best chance. And I think it's a shame that you had to move your son to another school instead of the other child being moved. Regardless, I pray God's blessings on you and your son.

At 5 years old, kids know

At 5 years old, kids know nothing about sex. If your son can describe a sexual encounter in detail, then it was taught to him (or done to him) by an adult or teenager that knows him, or someone in your household. Where's his father? Do you have a boyfriend that comes around while your child is at home? 'seen a psychiatrist'? 'was seen by' is the proper English phrase.

I am so sorry for this child

I am so sorry for this child to have been victimized like this. At 5 my kids had no idea of anything of this nature. Praying that he recovers from this ordeal and the other child is rescued from his apparent hell as well. Children only live what they learn.