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Commissioners react to mounting criticism of voting down contraceptive funding; Barfield: a colossal mistake

READ MORE: Commissioners react to mounting criticism of voting down contraceptive funding; Barfield: a colossal mistake

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Criticism of the New Hanover County Commission's vote against accepting a family planning grant has reached the state level, and now the board wants to reconsider.

The request is being put on the next meeting's agenda. Commissioners say they hope to then be able to make a more informed decision.

Today the ACLU of North Carolina sent a news release criticizing the commissioners' decision, saying they failed miserably. Commissioners now say they are open to compromise.

“In my opinion we made a colossal mistake,” said Commissioner Jonathan Barfield.

Since commissioners voted Monday against accepting a nearly $9,000 state grant to fund contraceptives for women, the opposition has been loud and clear.

“It was a big mistake the vote that took place,” said Jennifer Rudinger, executive director of the ACLU of North Carolina. “It was very unfortunate. Frankly we called it shameful.”

It seems the message has gotten through to commissioners.

“I've heard it clearly. I'm still hearing it in my own house,” Barfield said. “I keep telling my wife, 'I got it.' My pastor's talked with me, my dad's talked with me and I’ve got it.”

In an email sent Wednesday, chairman Ted Davis requested to have the funding request put on their April 2nd meeting's agenda along with time for public discussion. Commissioner Rick Catlin, who was very vocal about turning down the money, says he welcomes another chance to talk about it.

“I think it's incumbent upon us as public officials to hear all the facts and make an informed decision,” Catlin said.

“We hope that they will do the right thing,” Rudinger said. “We hope that they will accept the funding that women need and go forward with this.”

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I assume because this is a State grant that my hard-earned dollars are going to fund this grant. Would someone please tell me why I have to provide IUD's to women? What is next, a State grant for condoms for men? Stop spending my money on crap like this! The Commissioners need to stop caving under pressure.


Actually you are already paying for free condoms for men as well as Viagra and other so-called male enhancement drugs! I gather you too, are male. Are you willing to pay child support for your good times?

Birth control pills

Women also receive free birth control pills...I shouldn't have to pay for IUDs because a woman isn't smart enough to remember to take her pill

Mr WilMan, Your

Mr WilMan,
Your ignorance as well as a lot of people commenting on this board and other places is infuriating. IUD's, Birthcontrol pills, and other medicines are used for multiple things other than contraception. For instance I have a medical issue where I need to take birth control pills, it is my treatment. I have been on 'the pill' since I was 11 years old. I will probably never have children and at 11 years old I was certainly not using it to prevent becoming pregnant.

My point here is, IUD's do not only prevent pregnancies. All women are not sluts. And yes there may be those women out there who will take advantage of the system ( there always is). I am blessed enough to have insurance that helps me pay for my treatments. I can't imagine how desparate women are that are not fortunate enough to have insurance.

This is about birth

This is about birth control....and females can get the pill OR condoms. There is no reason I should have to pay for IUDs as well. I'm sorry about your situation but but that has nothing to do with this discussion...there are very effect free alternatives and I shouldn't have to pay for anything extraextra

Actulyy, you do pay for

Actulyy, you do pay for condoms for men. You can pick them up for free at the health department. They prevent pregnancy and transmitting STDs. Would you rather the stet pay for a few condoms, or pay welfare for more babies and medical treatment for the poor who may pick up a STD? Or, as a third option, are you one of those compassionate Christian conservatives who would really rather just let them die? Your true colors are shining through!

Free Condoms!

A free condom for anyone who can't spell and thinks condoms prevent the spread of STDs.... isn't good enough. Should be a forced IUD.

This is a state grant.

This is a state grant. There are approx 10,000,000 people in NC. Your share of the $9,000 comes to less than 1/10th of one penny. Get over it.

How much do you think you'll pay in welfare for any babies born to indigent mothers who might have received one of the IUD's and avoided pregnancy?

Who do you think pays for

Who do you think pays for this in a year when the grant runs out??? We do....the grant doesn't last forever

Even if the county continues

Even if the county continues the program after the grant runs out, which they very well may not do, IUDs are still a lot cheaper than welfare payments on new babies.

