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Police: Marine attacks cabbie, flees to mental hospital

READ MORE: Police: Marine attacks cabbie, flees to mental hospital

SURF CITY, NC (WWAY) -- Police say a man who dedicates his life to protecting our country turned against a cab driver early Sunday morning. The only question now is why he brutally assaulted a man who was trying to help him.

One year ago the owner of Island Taxi installed dash cams to improve the safety of his drivers. He never expected it to capture the brutal attack that took place over the weekend.

Police say cab driver Charles Hawkesworth was trying to drive Gunnery Sgt. John Adam Kinosh home early Sunday morning when the Marine turned violent.

"I have been in business for over five years, and this is the first time anything like this has happened," Island Taxi owner Rex Bowen said.

Video shows GySgt. Kinosh pummeling Hawkesworth for close to two minutes. Investigators say it was because Hawkesworth was going to pick up another man to split Kinosh's cab fare and reduce his cost.

"He has five broken bones in his optical socket area," Bowen said about his driver's injuries. "The ER has sent him to a specialist because they don't know what's going to happen once the swelling goes down whether the bones are going to collapse or not."

At one point during the attack, the Marine threatens to kill the driver for making him lose his hat.

"Not in a million years would I have thought that one of my drivers would be almost beat to death just for stupidity," Bowen said.

Police say GySgt. Kinosh left and checked himself into a mental institution in Wilmington. He left his driver in a pool of blood and the owner of Island Taxi wondering how to prevent a situation like this in the future.

"I'm kind of at a point that I don't know where to turn as far as to secure and make my drivers any safer," Bowen said.

Police say GySgt. Kinosh is wanted on three misdemeanor warrants for the beating. Police expect to arrested him when he's released from the mental facility.

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You obviously have no idea

You obviously have no idea how the law or court system works in North Carolina. The incident that occurred warrants no felonies per the NC general statues. Get your facts straight before you go shooting your mouth off about what and how the guy should be charged.

As far as I'm concerned the Surf City PD has done a great job, and I've never known Ron Shanahan to be anything but hard working and honest. The officers at that department have to deal with these drunken morons on a weekly basis. Why don’t we take a look at the root problem.....The bars in Surf City that constantly over serve their patrons who then go out and cause mayhem.

Where is ALE, and why are they not involved, as far as I'm concerned the Trailer Bar in Surf City is partly responsible.

My best wishes go out to the cab driver for a speedy recovery, and hope that the Marine gets everything he deserves.


ALE is involved. They have reviewed the video; have copies of the Surf City police reports. They have also requested the footage from outside the taxi. The cameras in these cabs film inside the car and the area in front of car. They are looking at Mr, Konish's approach to the cab. They are also interviewing employees of the taxi company including the driver!

With all due

respect the incident does justify at least one felony charge. A charge of "Assault Inflicting Serious Bodily Injury", NCGS 14-32.4, would be appropriate in this case based on the severity of the injury to the driver's eye. The article states the driver suffered 5 broken bones to his optical socket on his eye & that he's being referred to a specialist because they aren't sure if the bones will collapse once the swelling goes down.
I think Surf City PD has done a good job overall but I think they should add the felony charge based on that injury. If you read the elements for the charge I'm pretty sure this would qualify based on the severity of that injury. Just my .02...

Sounds like someone else hasn't verified the facts

In reply to The Trailer Bar being partly responsible, I have been party to The Trailer Bar's in house investigation into this matter and the facts are that the Marine in question was at The Trailer Bar for less tha 10-minutes and did not drink an alcholic beverage (beer or otherwise) during that time period. He came in and asked the bar personnel to call him a cab, waited on the porch for it's arrival, got in the cab and left. Not sure where that leads but the ALE is being called tomorrow AM and being requested to verify the facts.

Why don't you ask

the ABC commission? I believe they are the ones to whom ALE report are they not?

Unfortunately, the NC Dram acts are pretty fluid.

What does...

Good Ole southern hospitality at it's best from some of the commenters here... Gotta add the New York thing... what's with you folks, why are you always looking for someone to hate? It's either who you are, where you're from, who you love, what color you are... you're always looking to throw stones at somebody.... Must be those good ole southern "Christian" values... Blahhh...

