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ONLY ON 3: Belville mayor, commissioner could be headed toward truce

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Belville mayor, commissioner could be headed toward truce

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A criminal case between Belville's mayor and a town commissioner was continued today, but both men say they just want to move on.

"If I'm given no option, I will go to court, and I will defend myself given no option. I would rather not. I would much rather he took the manly and proper thing to do and drop the charges, so we can move forward in a progressive fashion," Belville Commissioner Joe Breault said.

Breault says he tried to handle a disagreement with Mayor Jack Batson privately, but the mayor pressed charges. Breault says he knows the e-mail he sent Batson was not worded in the best way, but he is not apologizing for sticking up for himself and others.

"I'm a very up-front and direct person," Breault said. "If I have an issue, I will bring it to your attention. I went behind the doors and said, 'Jack, if you've got a problem, let's work it out between us.' Every single time that I did that, he agreed that he would do it, and then he'd go around and stab us in the back or do something off the wall."

Breault says Batson has told multiple people that he was planning on dropping the cyberstalking and communicating threat charges against Breault, but that has not happened yet.

We spoke with Batson by phone Thursday. He said he has gone back and forth on dropping the charges, but hasn't made a definite decision.

A judge continued the case today, because Batson could not be in court. If the charges are not dropped, Breault and Batson are due back in court May 25.

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Joe "the Bully" Breault

Hey Joe,

Maybe the Mayor pressed charges because sending a vulgar, threatening e-mail is not how you handle an issue, especially being a Commissioner and representing Belville. Private or not, you certainly do not seem to have the communication/social skills to speak up for yourself or others (if that was truly your intent)and I cannot believe we've allowed you to be elected.

I am one of the many victims to your bullying, and can say that it goes way outside the lines of being simply "up-front".

Looks like you've got your own poop to pick up now!


Notice you don't identify yourself other than as "....One of many victims of your bullying"....I have NEVER been accused of being a bully so I challenge you to publicly come forward and state who/when/where/how this supposed and purely ficticious "bullying" occured. Be prepared to prove and document your charges (including your "many victims" statement)as if you fail to do so, and I know you will, you may face Defamation of Character, Slander and Libel suits!!!. As for my actions as Commissioner, I'm proud of my efforts and accomplishments on behalf of the residents and there are over forty e-mails in my mailbox attesting to the residents pride in me. Finally, unlike you I am not afraid to state who I am and where I stand PUBLICLY. I'm waiting......

Response to the malicious claim of an unidentified sender by Joe Breault.

great to be able to reach out to you.

send me an email and we can catch up. Dot will be excited that we know wehre you are and can get together.