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Four teens, 20-year-old charged in connection with delivery driver's murder

READ MORE: Four teens, 20-year-old charged in connection with delivery driver's murder

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Five people, including four teens, are charged in connection with the murder of a Chinese restaurant delivery driver in Wilmington.

Zhen Bo Liu, 60, was found dead in a car near 13th and Queen Streets June 14. He was on duty when he was killed.

I spoke with a few of Liu's coworkers at the China King on S. 17th St., who were rocked by their friend's cold-blooded murder. The restaurant has stopped delivering because of it.

Police say Liu was shot and killed over a $48 meal.

“They shot this guy, took the food and they went back to a house a short distance away and all sat down and ate it. Now if that's not cold-blooded, I've never seen it,” aid Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous.

Police say Cornell Dwayne Haugabook Jr., 20, and a 15-year-old boy, who police will not identify because he is a juvenile, are charged with murder and armed robbery.

Manije Daneek Johnson, 16, Rasheed Ramone Thompson, 16, and Marvin Lee White, 18, are charged with conspiracy to commit robbery in connection with the crime.

“I’ve been a prosecutor now in this office for 13 years,” said New Hanover County District Attorney Ben David. “I've handled the bulk of the murder cases, and by any objective measure this is the worst I've seen.”

David says everyone will be held fully accountable for Liu's murder.

“There will be discussions moving forward about whether this case is death penalty eligible,” David said.

By state law anyone under 18 cannot face the death penalty, but the juvenile could still face life without parole.

Chief Evangelous says he hopes these arrests will serve as a warning to others.

“If you're going to be involved in this type of activity, we're going to hunt you down and we're going to put you and jail and put you in prison,” he says.

Police say they do not know if the crimes were gang related.

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Its a very sad thing that happen to the young man
that lost his life trying to make an honest living
To lump all black men in that neighborhood into
one group it is not fair to the ones that are working
are going to college to make a better life for themselves.
Now the young men charged with the crime should
Receive the harshes sentence available.I
know this will not stop some people from saying that
All young black men are lump together its not
Fair .Thats just like saying all white men are
Members of the KKK,or serial killers,or child molesters.a

Wow! These young men need

Wow! These young men need guidance and they are the exception rather than the rule. Are you at really as ignorant as you appear or just a thrill-seeker for hatred?



Boys from the Hood


More young black men commit far more violent crimes than other racial groups. This is a fact, and you should face the facts. And by the way, blacks make up only 12% of our population.

Boyz in the hood, if blacks

Boyz in the hood, if blacks omly make up 12 percent. How in the Hell can Young black men committ the highest crimes amoung any race. Go check your information again !!!!!!!!


I find it apalling that anyone that has a brain would put such racists garbage on this site. The fact that you would judge all black people based on these alleged criminals is not only wrong but down right ignorant. Where was your comment when so many WHITE young men had taken so many lives at these colleges and schools.I guess all WHITE people have been given so many chances to get rid of the guns in there houses and to try and control their crazy kids,they don't only kill one they kill many!!!A criminal is sick and should pay no matter what race and it definitely doesn't reflect a whole race of people-who's the thug???


More of ILM's upstanding young people. Poor old guy loosing his life to deliver dinner. Such a wonderful and safe downtown we have.

These Thugs. We pay hundreds

These Thugs. We pay hundreds of billions to their mothers, to drop as many as they can. And they just keep multiplying.

Island Boy Goons

It says on his facebook page he is with (or was with) the Island Boy Goons LOL!/cornell.haugabook
It seems by looking at their fingers they are all in the club do to some sort of an arthritis condition.

Completely NOT shocked...

Completely NOT shocked by finding out who was behind this horrific crime.

15-18 yrs old black males with NO moral compass or compassion for anothers life.

This is so disgusting on every level I just dont know what else I can say that wont cause my comment to be deleted or prevented from showing up.

D I S G U S T I N G !

not shocked...

Wendy ,what is it that you wanted to say that you couldn't express in an intelligent conversation.Disgusting, without a doubt.I know when we are angry its hard to express ourselves with the intellect we are given.Now that you have had time to reflect i would love to know your true feelings.I know how this will sound to some,but i will say it anywayI have read these comments and spoken with a few friends(black,white and hispanic)and it seems just in my circle can't speak for anyone else we are more upset with the crime because of the location and the five young men involved.What bothers me the most and i could be wrong(not everyone)but the first thing we see is the color of the young men were they lived and there home life would it be less barbaric if they were dress in a suit and tie and came from a two parent home,you know all black kids don't live in the same neighborhood or come from single parent homes.Now WWay might not post this.

