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Baptist pastor lays out plan to do away with ‘lesbians, queers, homosexuals’


MAIDEN, NC (WSOC-TV) -- "I figured a way to get rid of all the lesbians and queers: build a great, big, large fence -- 150 or 100 miles long -- put all the lesbians in there. Do the same thing for the queers and the homosexuals and have that fence electrified so they can't get out. And you know what, in a few years, they'll die."

These are the words of a Maiden pastor whose May 13 sermon was posted to YouTube.

Charles L. Worley, the pastor of Providence Road Baptist Church, made the comment as part of a sermon that slammed President Barack Obama’s support of gay marriage.

"God have mercy," Worley said in the video. "It makes me puking sick to think about. I don't even know whether or not to say this in the pulpit -- can you imagine kissing some man?"

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Repeal Amendment One ASAP!!!!!

Mail your comments to his

Mail your comments to his home address!
3912 Williams St Maiden, NC 28650-8452

Read more here:

He is not a man of God!!

He is not a man of God!! And that whole church needs some serious prayer!!!

I agree with wat he say.he

I agree with wat he say.he know how to git the message to peoples.

tweety, agrees but what if

the same "preacher" decides to not like babies or redheads and decides to fence them in and allow them to die.....?

how is it any different than saying round up Afro american or Jewish people?

the Kkk was also religious based and many actions following the bible's teachings

trace this preacher's heritage and I bet you will find a white robe as well with a hood.

tweety agrees

no i don't had to change to tweety 12 the tweety that agrees with this pastor is truly touch by the way hope grand bonnie and anne had a great dad


I didn't know you were a Baptist.


Anyone want to guess what political party this clown belongs to?

I don't have to guess

He is a registered democrap and was a vocal supporter of John Edwards.

More than likely a Democrat,

More than likely a Democrat, prolly, just like his buddy Fred Phelps from the Westboro Baptist Church, who is also a Democrat.

Can't expect much more from

Can't expect much more from a cult that passes around rattlesnakes.


What a pitiful small minded little man. ( I use the word man loosely) This fool sounds like something that crawled out from under a flat rock to spew this hatred and venom. No wonder young people are leaving any form of organized religion in droves. This is not what Jesus would do, and if he, or anyone thinks this is the way you treat your fellow man then they are sadly mistaken. This is the kind of idiot who would have the deacons of the church give approval for couples to have sex for any other reason except to have children. I bet if his life was put under a microscope there would be many things he doesn't want anyone else to know about.

Something tells me this guy

Something tells me this guy will be caught with his pants around his ankles in a seedy men's restroom in the company of a stranger any day now. It's usually the most hateful and self-righteous that are the biggest closet cases.

Ooops !

And the Lord said "Thou shalt round up those who offendeth thee, and thou shalt place them in a special place behind strong wires, and thou shalt controll them and eliminate them!" .... Uhh, wait a minute, I got that wrong. .... That wasn't the Lord, that was Hitler, 70 years ago. .... Ooops!

HATE! should be in the all knowing bible!

HATE! should be in the all knowing bible!

HATE! should be in the all knowing bible!


first I am not gay,but with the precious time we have on earth, if people find someone they love and are happy so be it!

Are the bible thumpers jealous of the happiness?

the Hate, energy and effort should be directed towards
1.homeless people
2.hungry people
3.people facing medical issues
4 literacy
5.obesity care
7.elder care

anything but HATE!

preach from the pulpit not in the bedroom.

Hate to me should be in the bible..........mmmmmm funny huh....selective interpretation if the bible.

if 1 passage is enforced all should be.

Read the bible it is full of hate and damnation.....just say'in

Pastor bashing gays

I feel sorry for this church who has a pastor like this-mean/hateful. God is love & He loves all. God loves across the differences & as God's children shouldn't we do the same, follow the Golden Rule. This man needs to be pulled off the pulpit & his mouth stapled shut. This so-called pastor is hateful & the devil's words are coming out of his mouth not God's. I'm a christian, have accepted the Lord as my Saviour. I'm a southern baptist, heterosexual & we don't hear any hateful words from our pastor. I've have plenty of friends who are gay, lesbian & I still love them as God does. Please have this man, who claims to be a pastor, removed & revolk his clergy license.

I hope that question was not directed at his wife

because he might not like the answer.

Ha. This is my kind of

Ha. This is my kind of preacher! I don't go to church b/c i think it's all a bunch of fairy tales, but i'd go if this fella was preaching, he sounds like my kind of folks!


Wait... Didnt Hitler do this too? We did fight a war against that evil jackass didnt we? What an ignorant idiot.

No...'re thinking of Barack Obama.

I guess he's read the Bible

It's no secret that I'm totally in favor of equal rights for gays and Lesbians. I voted against Amendment 1 specifically for that reason - it goes too far past simply banning gay marriage, and renders gays and Lesbians into permanent, second-class citizens.

That said, if gays and Lesbians think that Christians, Jews, and Muslims have to accept your lifestyle, you're approaching the tyrannical Nazi point yourself.

The Bible, Old Testament and New, resoundingly condemns homosexuality. There's no gray area, there's no wiggle room, it is condemned as an abomination, period, end of sentence.

Now I know there are ministers right here in town who value the contents of their collection basket more than they value a strict interpretation of the Bible, but the simple fact is that any true Christian, Jew, or Muslim is going to reject your lifestyle and view you as they view any other sinner.

So if YOU reject what the Bible says about homosexuality, at least understand that people who do believe it is the inspired word of God may have very strong feelings about it....and why would you even CARE what this guy says if you're not a Christian?

As for the issue of preaching politics from the pulpit, get real. This guy never even approached the levels of outright candidate endorsements and "one-party" registration drives routinely conducted churches of one specific strongly Democrat-loyal group....

Bible stance on homosexuality

I am a Christian and know that the bible condemns homosexuality. The bible condemns many things which we do today (i.e. eat pork and cut our hair); however, nowhere in the bible does it say that God needs us on earth doing His work for him and judging/punishing others for their sin. That's His job. The bible in Matthew 18:17 and 2 Thessalonians 3:14/3:6 that if others are not acting in accordance with God's principles, to remove ourselves from them. Cast them from us. That means stay away from them and live your life in accordance with God's word. Not take them with us and punish them for their sins. I too have strong feelings about the word of God and am ashamed that others would create their owns and put them in God's mouth.


I am no expert, but Forgiveness is between you and God?

I do not agree with their life style choice...

The majority of North Carolina does not agree with their life style choice...

IF you do not like the rules in North Carolina, move to another state that suits your needs. Pretty simple. The majority of North Carolinians have taken a stance that 30 other states have taken. There are 20 other states for someone who chooses that lifestyle to go and live that lifestyle and or be married in their life style.

Why should the rest of us be forced in having to accept his or her choice of lifestyle? If a gay person can but their domestic partner on their health insurance, why can I not put my adult children on mine?