Wilmington hires lobbyist for short session

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to hire McGuire Woods Consulting to lobby for the city at the General Assembly's short session.

The council approved the $10,000 needed to hire the firm with the understanding that the work would only last two months. If the session goes longer, the city will have to decide if it will keep the firm on longer, which would cost an additional $5,000 a month.

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Is it for annexation, movie training money, general items?

It would be nice to know what we're paying for.

the same firm which employs the outgoing Governor's son?

Isn't it about time public funds misusers are held accountable such as in the Amanda Knox murder case where the prosectors are being investigated for public funds misused to create a video to get a conviction http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/05/amanda-knoxs-italian-prose...

is that relevant to this piece in any way, shape or form?

Are you on drugs?

So what? They're screwing the present taxpayers so that they can screw future taxpayers?

Great news! We need another in Hollywood and still another in DC! Advertise! Promote! Grow!

it's a WASTE of money...I want a camera in Saffo's office when it's announced the cities boundaries have been rolled back to 2009...I want it on video so I can see it over and over!