Tweety 12....

Tweety have an extremely annoying habit of being patronizing. Why don't you just stop the condescending garbage, okay? Maybe it would help if you put yourself in the place of the grieving family. Then you probably wouldn't be so smug.


guest 6858 i assume you are refering to the reply i made to wendy? Condescending ,smug i was just making an observation and if it annoyed you that wasn't may intend..Grieving family my prayers always go out to the grieving family.See when you lived through it you know how a family feels you don't have there feeling but you know the hurt.Been there done that.

No, actually,

No. Actually I am referring to the comments you always make. Not good practice to tell people "how" to feel or what their observations should be. Makes you come off like a real know-it-all. Sometimes, the less you say..the more it means. Get it?

No Actually

Ok you are referring to 99 percent of the comments made.
On this board good or bad right or wrong
it's my opinions like you have yours.Are you always correct
are you always wrong?


I am not arguing that what these boys did wasnt wrong! It was very wrong to all degrees. But by you stereotyping it as a "Black", shows that you are just as ignorant as they are. Do you now watch the same news that I watch? or read the same papers that I read? Just last week there was a case of a WHITE man killing his girlfriend very violently, did you see any african-american people, posting "look at this crazy WHITE man". or the several white people who have killed their children and parents and so forth. No! These unnecessary killings are not just in the black community, they are happening EVERYWHERE! We all need to pray for our country as a whole, because this tyranny is effecting everyone no matter the race, age, or creed. WECT is turning into a place where racism can be spoken aloud & very clearly. I send my condolences to this man's family & friends, & hope he may rest in peace. I am not as closed minded into blaming this on the color of their skin, rather the disregard for human life that is taking place all over the place. I will pray that you will do the same...


What kind of beings would do this? SAVAGE BEASTS!

OK...I'll get it started with...

"Not my boy! He's a good boy!"...says the mother of any one of these thugs.


This feral thug has a series of serious convictions in the state of Florida. He is on parole.

get it started

taxpayer this has nothing to do with the these young men mother's no mother gives birth to a child wanting them to do horrible things in this world.No mother wakes up and say they want there sons to be killers.So this had nothing to do with the mother but everything to do with the chooses these young men made should they recieve the harshes penalty the law allows without a doubt,if its the death penalty or life without parole this is the life path they chose.

Five "somethings" charged with murdering a human being

would be a more appropriate headline. So these mouth breathing wastes of oxygen are accused of ordering food, luring this working man into a trap, shooting him at point blank range and then, taking the food to a house and eating it. If convicted, if you don't support the death penalty for this one, you have a serious cognitive problem.

Death Penalty

You don't have to have a cognitive problem because you don't support the murder penalty. Let's face it, it may make some people feel better, but, it is not a deterrent to crime. People know if they kill someone they can get the death penalty here in NC, and yet they kill anyway. So, how is that deterring crime? When we, the citizens of NC, have legally sanctioned killing it makes us at just about the same level as the one we kill. So, let's stop playing God.

Scum bag started in fla

Remember, the police and court system protects us from these predators.


It was too hot for hoodies, or you can bet your life all four of these vicious hoodlums would have been wearing them.

To Mr. Liu's family and friends I send my sincere sympathies.


More inner-city black men need to emulate the work ethic of our industrious Asians.

My thanks to all you Asians, who come to this country and through hard, disciplined work make a success of your lives. Kudos also to our new hard-working Latino population.

And concerning Mr. Lius murder, don't wait for any words forthcoming from our local chapter of the NAACP. Their lips will remain closed concerning this moral abomination.

And NO, I am not racist. But I feel that I must attempt to shine a little light on these utterly depraved young men and their evil deed.


So wheres the outrage for

So wheres the outrage for this cold blooded murder.Why arent the news people pushing this at the top of the headlines.Where is the mayor of the city ,why isnt he stepping up and letting everyone know that these type of criminal acts wont be tolorated.if it had been a black man murdered in this fashion all hell would of been breaking lose.The mayor would have been offering all kinds of condolences and promises to the public if this mans skin would have been black.

Too bad...

They did not put up a fight. Then the cops could have shot them and saved the taxpayers a lot of money.

Of course, the mammas will be telling us what sweethearts their babies were.