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Investigators say gang member among arrests in fast food heroin bust


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- New Hanover County Sheriff's investigators say one of three people arrested for allegedly selling heroin at a Wilmington fast food restaurant is a gang member.

Deputies say Darion Jerod Graham (far left) is a validated member of the Bloods gang, and he will be referred to federal authorities for prosecution. The Sheriff's Vice and Narcotics Unit says it arrested Graham during a bust at the Chick-Fil-A on Market Street and New Centre Drive.

Officers conducted a brief investigation after receiving complaints that someone was selling narcotics from the business. Detectives arrested Jarvon Andre Everett, who worked at the restaurant, after they say they saw him sell heroin out the back door.

As detectives prepared to approach Everett, they say their timing could not have been better. They say Graham pull into the parking lot, where officers saw him give Everett a Bojangles chicken box, which contained 50 bags of heroin. Deputies arrested Graham and the driver of the car, Tashawna Sade Robinson, along with Everett.

Investigators say Graham, who is unemployed, had more than $1,000 in cash on him when they arrested him.

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gang member

What gave you the first clue? Was it the dreads? Those dreads look like every other gang member dreads I've seen in your paper. Oh, maybe I'm just profiling.


Maybe the guy from Colorado should have been profiled, or better yet Timothy McVeigh.....stop the racism you clown


It is not surprising that you would make such a comment.I know you think its not such a big deal (racial profiling)It wouldn't be a joke if everytime you went into a store and you were always being followed or you and your friends were stopped because someone in the car looked like they didn't belong.Have you ever had a black person in your car and the police followed you because there shouldn't be a black and white person together because it must be a drug deal going down.Oh but you don't have any Black friends because they are all criminals.

Chick fil A

Yesterday they were thumping their homophobic bibles, now this. According to what I read about CFA on Forbes, they check out all their employees before they get hired. Also they ain't serving sandwiches they are "doing the Lords work".... Can I have a #2 please?, hold the crack.

There is no phobia involved

There is no phobia involved with people who stand against homosexuals getting married. The employee has two misdemeanor convictions for drug possession and that is not enough to preclude him from getting a job. For all we know Chick-Fil-A may have just been giving him a second chance. Who knows?

Sweet Angel of Death

What the hell does this have to do with there stance on gay marriage? So they don't support it....It's there choice, live with it. Thugs work everywhere.