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NC approves amendment on gay marriage

READ MORE: NC approves amendment on gay marriage

Associated Press

RALEIGH, NC (AP) -- North Carolina voters have approved a constitutional amendment defining marriage solely as a union between a man and a woman, making it the 30th state to adopt such a ban.

With 35 percent of precincts reporting Tuesday, unofficial returns showed the amendment passing with about 58 percent of the vote to 42 percent against.

In the days before the vote, members of President Barack Obama's cabinet expressed support for gay marriage and former President Bill Clinton recorded phone messages urging voters to reject the amendment.

Meanwhile, supporters ran their own ad campaigns and church leaders urged Sunday congregations to vote for the amendment. The Rev. Billy Graham was featured in full-page newspaper ads supporting the amendment.

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If same sex marriage is

If same sex marriage is approved-I think these marriages should take place in a courthouse only. As a church it is their responsibiliy to uphold the Bible. Going against it is wrong. Let the church keep its beliefs instead of conforming to liberal ideas.

They raise their head so we can see them

It is a sad day when our president openly supports gay marriage. He and his supporters will try to persuade you to go along this path where there are no rules in life and where it is all "evolving". They are raising their heads higher and talking more so that we can see who they are and remember them. God does not speak of his plan to everyone. Thus many will be confused. Stand your ground. There is right and wrong in the world. There are rules to live by. Because God wants mankind to be in His image and not deluded away from it.

Email to Pres

I just sent an email to soon-to-be ex-President Obama, notifying him that because of his new stance on gay marriage, I can no longer in good conscience support him for re-election. It's time for the silent majority to get vocal and let him know where we stand.


lets get this straight you can't support the president because of his stance on gay marriage was the amendment about being married or benefits iam confused

Gay marriage is immoral

Gay marriage is immoral. Enough said!!!!

So don't get one

So don't get one

Momma always said...

North Carolinians...stupid is as stupid does.

Hey Forrest, your "Momma" is stupid, not North Carolinians!

First of all, if you don't like it here...MOVE. Second of all, this was southern state number 30 to vote the same ammendment into their constitution....NUMBER 30! Third, this was a great majority vote by the people. It is a statement.

Thus, maybe...just maybe the STUPID ones are those that can't seem to figure out how their sex organs are REALLY supposed to be used. Now, is that brain cell of yours starting to fire yet, Kilroy? You do realize that if your "Momma" had been gay, you wouldn't be here to write such idiotic comments, right?

Where do you live?

Where do you live?

I live here in North Carolina....

...but I live in a part of the state you are likely unfamiliar with. It is a part where people don't judge other people by the sexual orientation they were biologically assigned by God. (Your God, which makes it even better.)

It is a part of the North Carolina where cowards don't hide behind their own prejudice, or assign the degree of sin based on their own phobias. People here don't cherry-pick portions of the bible to support their argument, since it also justifies slavery, and a host of other things that are considered 'immoral.'

They are smart enough to understand history, and how the whole marriage thing evolved, as well as how it was crafted to suit the purposes of the time. Marriage now, in no way reflects what marriage was back in biblical times.

Being a straight white male with a wife and kids, I recognize that homosexuality really doesn't affect me, but the loss of any fellow American's basic freedoms, affects us all, since the slippery slope eventually can end up as a theocratical government (like Iran, Afghanistan, etc.) Since I served about 3 decades in the military, I am more acutely aware of exactly what I fought for than most of the chicken-hawks.

Hypocrites and homophobes don't live in this part of the state. The only solace I take today is I know that the ignorance is slowly dying out...and when our maker judges the quick and the dead, you'll be judged by what is in your heart.

It is a very small part of the state. One I am absolutely certain you are unfamiliar with.

Oh and yes...Momma was a real smart lady.

just to let you know about

just to let you know about judging someone, GOD has already done that , we are just stating a fact!!!

Oh My

It's comforting to know that you included yourself in the "stupid" category, since you are also from North Carolina.

Hypocrites and homophobes live everywhere, even in your part of the state. Maybe you've just got your nose so far up in the air that you can't see them; or maybe you haven't looked in the mirror lately.

Just because you were in the military doesn't mean you have the right to pick and choose for me. You helped fight for my right to vote as I see fit, and I thank you for that; but I want my own vote (not yours), and I voted my conscience. You may not agree with my decision but, hey, it is what it is.

Accept the fact that the majority of voters has spoken. Man up and deal.


You should know, Forest. Your email was pretty stupid.

Wake up...smell some coffee and get real!

