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Death by distribution law in effect in North Carolina

A new law recently took effect in North Carolina that officials say will work to curb drug dealing.

Suspect’s car runs out of gas during chase, man arrested on drug charges

A high-speed car chase led to a drug arrest in Bladen County yesterday afternoon, authorities say.

American family attacked in Mexico; 13-year-old killed

An American family returning to the U.S. after a holiday visit to Mexico came under attack just south of Texas on Saturday night, with armed gunmen killing a 13-year-old U.S. citizen and wounding four relatives.

Deputies: Man busted for drugs at Bladenboro home

Bladen County Sheriff’s Office say they arrested a man on several drug charges near the scene of a bloody attack that happened only hours before.

Police: Marijuana Christmas gifts sniffed out at airport

A man who may have been dreaming of a “green” Christmas found himself inside the gray walls of a Tennessee jail.

Most US opioid overdose deaths accidental, 4% are suicide

Accidental overdoses cause 90% of all U.S. opioid-related deaths while suicides account for far fewer of these fatalities than previously thought, a new analysis published Tuesday suggests.

Validated gang member sentenced to prison after selling heroin to cops

A Wilmington man was sentenced in federal court Friday on drug charges.

Naloxone given to North Carolina deputy after investigation

A sheriff’s deputy was given naloxone after exposure to drugs during an investigation, according to authorities.

Oink oink, cha-ching: $3 million found in barrels of pork

Barrels of raw pork shoulder were riding fat in a tractor trailer pulled over by North Carolina deputies.

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