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FBI's civil rights unit probes Chadbourn shooting death


CHARLOTTE, NC (AP) -- The FBI's civil rights unit has joined an investigation into a Charlotte teenager's shooting death while she visited relatives in Chadbourn.

The Charlotte Observer reports a State Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman confirms the FBI is helping uncover whether 16-year-old Jasmine Thar's shooting was an accident or a crime.

Thar was shot Dec. 23 as she stood in the front yard of a Columbus County home with a friend and the godmother she was visiting. One bullet fired from inside a home across the street killed Thar and wounded the others.

James Blackwell told Chadbourn police his rifle fired without pulling the trigger. Dozens of lawsuits against North Carolina-based Remington Arms Co. claim its 700-series rifles have fired without a trigger pull, which the company disputes.

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Justice for Jasmine Thar Please !

EXAMPLE! If something tragic happens to your mother,child etc. Anyone can say I'm sorry for your loss. Can you say your grandmother was ever sold to the highest bidder. But if they have not had this type of loss; Yes,they can feel both empathy and sympathy but they really can't identify with the feelings you are having. If you are not Black you can not begin to understand,feel or identify with the Non-Justice we endure everyday of our lives. Yes, their is a black President BUT DO YOU SEE COLOR OR A MAN FIRST. Its not about calling the race card or the NAACP. Do you remember the last time you or one of your family members or friends used racial slurs. All races have bad apples in every bunch. If it was an accident. Jasmine's family just need justice to prevail and the right thing done. As a black person Civil Rights has been our only hope for fairness and justice.

This is the problem with

This is the problem with people today! You claim there is an injustice here without knowing the facts. This could have easily been an accident, the Remington rifle that was used is known to have trigger mechanism problems amongst other flaws. You have already convicted this gentleman without having a clear picture of the events that took place. There are accidents of this magnitude all over the country and yet you still don't get and you rely on a racial theme to get what you want! Stop the madness. so if I accuse you of being a racist how would you respond? Your statement has a hint of it. And before I get criticized I will just say that I am of Mexican descent but still a proud American who has served proudly and has seen first hand accidents like this!

Understanding and Accepting Responsiblity

My concern is why would this gentle men have his firearm placed in any form of position where it could be fired at anyone? I do understand that he claims innocence of it being an unfortunate accident because it went off on its on, but that is HIS responsibility to ALWAYS keep his weapon secured. As far as racism card being played, it is extremely hard to differentiate whether someone is deliberately try to hard another because of their race verse not intentionally bring harm. Your opinion is your opinion but in the limelight, facts is more sufficient than accusation. The laws responsibility is to protect and serve EVERYONE! Sad story when you feel that these random acts of murders to these African American people goes unjustified without proper review. A murder should NOT be released until the FACTS prove innocence whether it be accident or not!

Model 700 Defect well known

Don't make it a race thing. This could have really been an accident.

haven't heard from AL ,FBI

haven't heard from AL ,FBI OR THE PRES on the shooting of a white mother who's kid was also stolen by blacks,, wonder why???

haven'theard from

maybe you should try contacting them.Remember the lynchings when no one cared? take that back lots of onlookers.

Your ignorance and "eye for

Your ignorance and "eye for an eye" mentalility is the real problem. The truth is that blacks have suffered at the hands of whites more than the other way around. When is the hatred going to stop on both sides. As long as you view these situations as black vs. white, you will always be a part of the problem; not the solution.

We, as whites would like to feel superior to blacks, but deep down we realize that this is not true and that is why many black people look down on us!

Justice for Jasmine Thar Please !

Uhm!!! Maybe because they were shackled and handcuffed within minutes of the crime and already being brought to justice for this brutal crime like they should.
Please Please stop! Open your eyes. You are missing the point! A crime has been committed he need to be arrested and brought to justice FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL CHILD! Respect for her and her family.

If you don't understand ignorance is the problem.
But if you refuse to open your eyes and mind well prejudice is your heart.

What are you expecting

What are you expecting either to say? The African American women committed a terrible crime her rights weren't violated. Exactly who are you referring to when you say "blacks"? So the "whites" killed Jasmine?? You should get out more.

Because the killer is in

Because the killer is in custody.

If it is true that the cops found White Supremacy materials in the shooter's house, it seems like Motive, Method, and Opportunity are all known.

Some here on this forum say this is a "well-known" issue; obviously, not known to the shooter. Others say the Remington 700 is solid, as does the manufacturer. Either way, a loaded, "stored" weapon was discharged, wounding two and killing one. Negligence is still negligence.

A person is wrongfully DEAD. There must be atonement and recompense, be it Criminal, Civil or both.

This case is somewhat similar to that of Sanford, FL. If the cops would just simply make an arrest and let the courts sort it out, there would be no issue. But they didn't. Let's face it, you're not going to find many "bright" bulbs in Police forces in these small towns. Alas, Barney Fife comes to mind.

That is a known issue /

That is a known issue / defect with that model Remington rifle. A civil rights attorney is completely not needed. If I were the family I'd be conatacting a different attorney.

There was even a TV program not too long ago that dellved into that very issue (Remington model 700), but I'm drawing a blank on the show (History Ch?).

The Model 700 Remington...

...has a stellar career. It has been in use for fifty years, over forty of them with the Marine Corps and Army. When properly maintained it is as safe as any weapon made. I own two Model 700s and would stake my life on them.

You saw the report on CNBC, part of the "let's doctor the 911 tapes" NBC group of left-wing televison networks that have consistently done everything in their power to cheer on those trying to put gun manufacturers out of business.


I fail to see how a gun that misfires is the media's fault. Right-wing Ted Nugent types are failing to take responsibility for their own actions and like a child are trying to put the blame on someone else. You need a different spin on this.

Has a stellar career but ...

... that doesn't mean it's perfect. According to Remington internal documents, in 1948 before the gun went on the market, Mike Walker, the trigger's designer, proposed a design change to prevent the trigger's internal parts from falling out of alignment. Remington decided not to make that change. Wihout near-perfect maintenence, tiny amounts of debris can cause a problem with the mechanism.

A simple web search will

A simple web search will yield lots of information regarding the "known safety issue" of the Rem model 700. The guy is right, this is a well known problem (I thought?). The designer of the model 700 even stated this much but Remington refused to change anything because it would cost a few cents more per model.

No grand "left wing" conspiricy here......get a grip.

civil rights

This is a very sad situation and a horrible accident. But civil rights? The shooter was white so now its a civil rights thing. If he was black would it be the same?

No, but he would be in jail.

No, but he would be in jail.

The crime itself maynot be a

The crime itself maynot be a Civil Rights issue however, the handling of the crime is. Why is this man not held and charged? He killed someone whether it was premeditated or not is for the courts to decided.

Where is...

Where is the NAACP when you need them?

where is

do you have any idea why or how the NAACP came about if not do some research and you might be able to answer your own question?If not try googling it it will tell you everything you need to know.