Ammendment one passed as expected. Guess what? NC was the final southern state to pass the very same ammendment that 30...yes, GET THAT, 30 OTHER STATES have already passed! Starting to ring a bell yet?

In the case that you homosexuals, trans-whatevers, confused "Bi-don't know what we really are." and associated cross-dressers haven't figured it out yet, the vast MAJORITY still do not agree with your lifestyle and do not support it. You can curse religion, you can curse the people, you can curse the state and you can curse God. The fact remains that there is still morality left in the American household. You haven't even come close to wiping that out yet as much as you want to.

Also, if you want to boycott this great state, not work here and not vacation here, there is PLENTY of room up north for you with people a little more sympathetic to your condition. You may want to consider a move to better accommodate your "needs".

Yeah, so now we are among

Now we are among 30 bigot-filled states! This is disgusting! North Carolina now looks like the old south again. Can you conservatives take just one minute and STOP hating someone? No one wants your bible taken away from you but we don't want it running our lives either!

This amendment is un-constitutional. It will be reversed. Its not even a north vs south thing its a WRONG versus RIGHT thing. This time the RIGHT WING NUTJOBS ARE WRONG AGAIN!

HATE HATE HATE...thats all you care about.

Too bad homo's


When are you leaving? I will help you pack your bags? Why is it hate when someone does not agree or share your point of view?

I don't feel bad for the homo's, they majority of soceity has spoken and feel that legal marriage is between a man and woman.

You don't want our bibles running your life, well we don't want your beliefs or views in ours.

So, feel free to use I-40 westbound anytime. I will even spot you a tank of gas.

The majority of the North

The majority of the North Carolina society has spoken, yes. I respect the democratic process and I see that, unfortunatley, people voted from fear. It's clear.

I'm not leaving, why should I? I'll make it my business to make sure the conservatives know that because someone doesn't agree with your book that it makes them wrong.

I'm not even homosexual, I just hate people who are afraid of a person or group of people because they are different and not by a choice they made.

This is exactly like segregation. Did you think that was a good idea too? I'm sure your parents did.

I voted for the amendment

I voted for the amendment and guess what--I have never been afraid of homosexuals. I voted my conscience. This is nothing like segregation and to suggest such is a lap in the face of black people. Homosexuality is immoral, being black isn't.


I heard what you are saying and listened to your message, I just don't agree with it.

Homosexuality is a choice, not genetics. It is a learned trait, not ingrained into your DNA.

Why is this even a discussion for NC anyways? Sodomy is illegal in this state. So, by law, should all gay people be in jail?

Why is ok for a gay couple to have their domestic partners on their medical insurance, but I can not have my adult children on mine? How is that fair to me?

I do support segregation. Keeps things uniformal, no individuality and eliminates confusion.

You have every right to stay. You are entitled to have an opinion, even if it's wrong.

Hope you enjoy looking from the outside in.

Relax sunshine

It's not about hate. Some people just see marriage between a man and a woman. But you are correct, it will be reversed, in about twenty years. We right wing nut-jobs think you left leaning morons are wrong, not again, but always!

I'm a conservative

I'm a conservative and I don't hate anyone. I just voted my conscience. I'm sorry if you don't agree with me but, hey, it is what it is.

Calling people bigots and trying to shame them just because you don't agree is one of those "wrong" things you spoke about in your post. The majority of voters have spoken and voted the amendment into our state constitution. There's nothing unconstitutional about it.

Your post sounds like an immature child who didn't get their way so they're having a temper tantrum. You don't have to lose like a loser; your can lose like a winner.

Well said!

Well said!

ah yes....

The voters have spoken. Seems a bitter pill for some of the same old village idiot whiners around here. Fire away... Let's hear how wrong everybody is and see how much that changes anything.


Church and politics

When the church starts dictating laws, it's time for them to be considered another political party and be subject to taxation. Ignorance and fear are very dangerous to democracy. This nation seems to be on a path of closed-minded theocracy, similar to Iran or Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Hope you enjoyed your freedom while it lasted, America.

Since churches cannot vote,

Since churches cannot vote, they cannot dictate laws. This amendment passed because it was the will of the people. Your comparison to Iran in Afghanistan is too ludicrous for further comment.


You just sound like a poor loser to me.

any know the story, where a guy being different was nailed to a

anyone know the story, where a guy being different was nailed to a cross.......?

Are you really going to try

Are you really going to try and say that Jesus and gays are alike? It's obvious the one's who didn't want this to pass are not saved and do not believe in God or the Bible.


What are you saved from exactly? Don't say hell, hell does not exist. So what is it?


Different, yes. Homosexual, no.