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Cary dog reaches final round for ‘hero dog’ award for work in war zones

Yeager is often the center of attention in his Cary neighborhood and there's no doubt he's the center of attention in the Zuendel household.

Family adopts the brother of ‘Gibson’, the dog allegedly killed by neighbor

Roughly two months since losing Gibson, Leigh West and Billy Fulcher got a message from a nearby animal clinic that she works for. It all led to a special adoption to honor their dog.

Laboratory animals from Mexico getting fresh start in NC

Several animals got a real taste of freedom recently after a life behind the bars of animal testing labs. The animals were brought across the border from Mexico on Friday by the Beagle Freedom Project. The rescue group for former research animals brought them to a farm sanctuary in Lincolnton.

Woman seeks visitation with dog she shared with ex-boyfriend

A custody battle in Maine between a woman and her former boyfriend focuses not on a child but on a dog.

Dog rescued while swimming 135 miles off Thailand

A dog found swimming more than 135 miles from shore by workers on an oil rig crew in the Gulf of Thailand has been returned safely to land.

Cadbury releases commercial starring Wilmington bulldog

We are melting! Cadbury has released their iconic "Clucking Bunny" commercial featuring a Wilmington pup and he is beyond cute.

Wilmington bulldog to be featured in iconic Cadbury bunny commercial

We have some exciting news for one Wilmington furry friend. Henri the Bulldog is the winner of the first "Bunny Tryouts" for the Cadbury company.

Wilmington dog could become the next Cadbury ‘bunny’

Easter is almost here, and one beloved Easter candy everyone is looking forward to is Cadbury eggs. The candy company is on the search for the next Cadbury bunny.

Pet Pals: One-year-old dachshund mix looking for forever home

There’s a one-year-old dachshund mix at the New Hanover County Animal Services looking for a home

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