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Two teens charged in attempted abduction of 10-year-old

READ MORE: Two teens charged in attempted abduction of 10-year-old

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Two Wilmington teenagers are in some big trouble after investigators say they tried to abduct a child heading home from school.

The walk home from school quickly turned into a nightmare for one boy that the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office says had to hide in the woods until he felt it was safe enough to go home.

"I don't allow her to walk home by herself, because I'm afraid she's going to one get kidnapped, or two she's gonna get picked on," said Amber Bishop, who's daughter goes to Pine Valley Elementary, the same school where the alleged 10-year-old victim goes.

Deputies arrested Mark Sewell, 18, and Jaquelyn Martin, 16, for trying to abduct him after the boy told his dad they asked him where he lived, what his name was, and if he wanted candy.

Parents we spoke with say regardless of their age, the teenagers were up to no good.

"In my book, bullying and everything else like that is zero tolerance," Bishop said.

"I'm not only a parent, but I'm also an employee, and I know all my kids that go here," Latricia Starks said. "I just have a big problem with the kids not feeling safe about walking to or from school."

Other parents say they don't let their kids walk home because you never know what could happen.

"There's so much that goes on in the community nowadays, and I would prefer them walking in a group opposed to walking by themselves," Starks said.

Parents say they had not heard about the incident yet from the school.

Sewell's mother called our newsroom today and said disclosing the information about her son and the incident was unnecessary. When we asked if the family would like to share their side of the story, she said they would do it in court.

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You can call it the race

You can call it the race card or whatever but there is some validity in what "NOT Disgusted" said. With that might think you know these kids and you might even think you know their parents but you weren't there when this happened so you really don't know what their real intentions were, do you??

friends of them

i am a close friend of both defendants and i know for a fact that what they did is actually not a crime. They talked to a younger human being, no physical or verbal connection to taking the child was ever communicated. No crime was intended and they didnt even has candy. Since you think this is such a big deal go talk mark and crystal and meet them. Maybe have lunch with them and see had hard criminals they really are... yeha i didnt think so.

Would you be saying the same

Would you be saying the same words if this was your child who was confronted............ BET NOT!!!

Misunderstanding? Really?

Misunderstanding? Really? What part of a 16 year old and an 18 year old yelling at a 10 year old to get in a car that doesn't belong to his/her parents, and then WAITING for the 10 year old to run back out of the woods where he/she ran for safety don't you understand!! Making excuses for these teenagers behavior is what is truly disgusting and what seems to be wrong with parenting today!

Oh Well....

Bonnie and Clyde were also considered to be "good kids" by their family and friends.


LMAO they go to my school...i will deff be laughing at them when i see them !

This is ridiculous I know

This is ridiculous I know both of these kids and they would never abduct a child or even attempt too? I can almost guarantee that this kid was exaggerating he's 10 thats what 10 year olds do and Mark and crystal probably just pulled over to talk to the kid just messing around, they didn't mean any harm. Yes, it was wrong to pull over and even talk to the kid but This is really stupid. These kids meant no harm at all.

How do you know?

How do you know what was on these kids minds?
Were you there?

Just because you "think" that you know someone does not mean a thing.

I am so tired of people blaming the child whenever they have either been raped, abused or like in this case, almost kidnapped.

Have you asked these two Bozo's what did they have in mind? What were
their plans for this child who was walking alone?

Abduction not what it seems

The stoners were cruising through Pine Valley and this kid crossed right in front of them without looking. The teens in the car thought they would scare the kid to teach him a lesson. The kid got scared, (what 10 yr old wouldn't) and told his dad. So sad that this was painted as something other than a couple of stoners thinking they would teach a kid a lesson.


there you go making assumptions again. Mark is no stoner. And for you to make that comment is clearly irresponsible. I hope your kid never gets caught up in something serious like this, because you will be on the other side of the issue and it is quite painful to read the comments that follow.


whats the difference when we think of someone child being a thug?

kidnap attempt

We all know the answer to that! If these had been two mexican teens trying to lure a 10 year old child into their car the comments would be "they must be here illegally and need to be deported " and of course if they had been black teens Lord only knows the comments (wouldn't be supporting the teens though, that's for certain). If it had been a man and woman in their 40's Look out! everyone would be asking why they were allowed to bond out!!

