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Month-long drug investigation leads to two arrests

Two people were arrested following a month-long drug investigation in New Hanover County.

Pharma execs used strip clubs, broke FDA laws to boost opioid sales

Nearly 70,000 Americans die each year from drug overdoses, mostly from opioids. As 60 Minutes has reported, the explosion in both the demand and supply of pharmaceutical opioids began with the aggressive marketing of narcotics to treat chronic pain. Now, we reveal the story of the powerfully addictive, fast-acting opioid, fentanyl.

North Carolina man accused of giving drugs, alcohol to baby

A North Carolina man accused of giving a 3-month-old child cocaine and alcohol has been charged with child abuse.

Bladen deputies make drug arrest near elementary school

A man was busted on drug charges at his home near a Bladen County elementary school, according to sheriff deputies.

NHSO: Trio busted on meth charges at New Hanover County home

Community tips led to three recent drug arrests in New Hanover County, according to sheriff deputies.

NHSO: Two busted after 7-month long drug investigation

Two people are behind bars after a 7-month long drug investigation in New Hanover County.

Wilmington gang member going to prison for 7 years

A Wilmington man is going to federal prison on a number of drug and gun charges. 

Police: $1.5 million worth of marijuana seized in NC

Authorities in North Carolina say they've intercepted $1.5 million worth of marijuana that was passing through the state along an East Coast drug route.

Police department offers to test your meth for coronavirus

Police in Wisconsin are encouraging people to turn in meth so they can check it for the coronavirus.

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