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UPDATE: Fatal accident involving car and motorcycle


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- One person is dead after an accident near the 6400 block of Carolina Beach Road and Golden Road in New Hanover County. It happened around 8 pm Thursday night.

The N.C. Highway Patrol says 57-year old Louis Jaeger of Wilmington was killed while riding his motorcycle near the 6400 block of Carolina Beach Road and Golden Road. 79-year old Kathy Canady of Wilmington was charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and failure to yield to the right of way after making a left turn and colliding into Jaeger.

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I've known Louis since

I've known Louis since around '94, and by no means was he a saint, but he was a good and decent man who has family and friends who cared deeply for him. I want to be angry at the woman who ended his life by not paying attention to what she was doing while behind the wheel, but I can't. I'm sure this was unintentional, but most drivers pay absolutely no attention to anything around them. Perhaps, especially in this case, older drivers should have to renew their licenses more frequently than younger drivers since their faculties can degrade very quickly.

You have no room saying she

You have no room saying she wasn't paying attention. Her charges were dropped.

man on the motorcycle

i personally know this man because he is my uncle. accidents do happen everyday. i am deeply upset to lose such a loving uncle. he is leaving behind two sons 33 & 27 years old. everyone can make stupid comments, but have some respect for the families who are grieving right now. he was a good man who had a hard life and everything wasturning around for him. he has always been a careful driver and loved riding his motorcycle. please keep our families in your prayers.


It was an ACCIDENT. You know nothing about the situation or about the driver. She was not on a cell phone (she didn't have one in the car at all, thank you) and it was storming, and she did not see the person. if she was being responsible and waiting and went when she didn't see any cars, then that is an accident. yes, it is very tragic, but get all the details before you start assuming she was driving recklessly, not paying attention, etc.

I'm sorry to hear of this

I'm sorry to hear of this "accident". But I am more sorry to read these negative comments. I'm sure the woman would not have ever done it on purpose and to think otherwise makes you look like the idiot here. Just be careful out there and know that both families are hurting because of this and be thankful it isn't your family.

Biker killed

Im sorry the biker was killed , this is a bad town , to ride a bike in , but I wish just one of the 15 patrol officers that sent the 5,000 cars down pilots ridge road , would of been down on the road to show the drivers where to turn , to get to river road , they all ended up driving in a circle at night , never been on that road before , good job at least U where there to make sure we turn

Life is fragile.

My wife and I came across the accident shortly after it happened. My wife is an NNP and wanted to stop and offer help. Unfortunately the gentleman was already dead at the sence. My wife sat with the lady involved in the accident until her husband arrived. She was extremely upset,and my wife try to keep her calm. I pray for both of these families affected by this terrible accident.

I live off that section of

I live off that section of Carolina Beach Road and it is a nightmware driving it everyday. People running red lights, pulling or turning right in front of you and driving like they are in the Indy 500. I am not surprised that somebody was killed there. You have to pay attention 100% of the time when driving down that section of road.

The person driving the car

The person driving the car is one of the sweetest Jesus loving women I know who wouldn't hurt a fly. This tragedy could have happened to anyone. It could have easily been you or one of your family members driving the car(or the motorcycle), people need to stop assuming what happened, and wait to hear all of the facts involved. Certainly a tragedy for two families who desperately need our prayers.

Elderly drivers

I am sure she did not intend to go out and kill this gentleman, but she did. It is time that NC DMV tests elderly drivers yearly. My husband was nearly killed by an 86 year old man on Market Street. Everyone complains about younger drivers, but the elderly are dangerous as well. As people age they lose the ability to see and respond. Wilmington is a dangerous place to drive if you are a young person. Prayers for the family of the man who tragically lost his life.

Actually, the news report

Actually, the news report got her age wrong...she isn't 79, not even close actually.

I don't know who you are but

I don't know who you are but thank you. She honestly would never do this intentionally, or drive without being careful. Accidents happen. Thank you for supporting her and the prayers, for both families. That's the important thing right now.

Paul R828

Her religion has nothing to do with the accident

bikers take responsibility

I'm sorry this happened for everyone involved and their families. I am going to make this comment and it probably will upset those of you who ride bikes. I, personally, am sick and tired of bike riders blowing by me doing twice the limit of speed, their mufflers roaring to the point you can't hear yourself think, they weave in and out of lanes and in general think they own the road. I wish they would be banned from city streets. They run up and down the streets downtown on Sun and in between all the buildings there is such an echo of the noise because it has no where to go. Not everyone is an advocate of bikers and they need to take partial responsibility for what happens to them on the streets.

Again, my sincere sympathy to the families.

This is for the ignorant

This is for the ignorant person who commente about the bike riders movin past her. For one thing those loud mufflers you speak of, yeah those save us bike riders from people like you. They wake you up out of your dream like trance as you "can't hear yourself think". Sorry to interrupt you pondering your shopping list. I can't tell you how many times people like me have been cut off just like this person has because the driver has been on the cell phone. The facts are that this man lost his life because someone faile to yield. I feel sorry for the woman who did this I'm sure she is a very sweet lady but don't turn this tragedy into your own vendetta against bikers. Something tells me you have never riden a day in your life.

"biker's take responsibility"

"Bikers" need to take responsibility? So, i guess the multitude of "ricers" driving recklessly on the road would include you then, because you drive a car? You, Sir, are the wittiest of the wits ;)

I ride a bike, harley, I do

I ride a bike, harley, I do not ride at all like you describe. I am very defensive when riding.i have louder than stock pipes, loud pipes can save lives. Dont take this wrong, but I am not an advocate of older drivers whos eyesite,reaction time and actions have failed or slowed greatly. My sympathies to both families.


