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Leland officer crashes cruiser into tree

READ MORE: Leland officer crashes cruiser into tree

LELAND, NC (WWAY) -- A Leland Police officer crashed his patrol car into a tree this morning while on patrol. Ofc. Andrew Correll was not hurt in he accident, according to the Leland Police Department.

Highway Patrol Sgt. Matt Hardee said Correll was pulling off the road on the ramp from US 17 North to US 74/76 West when it appears his anti-lock breaks failed in the wet grass. Hardee said dash cam video shows Correll had been going 55 to 60 mph on the highway before slowing down to pull over. He says the car hit the tree at 39 mph according to dash cam video.

Sgt. Hardee said the video also showed Correll was not using his in-car computer at the time of the accident, and he does not believe there are any other factors involved aside from a mechanical problem.

Hardee said Correll was taken to the hospital to be checked out. He said in addition to the front end damage to the cruiser, the steering wheel was bent in the collision.

Hardee said the crash is still under investigation, but he does not expect to issue a citation.

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Idiot Cop

did you never learn that you do not hit the shoulder at the speed you were traveling and expect not to skid ABS or not??? Leland must have the most ignorant and stupid cops on the east coast. ABS failed my butt what a lame idiotic excuse..


If a regular citizen was driving and it a tree what would the ticket say "driving too fast in a curve", "texting while driving", who's going to give him a ticket.

Brakes failed?

Give me a break. Isn't it funny how quickly people blame mechanical failure over mental failure? One of the first things I learned about my ABS (from the dealer) is that they are pretty much useless at high speeds on slick surfaces, such as wet grass.

"A National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) study on Antilock Braking Systems (ABS) reveals that they’re not all that. In fact, the technology increases fatalities in certain circumstances. Fatal run-off-road crashes of passenger cars increased by a statistically significant 9 percent.

On wet, snowy, or icy roads, where ABS is most likely to activate, the increase in fatal run-off-road crashes is a statistically significant 34 percent in passenger cars (confidence bounds: 20% to 50% increase). On these roads, all three types of fatal run-off-road crashes increase significantly for cars and so do fatal rollovers of LTVs."

Training folks, training!

Not hurt

I'm happy that Officer Correll was not injured.

Wilmington Observer

brakes...or nap break?

Brakes don't work well when you're asleep.

Regardless of what an

Regardless of what an officer does, no one expects him/her to face any discipline. But, come on, anti-lock brakes failing? Can't you guys come up with something better than that? Why would he not slow down more before attempting to pull off the road onto the grass? If he hit the tree at 39 mph, he was going much too fast to run off onto a grassy shoulder.

glad he's ok

I'm glad he wasn't hurt. Cars and trees don't mix.