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FIRST ON 3: BSL mayor surrenders after warrants issued, attorney responds


BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) -- Boiling Spring Lakes Mayor Richard White turned himself in this morning after a woman took out warrants against him for three counts of sexual battery and one count of assault on a female.

The alleged victim says she met White in the office of District Attorney Jon David, where White worked as an investigator. White resigned from the job earlier this year.

In the warrants, the victim says White grabbed her by the shoulder holding and preventing her from moving while trying to force her to kiss him. She also says he rubbed the top area of her buttocks with his hand on her bare skin and also kissed her by sticking his tongue down her throat, pressing her breast against his body and placed his hands on the top area of her buttocks.

The victim says she told the district attorney about White's actions back in April. She says David then wanted her to file a formal complaint. Afterwards she says David called her the next day and said White no longer worked in the D.A.'s office.

This afternoon, White's attorney Bruce Mason released a statement saying the allegations against White are "entirely false."

"Law enforcement has already deemed these charges to be unsubstantiated and therefore declined to prosecute," Mason said. "The accuser in this matter has a substantial history of false claims against judges, law enforcement and other public officials. She has brought false criminal charges against individuals that have been dismissed by the Brunswick County District Attorney's Office."

We asked Mason to clarify which law enforcement agency investigated the claims and didn't prosecute. He said it was the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office. However, a spokesman for the BCSO says he doesn't know what Mason is talking about.

Mason said White expects to be exonerated and will pursue all legal remedies against his accuser.

WWAY does not identify victims of alleged sex crimes.

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Hey Lee

Hey Lee,

Does Jon David pay you extra to go on public forums and defame the victims of the state. I've only lived here for a little more than 2 1/2 years. I've never been a regular in any courthouse because I've never committed—even the slightest offense. I was gracious enough to let your office use me for the purpose of proving a crime against one of your fellow attorneys—remember? You know the story all too well and so does everyone else in your office.

You shouldn't hold me (the victim) to a higher standard than you hold your boss or your fellow co-workers. Let's give everyone a chance to learn the real story—the true story about what you boss, Jon David and some of your fellow co-workers did to me. And lets show everyone just how much your boss appreciated my selfless act of agreeing to be used for the betterment—to catch a couple of criminals.

Everyone can read the truth @

Defending abuse?

Seriously!!! What if it was a year ago!! Does that excuse the fact that he tried to force himself on her?
I guess if a person is raped if they don't report it the next day I guess it's ok right?
Give me a break, that's digging a little to deep to try to defend him!
And let me just say regardless of her mental state , her past or anything else..that doesnt excuse his behavior!
Why don't you ask the question if she was crazy then why was he is around her??? Maybe he seem her as an easy target!!! Since HIS past shows he likes preying on defenseless women!

To Ada L.

Hey Ada L.

do you think we don't know who you are. Why don't you ask your boss Jon David about the incidents. As if you don't already know the specifics. "Rachel" has never made false accusations against anyone in "her" life! Boy, the DA's office is sure in a mess up there—isn't it!

And to think, you guys are supposed to protect victims! Where did you go to law school—again?

Victim schmictim

Susan Prater you are NO victim you are a perp! You get your sick twisted kicks by lying about your victims and leaving a messy trail if you are REJECTED then you make up these imaginary stories of being victimized. You are the epitome of the little boy crying wolf. You are embarassment to all true victims. Shame on you, you will have to pay for these trangressions some day. Get some religion ask for forgivness you need it girl.

Brunswick Good Ole Boys

Sorry for the victim. Now maybe some town contracts can be issued to non White family members of ole man White.

Another one!

Guess ol' mayor white plans to sue this woman too. It's no surprise the sheriffs department would persue her charges. It's still and always will be back door politics ! They look out for each other ! Their are MANY more white victims and I hope someone has finally open the door for them all to walk through and finally put that corrupt mayor in his place!


It looks as though Mason spoke based on what he was told by White, and never checked with Law Enforcement. Mr. Mason this man has a very long history of lies. You will better serve him if you check what he tells you before you speak before the media. It looks bad for you when your source states that they don't know what you re talking White has done this to many other women. He was reported to the SBI by his very own Police Officers for this same kind of crap. He has left every job he has had behind allegations of the same conduct. I hope justice is served against this predator of women. If you have never read the lawsuit against him and the City of Boiling Spring Lakes for lies he told on an Officer that worked for the city. Please look into it, want to know what others found out about this greasy pile of crap. Look into his background, it's apparent that Jon David never did after he had been warned about him. What do you think now Jon David ? Proud of your investigator now?

Obviously, the Sheriff's

Obviously, the Sheriff's Office did not know of the problem "assault", because John David never reported it to the Sheriff. It seems simple to me that John David let White simply resign and slither out the door with a simple resignation. Would not doubt that White was already on his way to his probable next victim. It kills me how they try to take credibility from an honest good person who has been abused by the system to cover their ass. Then they want to call her "crazy" or make up whatever other allegations while attempting to react to the situation. The truth will come out and when it does its going to be bad for the politicians. Just my opinion...

