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Wilmington church offers ashes and blessings to go on Ash Wednesday

It's Ash Wednesday -- an important holy day of prayer and fasting for many Christians.

Menorah lighting in Wilmington to mark celebration of Hanukkah

The holidays are in full swing in the Cape Fear region. There will be a community menorah lighting ceremony this weekend. 

How long is the sermon? Study ranks Christian churches

The major branches of Christianity in the U.S. have sharply different traditions, with sermons at historically black Protestant churches lasting — on average - nearly four times as long as Roman Catholic sermons.

NC Catholic priest on administrative leave after sex abuse allegation

A Charlotte priest at one of the largest Catholic churches in the country was placed on administrative leave Monday after being accused of sexually abusing a minor.

Jersey City’s mayor says gunmen targeted Jewish market

The gunmen in a furious firefight that left six people dead in Jersey City clearly targeted a Jewish market, the mayor said Wednesday, amid growing suspicions the bloodshed was an anti-Semitic attack.

‘Trying 2 impeach Jesus too!’ NC church displays controversial sign

A North Carolina church is raising eyebrows with a controversial sign involving the political divide among Americans.

Chick-fil-A ends donations for anti-LGBTQ organizations

After courting controversy for years, the fast-food chain Chick-fil-A will no longer fund two organizations that have historically opposed same-sex marriage.

Still teaching at 95, Jimmy Carter draws devotees to church

The pilgrims arrive early and from all over, gathering hours before daybreak in an old pecan grove that surrounds a country church. They come, they say, for a dose of simple decency and devotion wrapped up in a Bible lesson.

Jimmy Carter says he is ‘at ease with death’

Former President Jimmy Carter said he was "at ease with death" while speaking in front of a crowd during a Sunday school service this weekend.

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