You are being ignorant! Way to stereotype this guy did nothing wrong!

car drivers need to take responsiblity

I don't drive or ride a bike and I think your comment is totally wrong to blame bike riders. I have had more close calls with people driving cars than bikes. Everyday I see someone driving a car and breaking some kind of traffic law or acting stupid behind the steering wheel of a car. Just a few days ago I had two young girls yelling at me when it was the driver of their car who broke the law. I had a green light to make a right hand turn, they had the green light making a u turn with a sign by their light that states u turn traffic yield to right turn. They were yelling at me that I needed to learn what the colors of a traffic light meant because they had the green light. Of course they did, but with the yield to right turn traffic sign also. So I think they need to go back to driving school to learn to read and follow traffic laws. I know when I have a green light I can go, but in this town I look before I turn and if I had not been paying attention that day I would have hit them. Bikers and car drivers alike need to follow ALL traffic laws and drive safely.

not all bikers are like that

not all bikers are like that and you shouldnt judge all by what some do.In most cases it is the other vehicles fault for an accident.

Not all bikers to that. I

Not all bikers to that. I drive up and down Highway 17 in Brunswick County a lot and encounter a lot of bikes on the road and the bikers don't drive any worse then the others on the road. My family and I spend a lot of time in Myrtle Beach including biker week every May and find that those bikers drive like they are supposed to. Just because a few people in a group act out of the norm, doesn't mean that you should use a blanket statement to cover them all. I don't see any harm in being a little more cautious around bikers than you would be around other vehicles. Like they teach in driving school you cause a lot more damage to a person when you hit a motorcycle than you do when you hit another car.


Sorry not every biker does what u r saying. Lots of us bikers ride the way we suppose to in town cause people in cars just dont look or care famous words I DIDNT SEE HIM OR HER AN yes there some bikers do what u said but thats up to the police to fix that

Biker's take responsibility

You know nothing about how that bikers family feel , and to make those comments shows your stupidness. You have a problem with bikes maybe because you are a chicken and can not ride. To us riders it is good on gas and help are fun and free ride,even tho there are some that are wild, there are also Christians and other groups, not all are judged the same. I hate your opinion , on bikers and as far as noice is way out , you think just one way. I hate that you are so uneducated on bikes and their riders. You should judge your on self. And my God be with you and the families of the wreck.

Whatever are you talking about?

Been driving a car for a long time and would never make a generic statement like that about the bikers I see on the road. Twice the speed? That would be 110mph on Carolina Beach Road. Think they own the road? Are you talking about some bikers in an old biker gang movie? Why would they be waiting till Sunday to ride "up and down the streets"? In between all the buildings? Really? That doesn't even make sense.

Can't figure out why you even posted this here when the topic was a CAR HITTING A MOTERCYCLE after failing to yield.

Either you've been witness to one bad apple or you've lost your meds, possibly both.

don't paint all with the same brush

there is no responsibility to take here. The car turned ,hit the bike,killed the rider ,plain and simple.I have been riding since the late 1950's. I do not weave in and out of lanes at twice the speed limit.or any of those things you throw about. some do , that's wrong and very dangerous.There has not even b een a hint that this rider did anything a car/motorcycle encounter the bike always loses, and almost without exception, it is not his fault.
as an example of attitudes of drivers, last tuesday afternoon, I was riding my bike near shiphyardm and carolina beach road. As usual I am extremely diligent in watching cars stopped on the side. A young girl, an a cell phone,looked my way, saw it was JUST A BIKE, pulled out into my lane and stopped ,waitin g for a chance to continue across. i was traveling the speed limit,slammed on brakes slid sideways and stopped safely.i blew my horn,and the girl looked at me gave me the finger and drove on..... I will not take any responsibility for what ha[ppens to me at least once a month,,,, in this city and county

He was not one of those

He was not one of those jerks that annoy you. He was a retired, single man who all he had to look forward to was his 2 loving sons, my 2 young sons that looked at him like a grandpa( 3 and 5 year olds) and his motorcycle that he just bought last year. How am I supposed to tell my kids about this and know that some ignorant jerk is somehow blaming the victim for his own death because some other bikers have pissed you off???????

It is baffling that you can somehow relate the two. I respect your grievances with bikers but not all bikers are assholes!!!!! And unfortunately u just acted like one.

And you are probably one of

And you are probably one of the d!@ks that comment that bicyclists who get hit and killed around here get what they deserve and they should stay off the streets. Carma has a way of coming back around and I want you to think of that a millisecond before you or one of your loved ones buys the farm.

I pity anyone in your life.


It is a shame that someone had died, but this was an accident and those who have no idea of what happen should not prejudge or jump to conclusions about anyone involved. Yes people in Wilmington cause many accidents while on the phone, or eating; yet sometimes accidents happen. How about you just pray for ALL those involved, it could have been you (on the bike or in the car) and think about how you would feel.


" it could have been you (on the bike or in the car) and think about how you would feel. "

If I was on the "bike" I would "feel" a little upset since the car's actions killed me.

" It is a shame that someone had died, but "

"But" what?? The person is dead.

Although this is a tragedy

Although this is a tragedy for all involved, do not call this an accident. Though I am sure it was not intentional, the person driving the car had an absolute responsibility to be 100% certain of his or her surroundings and oncoming traffic before turning, and failed to meet that resposibility. If it were your child, parent, sibling, or friend on the bike, I am certain you would want the car driver held accountable!