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Man sentenced for drug deal that killed police dog


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A man charged in a cocaine bust that led to the death of a Brunswick County Sheriff's K-9 will spend more than 11 years in prison.

A federal judge sentenced Jamie Gonzalez-Lopez, 33, of Mexico, to 135 months imprisonment. Gonzalez-Lopez pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possession with intent to distribute and distribute 500 grams or
more of cocaine and possession with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine.

Prosecutor say on July 16, 2011, a government agent ordered a kilogram of cocaine from Gonzalez-Lopez, which he and another person delivered to an area in Ash. Gonzalez-Lopez hid the cocaine in a field prior to completing the sale. Law enforcement arrested Gonzalez-Lopez and his co-defendant after they had been shown the buy money.

Deputies sent K-9 Viper into the field to find the hidden cocaine. Viper found the cocaine, but ripped open the package and accidentally ingested some of the cocaine, which killed the dog.

The investigation reveled that Gonzalez-Lopez was responsible for distributing more than five kilograms of cocaine.

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Perhaps if this foreign national had not been in my country illegally, this story would not of come to fruition.


Your country??? Really.Dig deep and you might get it.

Read before commenting

I am wondering if anyone commenting actually read the article. This man was charged federally for "conspiracy to possession with intent to distribute and distribute 500 grams or
more of cocaine and possession with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine." Where does it say anything about the dog? It doesn't. That does not fall under federal jurisdiction. Just an observation.

Reread before commenting

Felony Murder Rule

Felony murder rule

Here again, this does not fall under federal juridiction for DRUG CHARGES which he was convicted of. But since you claim felony murder rule, NCGS 14-17 states "...premeditated killing, or which shall be committed in the perpetration or attempted perpetration of any arson, rape or sex offense, robbery, kidnapping, burglary, or other felony committed or attempted with the USE OF A DEADLY WEAPON shall be deemed murder in the first degree."

So, to claim felony murder rule, he needs to be charged with murder. Not drug charges. He was in federal court. Not state court. The death of the dog, however tragic, will have to be pursued in state court. Like I said before. Read!!


Good! Better yet...send him back to Mexico. We don't need to waste anymore tax dollars on this creep...He should have gotten a stiffer penelty as this crime was a direct result of the death of Viper.

Ridiculous. I'm all for the

Ridiculous. I'm all for the punishment fitting the crime, but this guy wasn't the one who forced the dog to consume any cocaine. Fine him the cost of training the dog and replacing it, but in the end the police were the ones responsible because they specifically trained the dog to be put in this position.

Your logic is rather

Your logic is rather backwards. If not for this man's illegal activity, the dog would not have been put in a position to even be around cocaine. That's like saying that it's the department's fault if a police officer gets killed in the line of duty, because they trained him to be a police officer. If a fireman gets killed in a fire, is it the fire department's fault for training him to be a fireman? If I was to get killed in a car accident, will it be my driving instructor's fault? I could go on, but if you don't get the point by know, then that's your problem, not mine.

If they would just legalize

If they would just legalize drugs none of this would happen.

Let people make their own choices what they want to put in their body. If they end up hurting someone, stealing, or so happen to engage in other illegal activities that hurt, harm, or cause injury or loss to someone else, then charge them with THAT.

There has been no good from the Drug War. It's a failed policy.

So.... 1) "law enforcement"


1) "law enforcement" commits a crime by trying to buy drugs (which are illegal so that, among other things, they can pretend to do something which is not as clearly idiotic and criminal as shutting down unlicensed lemonade stands)

2) a stupid dog eats some of the coke

3) dog dies because either he is plain dumb, or has been poorly trained by a plain dumb thug-with-a-badge

4) send the guy selling the drugs to jail for 11 years.

And what of the dumb thug-with-a-badge? He gets a promotion, of course.

Busted in the past?

Wow, such bitterness. You must have been busted by the police in the past. Maybe you are ILM NATIVE's boyfriend that was arrested that got him so upset with police.

