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Man bites police dog


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police say a man is in jail after he bit a dog. Police arrested Travis Glaspie on June 5 on multiple counts, but he was released after posting bail. They tried to arrest him again on Friday on other charges, but he ran.

The chase ended when WPD K-9 "Maxx" caught Glaspie. While struggling with Maxx, Glaspie bit the dog's ear, tearing it so severely the dog needed several stitches.

Glaspie was originally wanted on outstanding warrants including possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and firing into an occupied vehicle. He was then charged with felony assault on law enforcement animal, resisting arrest, assault on a law enforcement officer, property damage and possession of a Schedule VI controlled substance.

His bond initially was set at $1,025,000 and he remains in custody.

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You People Are Pitiful

You People Are Pitiful Because He's Black He Has To Be A Thug Never Judge A book By Its Cover How Can You Judge An talk Trash About Someone You Don't Even Know Its Sad US Black People Are Judge Off Gate For Anything Its 2012 Come On Such Racism

couldn't save ear

I heard today that they couldn't save Maxx's ear. Is this true? Does anyone have an update?

It's unfortunate the taxpayers must care for this animal...

I'm not talking about the dog.


Does anyone have an update on Maxx's condition?

I hope this guy...

has his vaccinations up to date. I sure wouldn't want the dog to catch anything!!

baby pictures please

when do we get to see Maxx's & Glaspie's baby pics??

It's unfortunate that the officers.....

....didn't take care of the situation right there on the spot. This POS deserved a .45 right through the orbital socket.

Of course, you wouldn't want to damage Maxx's hearing, so maybe just a baton across the bridge of the nose and mouth. With no teeth, he wouldn't be able to bite any more dogs!

His mama

I bet his mama is so proud of him.

Did they....

Did they test Maxx for any nastiness this thug perp may have? Not real bright are you Glaspie? WPD K-9 is a member of the force FOOL!

I wonder what his bail would

I wonder what his bail would have been set at if he had not bit the dog.

This is to funny…… Bad

This is to funny…… Bad Boy, Bad boy, what you going to do??? Do your Time…. However, the bitting of the dog, I love it…. Our Local police have a hatred for citizens. Because some people breaks laws and do bad things, doesen’t mean that police have a right to act as aggressively as they do. Their jobs and their badges give them a sense that it is acceptable to be legal thugs. The German Sheperd would not ask the man to submit. The German Sheperd was sent to tear holes in this man’s flesh. We have soldiers who are going through court martials for exercising less aggression than our civil service police officers. Do you understand what I just described to you? There’s a difference between civil service and warrior, but our police believe they are warriors and exercise it daily. It is my intention to point this fact out, and there should be a difference between civil service and warrior that is as different as night and day. Being a police officer is a tough job. It requires mental toughness. It will require a well-balanced psychological person. And we have very, very few of these. There used to be a motto that police departments had, and it was on their vehicles and all their publications. I don’t see it anymore. It’s been replaced with D.A.R.E. The old motto was better, but I believe the police department dropped it because they knew it was hypocritical. It was, “To Protect, and Serve.”


No...the German Shepherd was to catch and restrain him. You sure don't know much about this for all of your ranting...
How would you like to try to do the job these men and women do? Do you believe you could do better? No...I don't think so, so please shut your pie hole.

I say we let Maxx have

I say we let Maxx have another go at him . . .


It's so upsetting to know that there are people like this man who are loose in society. He is a vile person and I hope he rots in prison. I hope the dog is okay and won't suffer any permanent damage from this.

Man bites dog

I say put hamburger in his pocket and let the dog loose on him again.


Let 'em loose on his a@#!!!!!

And wrap him in bacon

And wrap him in bacon