Gov. Perdue: 'We look like Mississippi'

GREENVILLE, NC (WTVD) -- North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue had strong words Friday when asked about Tuesday's vote on Amendment One.

"We look like Mississippi," the governor told reporters during a visit to Greenville this morning.

Unofficial returns show the amendment - which defines marriage solely as a union between a man and a woman - passed with about 61 percent of the vote to 39 percent against.

North Carolina is the 30th state to adopt such a ban on gay marriage.

State law already prohibited same-sex marriages. Supporters said they wanted to write it into the constitution to further protect traditional marriage.

Perdue, who previously said she was against the amendment, told reporters that the vote is wrong for the state.

"People around the country are watching us and they're really confused to have been such a progressive forward thinking economically driven state that invested in education and that stood up for the civil rights people including the civil rights marches back in the '50s and '60s and '70s," Perdue said. "People are saying, 'What in the world is going on with North Carolina?' We look like Mississippi."

North Carolina's vote has reignited the national debate over same-sex unions. The day after the vote, President Barack Obama called it disappointing and said he was in favor of allowing same-sex couples to marry. Mitt Romney said he does not.

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political career... No wait!

GO AWAY BEV PERDUE!!!! She needs to quit lying, because all she does is lie to her own people! She lied to NC to get elected, she lied to teachers and law enforcement to get elected. She hasnt done anything positive for NC. I will be glad when the new election year takes place, so we wont have to deal with her anymore. I would like for the people of Mississippi to know that she doesnt speak for everyone in NC.

Gov. Perdue is right that's nc for you 2 steps forward and 50 steps backward!!

Since when does freedom of religion require the "freedom" to cram your religion down someone else's throat?! OK, so you're against same-sex marriages, and apparently ALL same-sex unions... but does their existence in any way curtail your rights? You just used the Constitution to curtail theirs.

One of the overriding principles of the Constitution is that one person's rights end where the next person's rights begin. NC has officially forgotten about that.

Congratulations, NC is now among 20 states leading the race to the bottom. The others that constitutionally ban any legal standing for a same-sex union or partnership are:

South Carolina
South Dakota
North Dakota

The other states that have amendments defining marriage do not take a constitutional stance on same-sex unions.

Just do everybody a favor and vote against all marriages- straight and gay. We can get rid of divorce court, and stop going to boring weddings!

Let's definitely vote to ban Kardashian weddings.

Ms. Perdue does not speak for the, moral, majority.

Wilmington Observer

Well if she don't like it, she can go run for govenor up in new jersey or something. she's a typical idiotic libber wing-nut, insulting the electorate and expecting them to vote for her. the state will be a lot better off when this sow is gone.

So glad that the election is over. A marriage between a man and a woman is the right way! U just can't bellieve that a man and a man or a woman and a woman is the right way. Please read your Bible and attend Church and ask questions to the Preacher or your church leader. Remember what is right and how U were raised. Doesn't matter if your are a Yankee, Westerner or a Southerner. Man and woman go together

I agree with people reading the bible! And just how does Mississippi have anything to do with this voting in NC! It was the people of NC who still want and believe and trust that the best thing for our state, our families, and our country is for marriage to stand for what it always has been. Oops, I forgot religion can't be brought into anything anymore, but read your bible and we people on this earth are ot here to judge, but the Lord almighty will be the one that all have to face and if we start passing laws to help people sin then we are not helping the issue!

Bev's sad because she wanted to tax each gay marriage.

Go away Bev! She is a Bad Dream.

I like mississippi..

Hey Gov. why didn't you say California? Even the people of California (one of the most liberal states) voted that marriage is between a man and a woman, then a liberal Judge overruled the people. Your statement is derogatory and hateful toward Southerners. Seems you are ashamed of your own state, so leave!

Well we know how Bev feels about the South! She should go move to NY or San Fransico when she gets out of office, and take the rest of the non southern liberals in our big cities who moved down to NC. I'm just fine with conservative Northerners and Westerners, more of them are welcome! Just look at a map and you can see all the progressive votes come from the Triad and other big cities where Northerners have moved to. Even Wilmington was close to a 50-50, but the outlying counties in SE NC where there are more native Carolinians where like 80-20, and those counties like Columbus and Robeson who also voted around 80% are overwhelmingly Democratic.

The voice in North Carolina that matters the most did the speaking at the polls on Tuesday.

...are the "progressive forward thinking" liberals that don't give a damn what the majority of the people want, unless of course the majority voting for what "they" want are "progressive forward thinking" liberals.

N.C. has had just about enough of your "progressive forward thinking" Bev. We can look forward too and see the real cliff we're about to go over. Democrates have controlled N.C. for over 100 years and so you can't blame anyone else. Unless of course you are Barack Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama.

Wow. You people are kind of ignorant and angry.

And I voted, I guess you think Beverly Perdue is smart. LOL!

...are the "progressive forward thinking" liberals that don't give a damn what the majority of the people want, unless of course the majority voting for what "they" want are "progressive forward thinking" liberals.

N.C. has had just about enough of your "progressive forward thinking" Bev. We can look forward too and see the real cliff we're about to go over. Democrates have controlled N.C. for over 100 years and so you can't blame anyone else. Unless of course you are Barack Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama.

"N.C. has had just about enough of your "progressive forward thinking""
N.C. had had just about enough of your "regressive backward non-thinking".

Wow. Some of you are kind of angry and ignorant.

So you can marry your cousin, just not your gay cousin!

Actually, I just found out that marrying your cousin is illegal in Mississippi as well as the following states:

New Hampshire
North Dakota
South Dakota
West Virginia

Your post isn't even half right.

Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia and in certain circumstances: Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Utah, Wisconsin

No, you can marry your gay cousin, you just can't GAY marry them.

Why pick on just Mississippi? If you're going to condemn Mississippi, you may as well condemn all the other states who also allow you to marry your cousin:

District of Columbia
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
Rhode Island
South Carolina

Oh yes, and these states also allow it under certain conditions being met:

North Carolina

If you're gonna tell the truth, tell the whole truth.

how original

Well, she looks like the Joker, but that is a different issue. You would think she would stand behind on what the voters of the state voted for. If she can't then she needs to leave office and lets put someone in that understands the voters voice.

I never voted for her and I am stuck with the peoples vote. That is the problem with this country. It is all about the minority wants and not the majority.

Perdue, please take note.... NC is not the only state that has said no to this..

Why didn't she mention the other 28 states before NC who also passed an amendment? Do they ALL "look like Mississippi"? This is coming from a woman who has flip-flopped on the issue of gay marriage and caved into pressure from higher-ups. This has nothing to do with civil rights, and everything to do with morality. She just lost my vote.

Gov. Perdue'S COMMENT WAS UNPROFESSIONAL and she owes an apology to the people and state of Mississippi. And it does have everything to do with morality. The 'political correctness' in the nation has gone so far left until it's no wonder right and wrong has been distorted to FIT popularity at any cost.