Law Enforcement

Blah Blah Blah...

Heard it all before. Say that crap when you are getting punked out and robbed. Say that crap when you get forced in watching your family get violated.

Enjoy the fefe convict.

Passive alert

and that my friends is why I always taught the passive alert... the fault is the K-9 handler rule # 1 always make sure your dog will not ingest the Narcotic or keep the dog on a leash and look for his search ques ... If you know your dog you can tell when he has the odor

Let's Be Realistic

Mr Gonzalez-Lopez is hardly likely to spend the full 11¼ years in jail before being paroled.

Police dog killed in drug deal

What would Micheal Vick do?

in drug deal

Continue to play football(what about you)

Grow up people, it's a dog

They sentence killers to fewer years than that. The whole idea of using animals as law enforcement is absurd. It really doesn't help when you have these "funerals" for the k-9 dogs that treat them like people. Seems they humanize animals and dehumanize people. Was it this guy's fault the dog ingested cocaine?? No.

Say a LEO stops a suspect

Say a LEO stops a suspect for a traffic violation and the driver gets out and runs into the woods. The LEO runs after him. The passenger of the suspect vehicle gets out and runs after them. Would you rather have that LEO in the woods alone with two suspects or would like to have a trained dog giving chase to assist the LEO?

Two armed men walk into a bank. One of the armed men shoots and kills someone. Was it the other man's fault that his partner killed the person?

If the man had not been involved in illegal activity, then the dog would not have been needed at the scene of the crime and would not have been killed as a direct result of the illegal activity.

War On Drugs

Another needless death. The handler should be fired for not preventing the dogs death. How sad.

K9 Dies


Dumb story

Dumb story. Did the dogs death effect the sentence? Why are we so concerned about the K-9 dying? Glad to see a foreign illegal trespasser will be spending such quality time in an NC penal facility.

Police dog

Looks like the dog handler was to blame. This animal wasn't well trained.

Man sentenced for drug deal that killed police dog.

Lock him up with no parole. when he finishes his sentence, ensure that all information regarding him be made aware to all applicable government agencies and the public, and ensure that he gets put into Mexico any way possible immediately upon release from prison.


Jamie Gonzalez-Lopez, 33, of Mexico, another cocaine dealer from Mexico.

?? Was he imprisoned for the

?? Was he imprisoned for the drugs or the death of a lower mammal? Dealing cocaine has some serious time associated with it. Killing a dog, whether in law enforcement or not, should not carry anything along the lines of a Murder or even Manslaughter charge which some states are happy to do. If there were no charges for the dog dying, then no need for the misleading headline. Journalism is dead

Where is the WWAY editor?

Not about the subject of the story, but the writing of the story itself. How did this get by the editors at WWAY (if there are any)? It was so hard to read with the misspellings and improper grammar, I can't believe this story was edited at all.

Fast, Furious

How many years will those involved in the Fast and Furious get from the death of a government representative? And who knows how many others?
Or is providing guns to drug cartel people somewhat less offensive than the death of a police dog?

K-9 Unit

The pusher should only be punished for his crime, the dog trainer/ handler failed the dog that was TRAINED to locate drugs, yet it wasn't poisoned proofed/ trained to not eat them? If the handler isn't beside the dog, nor is it poison proofed, every druggie can protect their stash simply by rolling rat poison in meat, or failing to put away antifreeze. The handler is solely responsible for this death.

If this guy got 11 years for

If this guy got 11 years for killing a police dog, How many years should Obama and Holder get for their involvement in the murder of Brian Terry, the border patrol agent , that was murdered with the guns from Fast and Furious? I say life or be put on death row!

11 years for

The same amount of time as President Bush for the killing of all the soldiers on his war against weapons of mass destruction(you remember that lie he told)or the CIA for drugs into the country(the biggest drug dealers in this country, allegedly)It seems you all are worried more about the dog rather than the drugs.And i love dogs but get real people we are talking about a dog!!!!