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Great Dane bites intruder, saves family during home invasion

Oklahoma resident Tracy McCoy has never been more thankful for her dog, Dubai, after the 122 lb. Great Dane saved the day when a stranger walked right into their home.

North Carolina family’s dog gives birth to green pup

The Avengers may have gained a canine sidekick after a North Carolina family's dog gave birth to a bright green puppy named “Hulk.”

South Carolina man finds his stolen dog dead along a highway

A South Carolina man whose dog was stolen along with his truck has found the body of his beloved pet alongside a highway.

Wilmington service dog certified in ‘red vest’ ceremony

A service dog named Trent became certified with paws4people, a nonprofit organization designed to give people with physical, mental and emotional disabilities assistance through canine companionship.

Craigslist puppy ad scams people out of thousands

Dozens of people are looking for answers after being scammed by a Craigslist ad claiming to sell purebred puppies.

Family dog sticks by missing 3-year-old’s side

A missing 3-year-old child out of Scotland County was Thursday morning and is okay, according to Scotland County Sheriff Ralph Kersey.

Adopted dog turns up after being missing nearly a month

A pup adopted from Pender County Animal Services which was lost for almost a month has finally been caught.

‘She didn’t even slow down’: Man hit by car while trying to save his...

A Piedmont man was hit by a car while walking his dog.

Cary dog reaches final round for ‘hero dog’ award for work in war zones

Yeager is often the center of attention in his Cary neighborhood and there's no doubt he's the center of attention in the Zuendel household.

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