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Two teens charged in attempted abduction of 10-year-old

READ MORE: Two teens charged in attempted abduction of 10-year-old

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Two Wilmington teenagers are in some big trouble after investigators say they tried to abduct a child heading home from school.

The walk home from school quickly turned into a nightmare for one boy that the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office says had to hide in the woods until he felt it was safe enough to go home.

"I don't allow her to walk home by herself, because I'm afraid she's going to one get kidnapped, or two she's gonna get picked on," said Amber Bishop, who's daughter goes to Pine Valley Elementary, the same school where the alleged 10-year-old victim goes.

Deputies arrested Mark Sewell, 18, and Jaquelyn Martin, 16, for trying to abduct him after the boy told his dad they asked him where he lived, what his name was, and if he wanted candy.

Parents we spoke with say regardless of their age, the teenagers were up to no good.

"In my book, bullying and everything else like that is zero tolerance," Bishop said.

"I'm not only a parent, but I'm also an employee, and I know all my kids that go here," Latricia Starks said. "I just have a big problem with the kids not feeling safe about walking to or from school."

Other parents say they don't let their kids walk home because you never know what could happen.

"There's so much that goes on in the community nowadays, and I would prefer them walking in a group opposed to walking by themselves," Starks said.

Parents say they had not heard about the incident yet from the school.

Sewell's mother called our newsroom today and said disclosing the information about her son and the incident was unnecessary. When we asked if the family would like to share their side of the story, she said they would do it in court.

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Re: Kidnap attempt

I hope the judge gives them severe punishment for terrifying this 10 yr old child. Maybe fill their summer with 100's of hours community service work and fines.
Next time they could be on the news for killing a child

Are you kidding me? They

Are you kidding me? They were joking saying things out the window. yes, they shouldnt have been dumb enough to do so in the first place but they did no harm to that child other can scare him. Make note they didnt even stop their car, let alone get out or even try to touch the kid. I think if they were actually trying to take the child they would and could have done so. The fact that you would think they would kill some is ridiculous. This has all been blown way out of proportion

Oh, you were there? Sounds

Oh, you were there? Sounds like you have an eyewitness account you really should be sharing with the police -- care to come forward and make a statement on behalf of the two criminals?

I love how you're so quick

I love how you're so quick to judge what he had to say about how they didn't try to chase the kid when you weren't there either. Double standard much?

I completely agree with you.

I completely agree with you. People jump to conclusions. I am actually acquainted with Mark. He's a fantastic student and a very kind person. Everyone has done something that they don't necessarily regret,but aren't entirely proud of.

They deserve the punishment!

I agree that they should use these idiots as an example (it has to be done). For anyone that would stick up for these two, is just sad. Have a child and your tune will change. Whether it was a joke or not shouldn't matter. The 18 year old's mom is complaining...about what, the damn kid is 18, he has to face the consequences, period. The punishment should be for an adult, not for a kid just because he still lives at home. The other "kids" who say they know these two, well apparently not!
I just hope that they are punished enough so they get the message. I don't care who they "really" are. If this happened to my child on the way home from school, this would be an entirely different story.

Amen to that! I will even

Amen to that! I will even admit to doing something of this nature. No harm is intended, it's always for kicks and giggles.


Elementary kids get out of school a full hour before middle and high school kids. Why were the teens cruising around? There's something not right about the time...should the teens have been in school? The one who's 18 maybe not, but the one who's 16 -- why wasn't she in school?

are you kidding me

sound like they are friends of yours???