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NC approves amendment on gay marriage

READ MORE: NC approves amendment on gay marriage

Associated Press

RALEIGH, NC (AP) -- North Carolina voters have approved a constitutional amendment defining marriage solely as a union between a man and a woman, making it the 30th state to adopt such a ban.

With 35 percent of precincts reporting Tuesday, unofficial returns showed the amendment passing with about 58 percent of the vote to 42 percent against.

In the days before the vote, members of President Barack Obama's cabinet expressed support for gay marriage and former President Bill Clinton recorded phone messages urging voters to reject the amendment.

Meanwhile, supporters ran their own ad campaigns and church leaders urged Sunday congregations to vote for the amendment. The Rev. Billy Graham was featured in full-page newspaper ads supporting the amendment.

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well now the churches can get back to molesting children.apparently the bible condones that funny how all these Christians and churches never come out against that just cover it up as far as im concerned you support the church and its rules you are just as guilty for molestation of children

First of all, you are the

First of all, you are the one that needs to get over it. The majority has spoken. Secondly, just because the Roman Catholic church had priests that molested children and officials who chose to sweep it under the rug, that doesn't mean that Christians should ignore other immoral behavior. And you will find that most Christians do not in anyway identify with the Roman Catholic church.

Too bad

Poor loser. Spew all the hatred you want, while accusing others of the same thing. Guess it's OK for you, huh? You're the minority and you lost, so be like your post name and "get over it".


First off too bad i did not vote for or against this bill because it is none of mine,yours or the churches business who a person loves or marries you say i spew hate truth hurts i see. you and your followers are just mad that man and women have found happiness with the same sex so they don't have to be miserable like you and many others in a marriage it is a proven fact that more christens commit more sins than gays all put to gather


OK, if you didn't vote either way, for or against the amendment, then you really have no right to complain about the outcome. Christians cared about the outcome, so they got out and voted.

I don't hate anyone, but I'm not going to vote contrary to my religious beliefs. Whoever told you Christians are perfect? Far from it; but if we make mistakes or bad decisions, it's up to God to judge us, not you and not the ungodly.

Calm down, have a cup of java, take a deep breath, and deal.

Okay so show us the proof...

That has to be one of the more ignorant sentences I have read all day. Let's see you back this up with the proof. Anyone can spit out supposed facts. Here is one for you....It is a proven fact that Christians is spelled with an IA not an E.

A proven fact???? Who

A proven fact???? Who exactly was the judge?

For once the politicians in

For once the politicians in Raleigh did the right thing by letting this decision be made by the citizens of North Carolina. They tried to lampoon it by having it during the primary election instead of the general election, but that didn't work. There were news stories and tv ads telling lies about how this would take away healthcare benefits for children, disrupt custody agreements and change how domestic abuse cases would be handled. None of their maneuvering and spinning worked.

Some people get ridiculous and compare this to the civil rights movement that moved to get the black people equality. There is no comparison. Homosexuality is immoral. Being black is not immoral. This comparison is a slap in the face of black people. I have seen black people being called ignorant for supporting this amendment.

Some people cry that it goes against the separation of church and state. Even if separation of church and state existed, it would not apply in this case as it is not the government that decided on this amendment, but the people themselves. Not to mention that it was not just religious people who supported this amendment.

Regardless of my religious beliefs, I have the right to vote my conscience just as much as everyone else has the right to vote their conscience. As for me, I am a Christian and I have been taught to love everyone regardless. I don't have to condone what they do in order to love them. When my child lies to me, I disapprove of her conduct, but I don't stop loving her just because she does something wrong. I have had relatives who lived lifestyles that go against the teaching of God's Word and I love them regardless, but I don't condone their behavior. I voted for this amendment because in good conscience I could not condone what the Word of God condemns.

But the politicians made a calculated move...

The Repubs in the legislature knew EXACTLY what they were doing. If it was a general election issue, more people would have gone to the polls... more Independents and more Democrats. With an essentially unopposed incumbent Dem president, and a previously hotly contested GOP presidential contest, you had to KNOW the hardcore Republicans would be going to the polls in better numbers than anyone else.

If you disapproved of your daughter's husband, would you keep him from visiting her in the hospital if something happened to her? I guess if she was with a same-sex partner, you're now happy that you have the right to keep her partner from visiting her.

If I didn't approve of my

If I didn't approve of my daughter's husband I would still respect their marriage and would not intervene in their relationship unless he was abusing her. My daughter knows that homosexuality is a sin and would never have a same-sex partner.

Bravo, Well said.

Bravo, Well said.

the people have spoken

The people voted! Majority rules! DEAL WITH IT!

But, the influx of yankees

But, the influx of yankees over there are probably what the real problem is.


Over where? Are you implying that all Southerners are gay? Once again; Yankee is Dutch word referring to English speakers seeking God in the New World. Think about what you are implying about yourself when you use a reference like Yankee towards people you don't like. I like to substitute; informed / un-informed for north vs. south comments. Read; the influx of informed people are probably the real problem... etc. So, what is the problem that you see informed people causing here?

By over there, I meant New

By over there, I meant New Hanover County. If not for the influx of yankees, then the vote wouldn't have been so even.

I would say that I am

I would say that I am disappointed with the results in New Hanover County, but I didn't expect better from people who keep re-electing the idiot mayor, city council and county commissioners like they do.

ammendment 1

The people who voted against this were voting on fear sad!

Fear tactics?

The amendment clearly states that no domestic partnerships, civil unions, or whatever you want to call them will ever be allowed for gays and Lesbians.

