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Protestors hit the streets of downtown Wilmington

READ MORE: Protestors hit the streets of downtown Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)-- More than 50 people marched through downtown Wilmington today protesting what they call a blurring line between the separation of church and state.

"America is betraying and violating our separation of state from church," said protester Larry Center.

The fallout from the Amendment One decision in North Carolina is still having its effects throughout the state.

"We are advocating change of the preamble, repealing of Amendment One, and essentially any other civil rights related issue that is relevant to separation of church and state," said Sam West, the protest organizer.

Many people downtown found the group's message and signs offensive but that did not stop them from marching on.

"It's pretty disturbing how they have a sign saying 'God hates you' because I'm religious," said spectator Quentin Asche. "I'm a Christian and I don't think that God hates me."

For some of the protesters the main goal was to show their disappointment with the Amendment One vote. For others they just simply wanted to share that not everyone has religious views.

"I mean this is a pretty conservative area where churches have a lot of power. I think that a group of people like this, coming out on a Sunday in the late summer, is a very powerful statement," said protester Ed Tilley.

The protest originally started with a Craigslist ad. Organizers say depending on the interest following this event they may eventually do another march.

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Tea Baggers

I don't hate anybody. I just don't have any respect for them. I'll leave the hating to you. Call me names again. You know I love it.


Then you better stay away from the Mall, the movie theater, all restaurants, and a zillion other places because hypocrits go there too. It sounds more like you were just tired of going to church every Sunday and needed to find a good excuse so you could justify it to yourself and others. Nice try.

There is no separation of

There is no separation of church and state in the Constitution. However, the Constitutions states that the federal government cannot interfere with my free exercise of religion. When I went to the polls on May 8, I did what everyone else did and that is to vote according to my conscience. And my conscience dictates that I cannot condone a behavior that God has condemned. No civil rights are being violated. Every man has the same right to marry as every other man and every woman has the same right to marry as every other woman. You cannot really expect the same voters that voted for the amendment, to vote to repeal it.

Freedom of religion

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. "The term "separation of state from church" is used to keep the state out of the church's business, not to keep the church out of the state's business. Now that's good to know. BTW, I advocate moving you all to the Moon and you could ah, write a new preamble and, well, work on essentially any other civil rights related issues that blah, blah blahbbity, etc. once you are there.

They have the right to voice

They have the right to voice their opinion whether I agree with them or not; however, the person with the sign that says God hates you needs to read the bible. God does not hate anyone! The bible makes it very clear that God hates sin not the sinner.

Majority Wins, Losers Lose

NC had the vote. The people, the majority of people soundly stated we want Amendment One and we got it. You losers lost and your soul with it which was your decision. Now live with it!

I guess elections have

I guess elections have consequences. Looks like there are still plenty of good people who don’t want trade their principals for the shallow praise of Hollywood cream-puffs.

I personally think it is

I personally think it is time for the churches to mind their own business and let everyone decide what is right for them. I want no part of organized religion.