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ONLY ON 3: Moving Obama's speech costs Columbus Co. woman thousands

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Moving Obama's speech costs Columbus Co. woman thousands

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- President Obama's cancelled outdoor speech did more than disappoint. It will cost one Columbus County woman thousands of dollars.

Ann Brown co-owns Rolling Tours Charter Bus Company. She was contracted to take people from our area to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte Thursday to see President Obama speak at Bank of America Stadium.

She needed three extra buses, so she hired them from Double M Charters out of Ocean Isle Beach.

"The event was cancelled due to weather conditions, which we knew would be an act of God," Brown said. "The contracting parties did not cancel the event, but the event was cancelled."

Brown paid Double M Charters $5,400 for the three buses. That money came from the passengers who were expecting to go to the DNC. Brown contacted Marty Biddle, the owner of Double M Charters, to try and get them a refund.

"In this case, Mr. Biddle refused to refund anything," Brown said. "He said he had bills to pay, so he was not refunding anything."

Brown has been in the charter bus business for nearly 25 years. Maintaining her good reputation is why she's making sure her customers get refunds.

"I'll do whatever I have to do to give the money back to all the people who paid to go to the Democratic Convention," she said.

That means Brown is going into debt to pay everyone back.

We contacted Biddle, who told us his attorney said he did not have to return the cash, because he would be out thousands of dollars. When we asked to explain what this cost him, he was not happy.

"Who the f*** are you to be asking me this, lady?" he said. "Are you a f****** attorney? Who are you?"

He then hung up.

Brown says she is contacting an attorney to see if there is any recourse.

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No class is worse than low class

Wow, what a piece of work Biddle is.

This is sad for this lady,

This is sad for this lady, she worked hard to fill her bus. And because Obama could not fill up the stadium he bailed. Sorry Miss Brown this is just how sorry he is. I know you want your money back, call the Obama campaign and see if you can get it for you. Sad thing for you the person whose buses you tied up for you deserves his money. I think you have more honor and character than Obama, pay your bill.

Not just Ann Brown

BHO has been costing people money since January 20, 2009. If re-elected the USA will get just what it deserves, more debt and no responsibility. Take that to the bank.

I see a trend

Everything Obama is involved in directly or indirectly cost people money.I am sure the good people were disappointed they could not wish him well at his retirement party.If they had been able to assemble it would have been the largest gathering of the Communist Party in recent memory.

Send the bill to Obama. He

Send the bill to Obama. He does not mind throwing money around to bail out companies and she does have a company.

So, now we all know what

So, now we all know what kind of company the Double M Charters is, just don't give them any business. If everyone will boycott them, they will see that they are wrong. On the other hand, everyone use this nice lady's bus service and she will benefit from being a good person.

That's not good business to

That's not good business to talk to a customer like that . I would never do business with him . He has a fowl mouth

Biddle appears to be taking

Biddle appears to be taking advantage of an unfortunate situation. Very poor business practice. He will probably be out of business shortly. However, Ms. Brown should have had a stipulation in the contract (if there was one) that if she had to cancel due to reasons beyond her control, that she would not have to pay for the busses. That is just common sense and good business practice. I imagine a lot was lost by a lot of people due to the weather at both the RNC and the DNC. Just got to learn from experience, suck it up and move on.