That means that gays and Lesbians will never have the same rights under our current tax structure or in regard to undocumented rights of survivorship that you and I have.

Yet we have a federal constitution that requires states to afford "equal protection of law" to its citizens.

We have now spit on the Fourteenth Amendment and enshrined gays and Lesbians as second class citizens in our state constitution. Had this amendment simply banned gay marriage, it wouldn't have even hit the radar screen. It probably would have passed by ninety-percent, amd certainly would have received my vote. No, the legislature had to go further and single them out to be denied rights afforded to heterosexuals.

"Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's." Their sexual activity is between them and God, but their rights as American citizens is an issue for they, and anyone who believes in equality and fairness, to raise to Caesar.

Congratulations to the Christian Taliban on your temporary victory. I'm sure this is heading for the federal courts and even the most conservative judges will find that it goes too far.

Wasn't the law good enough?

NC already had a law against same sex marriage. An amendment defining marriage was good enough for the people of Alaska, Montana, Arizona, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, Colorado, and Wisconsin. But apparently not for NC and 19 other states.

Now, in order for same sex couples to have ANY legal recognition at all, the Constitution of NC has to be changed. Legal recognition that would let someone inherit his or her same-sex partner's estate in the absence of a will. Legal recognition that would enable same-sex partners to make end-of-life decisions, OR EVEN BE ABLE TO VISIT THEM IN THE HOSPITAL...

How does this benefit anyone? I guess you have the satisfaction of being able to force your religious views on people.

What ever happened to one person's rights ending where the next person's rights begin? Maybe next we'll amend the Consitution to define the free exercise of religion as the weekly worship of Jesus H. Christ, and that no other religion shall be protected under the First Amendment. Would that make you people happy?

Why are you lecturing me?

Read my post, Nimrod. I was opposed to the amendment and voted against it.

It only takes filing a

It only takes filing a healthcare power of attorney to enable someone other than your next of kin to make your medical decisions.


The majority of voters voted yes to this amendment. In your own words, "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's". It's now a part of the NC State constitution because that's the way the majority of voters want it. People in 30 other southern states have already voted the same way. You may not like it, but this is a democracy in action, whether you agree with it or not.

You're wrong

Most simply banned gay marriage. That would have been fine with me. Taht would have been fine with most people who voted against Amendment 1.

But we went further. We went too far, and our perpetually penniless state will now find itself paying millions to defend this in federal court.

Anyone who is a true conservative and understands the Constitution knows that Amendment 1 goes too far.


This is a sad day for nc. All the crimes that happen in nc mean nothing. I just pray for the ones who voted for amendment one that if you have a family gay or straight living not married just realized what you have done. There are good people whom believe in god but there are some who go to church just to be seen. And at 12:05 that have that beer in hand or down road cheating on their wifes on my i know of so many who do this or also live a gay lifestyle on the side. But in all of my years ive never never seen voting taking place in churches til this year just wonder how many were influnced by this. Also how many will be false. I know whom will be judging me and it church wont be any of you sunday hypocrties. Live with what you have done. Maybe i should just let wifes and husbands know what their better halfs are doing. But nope im not as sick as yall are AMEN

The church had to step in

The church had to step in because if we let people like you decide we would be plagued and cursed with eternal damnation.Furthermore we are not the one that will judge you but if you dont read your bible you WILL get judged accordingly.

How is it that I completely

How is it that I completely understood the meaning behind your statement, yet still read it in the voice of a drunken Ralph Wiggum?

Half of what you said

At least half of what you said makes no sense at all. Sounds like a bunch of cackling from a three year old. I am not even sure what your point is. If you know what WIVES and husbands are doing does this mean they are doing it with you? Or are you hiding in the closets watching? Or do you really just have no clue what you are talking about?

I think that it's a sad day

I think that it's a sad day when people openly judge others because they go to church. If you feel the compunction to interfere with someone's marriage, you can be labeled as well. As for having a cold beer, glass of wine etc... Jesus was at a wedding feast & turned water into wine, it was His first miracle. If you attended church, you might understand the significance. Funny, with respect to the gay community, whatever happened to tolerance? We've been tolerant of what people do in the privacy of their own homes, yet when alternative lifestyles are shoved down our throats & we don't like it, we're intolerant? The people have voted, you need to accept it - or better yet, be tolerant of others! Also, there's a saying - judge not lest ye be judged... Further, the act of marriage boils down to a man & woman to procreate. That should not be taken lightly, yet when you look at it, you don't see it that way & that's part of the BIG problem. Gay lifestyles are a choice & do not provide the ability to procreate on their own. It is an aberrant lifestyle. As a lifestyle, it is a CHOICE. Sort of like getting a tattoo, you can understand that correct? If you get a full sleeve tattoo, & an employer doesn't think that it presents a professional image, they may not higher you. Even in a place like a veterinarian's office. Funny people shouldn't judge others, but they will still do it... Then again church attendance is way low across the country... You'd know that too if you went to church, or concerned yourself with those statistics. With that said, and your concerns of church goers voting in a way you don't like, I guess it's a safe bet that others who don't attend church didn't see it your way...! Have a nice day & be blessed! See you @ church...

Crimes will not be affected

Crimes will not be affected by this amendment. That's just more of the chicken little rhetoric and lies that have been spread by those opposed to this amendment.

Gay Marriage

Someday in the future, North Carolinians will look back on today, and see the mistake that was made. The battle was lost. But this war on equality is far from over.