Either way...I already pay

Either way...I already pay for birth control pills, I shouldn't have to pay for IUDs as well

If I knew you, I'd give you

If I knew you, I'd give you your fair portion back - 1/10th of a cent.

Have you ever thought that some women can't take birth control pills for a variety of medical reasons? Some women can't use condoms because of a latex allergy. There's a reason the health dept provides a variety of contraception methods. The method often depends on what a doctor prescribes for the patient (birth control pills and IUDs are prescription only). It's not up to you, or a bunch of male county commissioners to second guess a doctor's orders.

Yes I know some woman can't

Yes I know some woman can't take birth control pills but that is why they can use condoms. And yes I also know some woman can't use latex condoms but that is also why the health dept offers different kinds of condoms. You are right that it isn't up to me or any male to 2nd guess a doctor's order but it is up to me and my right to 2nd guess where my tax money is being used...even if its only one penny


State grant for tatoo's will be next.

Terribly disturbing

If you listen to the comments made before the vote was held, you can get an understanding of the true opinions of these gentlemen as it concerns contraception and reproductive health. There is an element of contempt there not only for women, but for those in poverty. And while I applaud the decision to reconsider, that has only happened in the face of EXTREME push back from the community during an election year. So, I'm sorry to say that I believe their true colors have been shown...

True that! Thus....

Read comments that include "keep HER legs shut" on the other blog about the initial vote. What kind of degrading sexist remark is that? Disgusting remarks by a bunch of old men that can't stand the thought that perhaps, and I do mean PERHAPS, a tenth of a penny of their tax dollar went to helping women who truly want NEED help in preventing pregnancy. It's $9,000 freakin' dollars, people. That isn't anything! They are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to study a ball park in Wilmington, but don't let one tenth of a penny go to WOMEN (God forbid) that must be sluts and can't "keep their legs shut".

You "Tim the Tool Men" out there, flexing your almighty mouth muscles. Sheesh. Gotta have something to target, might as well be us! I bet NOT many of you, if truth be told, were abstinent when dating your spouse, if you still have one, or in your youth. Fun for you to sit around and post all day about how trashy us women are that may need birth control that you may have to pay for it. Oh, but promote the Big D and take your V and the world is a happier place for you isn't it! See the conflict here in thinking?

About the "out of pocket"...not everyone out there has health insurance (which by the way helps pay for Viagra)...and not everyone out there can afford the choice to eat or buy BC...which by the way also does have health benefits for women, like regulating cycles etc. If we can help put IUDs in 10 women in this community that seek help in "Planned Parenthood", I think it speaks volumes about the fact that we care about more than baseball diamonds and convention buildings...we care about people.

Oh well, since it seems to always be a "man's world", Batter Up!


Do you happen t know the cost of IUD's??? This grand pays for AT MOST 6 that fair? Is it fair that I have to PAY for my wife to have one of these...WHERES MY BREAK!? If you want an IUD...PAY FOR IT YOURSELF...otherwise go down and buy a 1 dollar condom! It will protect you from more!

Not really...REALITY!!!

First, let me tell you who you are responding to. I "kept my legs shut" until I was 18 years old...and was date raped. That was the scariest night of my life. Thank God I did not get pregnant. Now, mind you, this was even before guys slipped Ecstacy in drinks like girls face today. As a protection, I got an IUD but was lucky enough to be able to get it for myself. But many cannot. If 6 even just young women can get this protection with a tenth of my tax penny, hallelujah!

And, by the way. I have a child concieved despite a condom.


care about your sob already get birth control for free...IUD's are a luxury...NOT a necessity!

the real cost

I am lucky enough to have had insurance that covered an IUD, the more expensive and non-hormonal copper one. It was $750 out of pocket and I was reimbursed $325 from my insurance company. So, just by that reasoning, TWELVE women would be covered and it would last them at least a DECADE! Just by that virtue alone, you have saved so many of those precious pennies, dear worried tax payers! I know that the other type of IUD is less expensive, so in the long run, this option is not only easier and cheaper, but provides one of the ONLY non-hormonal means of birth control and is LESS expensive in the long run. Sounds like a win-win to me.