White Deserves a Jumpsuit

Please of please put this creep away - Mason you are disgusting, so is your pretty boy sidekick Rutherford. Give me a break! I hope every single female he has ever hurt comes forward, lined up outside the courthouse...then you tell all them they're crazy.

Poor Attorney Mason

I hope Mason got himself a big ole' fat retainer because guess what...she "Rachel" isn't his only victim...just wait. Mason & Rutherford - bottom feeders representing scum like this...

Mayor No More

Under these circumstances can't we citizens of BSL or the commissioners remove him as Mayor or at least suspend him? My gosh, this is about as embarassing as it gets for a small town like ours, furthermore don't even try to tell us that the DA's office didn't know about this and that's why he resigned! Why do all these people think we are so stupid...I am appalled at the things we are finding out about this deviant we elected...he has to go!

Removing Mayor White...

That would be a good thought...the only thing have 2 people that are Commissioners that think he is "better than sliced bread"! They say YES to everything he wants and they think that "if he does his job as Mayor" he can be as sexually perverted as he wants and it doesn't make him a "bad" man...not to mention "a dirty cop"! I, on the other hand, feel that IF you go to the DA's office, no matter whether you are crazy or deserve every protection they can give you ...ESPECIALLY if you are a WOMAN. And CERTAINLY not have the detective on your case "come on to you"...! BUT, thinking about his actions when he was the police chief, and the sexual harrassment charges against him from the employees in the City Hall office...this doesn't surprise me at all! Expecially since the nepotism in Brunswick is so in our faces! The other thing I can say to you...IF you attach yourself to "HIM"....I consider YOU as sleazy as he is!

Hey, Does this mean Captain

Hey, Does this mean Captain Ledbetter will get his job back ????
He shoild when this vendetta is all over!!!


Hey Captian Bedwetter is just as corrupt as white is.

Guest 20562

Captain Ledbetter isn't corrupt.....but apparently you think White is according to your remark.

Capatin no more

By the way, it's NOT captain Ledbetter it is private citizen Ledbetter and law enforcement is all the better for his dismisal he is incompetent and unethical. He needs his cert jerked, then many will be happy as he is a BAD APPLE.

Captain no more

This is for you...can't put it in your real name cuz you don't seem to have one...but I was wondering what Captain Ledbetter must have arrested you for that made you so mad at him. You poor little nameless crook!!!!


Y'all suffer from hydro cephalis this is terminal, there is no hope for you, you are too far in the deep end. People cannot use their real names because of possible repercussions in your intellegence quotent this means vandalisim. I know who I am dealing with. I slao carry concealed because of the vitriol. Once again for your IQ the hate!


Mr. ledbetter could not hold a candle to me. I should have arrested him! I believe you are a product of a brother/sister relationship I have seen you around town you are not right at all. Stupid is as stupid does.


I'm not sure which would be worse: to be born brainless or be born with a brain but lose it from the washing yours has had! So why didn't you arrest Captain Ledbetter? And telling me you have a concealed sounds like a threat to me (even a brainless person would know that). (referring to your other post to me).

As far as people revealing their name, I would think that is an option. Susan Prater isn't afraid, One of the commissioners wasn't afraid, I'm not afraid....could it be because we have nothing to hide or be afraid of? That's not a stupid question, now is it? You might even be able to answer that one!! (also referring to your other post to me).'s been fun and I'm happy as the dickens with my life! Can you say the same? I even sleep good at night, do you?

Oh, I'm not too surprised you think I am a product of a brother/sister relationship because if you truly believe what you are telling us about the mayor, you would believe ANYTHING honey!



we want

The old saying goes; C_ _ _ P in one hand and wish in the other, see witch one fills up first!!!!! LOL

John Q.

What is in your head is also in your hand, honey! Just don't ever applaud if you are standing near me....and don't shake your head "no" either. Promise? Thanks

From the DESISIVE Majority



well.... O YES WE WILL O YES


Vast majority

You and White and the other three people are not the vast majority! So who says we can't have him back?


Hey guest "20562" you cowardly "no name"! Put your name out here where we can see it and accuse Ledbetter of ANYTHING! And then prove what you say. I want to know what HE has done to deserve what you say!!!! You not only have anything bad to say about him, but you can't even print your name to be confronted in person!!!!!! You are ...never know what you are!!!! I am so sick of these "people" who are sick in the head! Y'all are idiots!


What has he (Ledbetter) done? How about breath.

John Q. BSL

Well that's a heck of a reason to not like Captain Ledbetter!!!!! Just tell him and maybe he will take some kind of action to make it better.!!!! I never thought he had bad breath!!! You silly boy!


C'mon BIG GUY......let's see what you have to say about Curtis!! I don't see anything yet and you was so anxious to "put him down". We're listening and reading and waiting! Mouse!! Put your name in the guest spot and spill what you have against Curtis!