Stop making excuses for these two and their criminal behavour terrifying a 10 yr old child "just because they look like 2 spoiled little rich white teens" Bad is bad no matter the color or race and what they did was certainly NOT good!!!


What "lesson" were they going to teach this 10y/o?

A "lesson" that the parents

A "lesson" that the parents should have taught him....look before crossing the street. Hope I am on the jury if it goes to trial. I guarantee you, these kids will walk with just a warning.

Well guess who learned the lesson...

Maybe the teenagers parents should have taught these two a few lessons too.


I pray that their parents took them STRAIGHT to a psychiatrist after bonding them out. Regardless of their intentions, they both need their heads examined, and it scares the heck out of me to think that they're out and about in our neighborhoods. Yikes!

Guess it doesn't take much

Guess it doesn't take much to scare you.......there are plenty of 16 and 18 year olds out ther a lot more of a threat than these 2. Better lock your door and hide under your bed.


I BET their parents and families talk about how great their kids are as well...

What the...

heck? It doesn't shock me as much when they arrest a 45 year old man with a mustache (seems like the creeps always have mustaches), who drives a van, for this sort of stuff but this fresh faced pair...was this their idea of a bad joke or was this an actual kidnapping attempt?

Please be joking. PLEASE BE

Please be joking.

Mustache = bad
16 year old white kids = let 'em off the hook?

Please. Be. Joking.

I weep for the future

I weep for the future

It is time

It is scary to think what they were going to do with this child. What will be their defense I wonder? I think it is time for parents to realize that you should not let your child walk alone. I know that parents have to work - but perhaps neighborhoods could get together and have some parents who don't work act as chaperones for these kids. Neighbors working with neighbors - not something we do any more. There are pedophiles and evil ones our there looking for your child - let's make it as hard as we can for them to get to them.

your an idiot... they wern't

your an idiot... they wern't actually trying to kidnap the kid they were just joking around... they didn't even leave the car. Get your facts straight before you go throwing around words like "pedophiles".

No your friends are the idiots...

You're an idiot not YOUR an idiot. Here is the only fact we need to know, they either were playing around or being serious. Either way guess who the idiots really are?? If you need help with the answer genius let me know. Dumba@@!

Who is the idiots?

Who is the idiots? I would think it is these two teens... I guess is they had a gun and started to wave it around they would be just trying to scare someone.. There is somethings you just don't joke about or try to scare people doing. This would be like yelling Fire in a Movie threater.

Just so you know, they

Just so you know, they weren't actually attempting to abduct the kid. They're stupid teenagers, they were just messing around being stupid.

just so you know

couldn't resist this one its amazing how these two were only messing around just a joke they come from a great home have parents that love them,but when its kidsthat don't look like them the parents are worthless they have nothing to offer to society this time could have been a joke or a prank what about next time?Great job to the parents that taught there child what to do when pranks like this arrive.

just so you know

couldn't resist this one why is it when there are other children of color oh they were just joking around, a prank they are from great parents that love them but when its other kids of color we are quick to jump on the parents and they have no place in society please look at the world and all the the good kids that go bad for one reason or another.

Are you kidding me?

This story appalls me. I hope they throw the book at these 2 teenagers and bring in their parents as well. In today's world, this goes beyond any defense they might have that this was a prank and something cute to do. I can hear the defense now.....and cudos to the 10 year old that told his parents and could describe the car! Well done to the parents of that child.

Nothing will happen to them,

Nothing will happen to them, guaranteed....they'll be sent home to mommie and daddy and told "don't do that again or you might get in trouble"!!