Pulling out the "Whatever" card

Race card, Same-sex card, Whatever card .... and now appearing once again in a post near you ..... the Mason-Dixon Line card!

Doesn't matter what card you're pulling out. Just keep in mind, once you throw it down, you're no longer playing with a full deck.

Seems like these days that everyone's either a victim or an enemy. Also seems like that's a giant waste of everyone's time.


Probably the same thing that causes you to dislike Southerners and Christians. You shouldn't throw stones until you remove the speck from your own eye.

What's with YOU folks?

Let me ask you .... you move here from New York and put down Southern folks? I am a well eduated Southern woman and I would suggest that you "high tail it back up North." Just move back and you won't have to worry about us "Southern folks"

Aren't you putting down

Aren't you putting down Southern folks when you justify your response based on being an "eduated Southern woman"? You just walked right into their stereotypes by thinking that you are okay as a Southerner because you are educated. You join them in promoting the stereotypes that Southerners without a formal education are bad.

And your not any better than

And your not any better than the person who left that comment. You're bashing southerners. You did exactly what they did. It must be who you are, where you're from, who you love, what color you are...

Why must you blame

Why must you blame "Christian values" every time somebody makes a hate-related comment. We're all not hatemongers.

If you reviewed another post

you would know warrants have been issued. Once apprehended, he will be subject to both military and civil authorities.

I am surprised at his rank, Gunnery Sergeant. They normally display some maturity and leadership. But then the same can be said of officers; and a 1st Lt. was charged as part of a group which captured; decapitated; and was planning to eat an aligator.

Give the authorities time to work this one out. It normally does.

If from New York, it's easy to understand why local residents push the city council for a daily bag limit on Yankees.

So a honest guy, is trying

So a honest guy, is trying to earn a living, and he is attacked by this cheapskate, coward, bully. The USMC is a great organization. This punk is a disgrace to the uniform.

Now he wants to "play crazy", to try to get a government check, for the rest of his freeloading life. He's not "sick". He's just a criminal. He needs to go to jail, pay restuition to the victim, then get a BCD, Bad Conduct Discharge, or 'Big Chicken Dinner', as we called it in the Army.

The Marines are a great organization. But even the Marines have a few bad apples. I bet if you asked his direct peers, supervisors, and subordinates, 90% would say he was a "jerk".

Please Post Commander, do not let this criminal, who has already given our great Marines a black eye, get to ride out as "mentally disabled" like his fake, selfish, coward-bully self, is trying to do. It would be sick, if this bully, coned his way out of this thing, as a pension-drawing "Disabled Vetern".

From the Jacksonville Daily News

"...Warrants have been taken out on a Marine Corps gunnery sergeant suspected in the weekend assault of a Surf City cab driver, Surf City police said Monday.

Chief Mike Halstead of the Surf City Police Department said Gunnery Sgt. John Adam Kinosh of the MARSOC Special Operations School at Stone Bay is suspected of attacking cab driver Charles Hawksworth early Sunday morning..."

There it is from the Jacksonville newspaper.

The real problem

The real problem here is right under our noses. We are so reliant on media and celebrities to tell us what is good, right, normal. People constantly tearing each other down to cover up their own insecurities. Everyone looking for ways to pass blame, always pointing the finger away from themselves. Maybe we are all to blame...for losing touch of what really matters. We don't now, and probably never will, know exactly what happened that night. It's not our place to judge these people. All of you have posted your opinions about what is right in this case. But I wonder if any of you considered what the loved ones of these two men will feel when they read this. To see that instead of a community pulling together and standing by each other in the wake of this tragedy; they see hate, and blame, and grief. As both a friend to Mr. Bowen and the wife of a Marine (who I am very proud of), I am horrified to see people turning on each other this way. These posts, and blogs, and tweets, and status updates have become a substitution for spending REAL time with loved ones...and yet we wonder how we became so disconnected. Ironic, if you ask me. Passing blame on any one person for these kinds of actions is ludacris. This is the world those men grew up in. Same as you and me. We all helped build it, in one way or another. And we all are to blame for what it has become. We can still change that, though. All you have to do is choose to be good...and it IS a choice. No one is born evil. "Spread love, not hate." And if I sound like a hippie, so what? Whether I am or not, I see no flaw in that idea.