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Investigators found liquor bottles, straw with "white substance" in Grooms's car

READ MORE: Investigators found liquor bottles, straw with"white substance" in Grooms's car

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Thomas Grooms was driving south on River Road last year when witnesses say he hit and killed Trey and David Doolittle. Witnesses today explained in great detail what they believe happened that Sunday morning when the Doolittles were hit and killed while riding their bicycles.

Investigators explained the scene of the accident on river road to the jury, including what was found inside Thomas Grooms's car.

Highway Patrol collected a straw in the car with white powder and sent it to the SBI.

"When it was seized, initially I thought it was cocaine," a trooper told jurors.

Troopers say after a field sobriety test, they believed Grooms was impaired at the time of the crash. It turned out the substance inside of the straw was not cocaine, but mephedrone, known more commonly as bath salts, but that information was not disclosed to the jury yet.

Investigators also say they found an empty Southern Comfort bottle in the back seat, a bottle of Bacardi 151 in the car and a bottle of wine in the trunk.

Investigators say according to instruments inside Grooms's car, he did not brake before or after hitting the two cyclists. Troopers explained this is evident by the fact that air bags did not deploy.

A woman who was out with Grooms the night before the accident also testified today. She said she shared drinks with him saturday night, but did not believe he was impaired and unable to drive when they left the restaurant.

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There should be very little doubt about the outcome of the trial

The evidence is compelling, the driver hit 2 cyclists from the back while under the influence of 2 legal (at the time) drugs, but on at least one of them was over the limit of consuming it making him guilty of DUI and Intoxication Manslaughter at the least. Now if the jury finds him Not Guilty that means that cyclists are less then human and there is now an open season on killing them in NC.

I would never ride a bike on

I would never ride a bike on that road. A bike and 4000 lb car at 55 is not a good mix. Even if your totally sober it is dfficult not to be that close to the cyclists. Then they ride side by side sometimes and that is even more risky.

Trial of Killer

The man killed two people. A father and his son who were bonding and sharing a dream. The bible says "An eye for an eye." This guy does not have enough eyes to break even. The bible condemns him whether or not the judicial system ever will.